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  1. Newhousetrap1

    Binoculars 10 x42 or 10 x 50

    Looking for a new pair of binoculars for carrying around neck. Are the 10 x42 better for that or 10 x 50 . I know the 10 x50 will be a little bigger but are they that much better?
  2. Newhousetrap1

    Youth Non Resident Unit 31

    Thanks for the help,and yes I did see some whitetails while hunting javelina. Will try that area first. Was hoping to get this youth a great chance at his first Deer. Thanks Again
  3. Friend's son drew a Non Resident Youth antlered deer tag for 28,31,32 and would really like to get him a chance at his first deer. Have been looking at Unit 31 ,don't want any honey hole just some starting point tips. Any help would nice, Have hunted javelina in 31 years ago that is why we picked Unit 31. Thanks