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  1. Looking to snag a buffer tube in North Phoenix (Happy Valley and I17 area). Anyone have a leftover laying around or any shops nearby? Not looking for anything fancy, just putting a PRS stock on a MDT chassis.
  2. dsotm

    Draw still pending

    And 4 elk tags in a row
  3. dsotm

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Sure thing tough guy
  4. dsotm

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Using your debit card instead of a credit card is not unforeseen. Using a debit card leaves you very unprotected.
  5. 4 year old post lmfao
  6. dsotm

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    His misfortune was self inflicted. There are many very easy way to prevent what happened to him.
  7. Why will this year be any different from other years?
  8. dsotm

    Results are up.

    I still show no tag, must be some sort of error. They should redo the draw until I get one.
  9. dsotm

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    It's only fair!
  10. dsotm

    Card Hits!

    Surprised how many people are actually shocked that AZGFD's dumpster fire of a portal doesn't provide accurate info
  11. dsotm

    Garage gunsmith needed

    Unless he's got a remage
  12. dsotm

    Card Hits!

    Sporadic how? This draw has been the exact same as every other draw. Some people know how to check their bank accounts and some people can't remember their password and think they magically got drawn 4 days later.
  13. dsotm

    Card Hits!

    Pot kettle and all that...
  14. dsotm

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Why the eff would you not use a credit card?