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  1. dsotm

    Duwane Adams ?

    Those two sentences contradict each other quite a bit
  2. dsotm

    Any Hard Horn Pictures Yet?

    I'll have one for you on 10/21🤞
  3. dsotm

    7mm-08 ammo/brass

    PM sent on all
  4. Yeah I'm aware of that. I've got a 700 action laying around and figure I can do an arrowhead remage conversion for around what I'd spend on a Paramount anyhow and can always just use Blackhorn in it.
  5. I've got an Optima V2 that I've used on a few deer/javelina. Pretty decent out to 200 yards or so. Looking to upgrade to a Paramount or build a smokeless for next year though.
  6. dsotm

    New world record long shot

    69 shots is artillery not precision shooting.
  7. dsotm

    Where's Casey? 5 in a row baby!!! 38 - 15

    Hope Scott Frost has ties to Ray Anderson 😆
  8. dsotm


    Sadly there are many fudds amongst us that would turn you over in a heart beat. Hurr durr ya got a stamp for that fella?
  9. dsotm

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    I'm sure our totally trustworthy government wouldn't find any nefarious ways to use this against troublesome gun owning citizens
  10. dsotm

    Pop-up tent

    I've got an older popup (2004) that I paid $2000 for. Had a Kodiak tent before it. For family camping it's much nicer and even for hunting it's nice to have some walking around room at night. In state I'm using the popup, out of state I'll tent it.
  11. dsotm

    WTS - Tikka SA & LA Actions (USED)

    I sincerely hope you're joking
  12. dsotm

    Duwane Adams ?

    That scumbag is probably still guiding here illegally.
  13. dsotm


    When's the draft
  14. dsotm

    Any AZ Pronghorn success 2022?

    I'll post mine in 10 years or so when I finally draw with 30 or so points 😭
  15. dsotm

    Tag question

    You gotta save questions that bad for the Facebook groups 🤣