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  1. dsotm

    (SOLD) Ruger 10/22 (SOLD)

  2. dsotm

    Need help with muzzleloader

    Save yourself the trouble and go straight to Blackhorn powder
  3. dsotm

    Suns tickets wanted

    Hope you have some very deep pockets
  4. dsotm

    Hits Started

    Hopefully my spot in 6B isn't ashes
  5. dsotm

    Is This The Week?

    Not if their IT department has anything to do with it
  6. dsotm

    2019 CAN-AM Outlander 570cc DPS 4x4 + 8ft trailer $8500 OBO

    Just post the price, why make it so difficult?
  7. dsotm

    WTS CVA Scout V2 pistol

    Those things are pretty cool for the price, I'd be all over it if it were 243 or 6.5
  8. Double thread necro 😂
  9. Next if it falls through
  10. dsotm

    WTS 1998 Chevy Suburban

    Selling a 2WD Suburban 1500 for my father in law https://offerup.co/6RAjPldyUfb
  11. dsotm

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Nothing 😭
  12. Should have a minimum post count to access the classifieds, would solve a lot of it
  13. Someone is going to need a bag for elk if they ever do the draw
  14. dsotm

    Time Travel Exists - AZGFD has a Portal

    Drugs are bad mmmmmkay