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  1. Anyone do cheap transfers in the north valley? CCW holder if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  2. dsotm

    Do I have to have an ffl to ship a gun?

    You have to ship it to an FFL, you do not personally need to have an FFL
  3. dsotm

    Leftover javi tag on portal already

    Woohoo 20A HAM showing today
  4. dsotm

    Leftover javi tag on portal already

    Not for me, hopefully 20A coming my way
  5. dsotm

    Spring leftovers list is up

    Same thing happened to me with elk this year
  6. https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/08110705/leftovers-spring_11-8-18B.pdf
  7. dsotm

    WTB Vortex Summit SS-P

    No, keeping the old big one for photography
  8. dsotm

    WTB Vortex Summit SS-P

    Anyone have an unwanted one lying around?
  9. dsotm

    Spring draw is on the portal

    Same. Hoping to pick up a leftover as well. Anyone have any idea when they might be posted?
  10. dsotm

    Spring results

    6A turkey, 21 rifle pig. Any idea when leftovers will be posted?
  11. dsotm


    Sunday bump
  12. dsotm


    Year and a half and maybe 6 or so weekends.
  13. dsotm


    SOLD $500, located in North Phoenix. Bought a tent trailer and don't need this anymore. Includes ground tarp footprint.
  14. dsotm

    New Cardinal's QB

    Absolutely not, we are much better with Cousins than Keenum, there is a reason Zimmer wouldn't commit to or even praise Keenum
  15. dsotm

    How bout them Devils!

    LOL how bout them indeed