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  1. dsotm


  2. dsotm

    Tenzing Backpack

    What model is it?
  3. dsotm

    WTB 5.5" Ruger Redhawk 44

    I'm dumb, edited 😂
  4. Maybe consider a 5" S&W too. Who's got one they don't need anymore?
  5. Preferably max-1, let me know if anyone has one they don't need anymore
  6. dsotm

    WTS/WTT Benelli Nova 24" camo

    Saturday bump, ftf North Phoenix
  7. 24" barrel, have the full choke for it. $350 or trade for similar camo gun with 28" barrel. Don't need 2 turkey guns.
  8. Anyone do cheap transfers in the north valley? CCW holder if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  9. dsotm

    Do I have to have an ffl to ship a gun?

    You have to ship it to an FFL, you do not personally need to have an FFL
  10. dsotm

    Leftover javi tag on portal already

    Woohoo 20A HAM showing today
  11. dsotm

    Leftover javi tag on portal already

    Not for me, hopefully 20A coming my way
  12. dsotm

    Spring leftovers list is up

    Same thing happened to me with elk this year
  13. https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/08110705/leftovers-spring_11-8-18B.pdf