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  1. Let's see the gun and some details on it!
  2. dsotm

    Alec Baldwin

    That has to be at least involuntary manslaughter right? Why isn't this bellend in jail?
  3. dsotm

    Spring draw

    I'm assuming I got a Javelina tag and somehow didn't get a turkey tag AGAIN 🤬
  4. dsotm

    Alec Baldwin

    Sounds like there were accidents earlier in filming too. Hope that girls family sues that lefty dipshit into homelessness.
  5. dsotm


    They're opening one in the wrong part of town 😂
  6. dsotm


    There's always restricting PMs until a certain threshold is met. Or just not even being able to view the classifieds until it's met.
  7. dsotm


    @stanley why not make a minimum post count to post in the classifieds?
  8. dsotm

    5 $ camo sale. Predator, kings, Asat, Bdu's

    What size(s)?
  9. dsotm

    2019 Compass Thor motorhome

    If you can't post a price we'll have to assume it's laughably overpriced
  10. dsotm

    Rem 700 stock and chassis

    What's the weight on the stock?
  11. dsotm

    Conversion cylinder

    Let us know how it works out. I've thought about picking one up for my 1858 or 1860.
  12. dsotm

    Doe hunts????

    Reducing does reduces does and bucks. We don't have enough deer as is. Bad idea is bad.
  13. dsotm

    Doe hunts????

    You're probably the only one
  14. Looking for something for 2 people tops for muzzleloader deer. Prefer from cabelas since I some gift cards for them. Prefer to stay under $150-200.