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  1. dsotm

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Nothing 😭
  2. Should have a minimum post count to access the classifieds, would solve a lot of it
  3. Someone is going to need a bag for elk if they ever do the draw
  4. dsotm

    Time Travel Exists - AZGFD has a Portal

    Drugs are bad mmmmmkay
  5. dsotm

    Cva paramount or rem ult

    I want one of those CVAs in .40 or .45
  6. Any recommendations in the Phoenix area? Have a gun with a shot out barrel I'd like replaced. Probably have everything trued at the same time.
  7. dsotm

    TC Renegade .50

    Why didn't I see this earlier 🤬
  8. dsotm

    WTS Ammo all gone

  9. dsotm

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Every draw it's a different issue
  10. dsotm

    WTB Blackpowder

    Thunderbird is the only place in town I know that carries the real stuff
  11. Guide light frame. Great pack just downsized to a Pintler. Located in North Phoenix. $325
  12. dsotm

    WTS Ammo all gone

    Winchester 357 125gr 48 rounds $30 Speer Gold Dot 357 158gr 34 rounds $35 Winchester 38 130gr 50 rounds plus 10 reloads if you want them $25 Federal Gold Medal March 308 168gr $30 (don't have the boxes any more) Remington Nitro Turkey 12ga 3.5" #4 $10 Can meet at or near Sportsmans on 27th Avenue. Would also trade for 22-250 brass or ELD-X projectiles in 6.5 or 308.