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  1. #6 is overkill. Shot to bits and a mess to clean. Of course I hunt over pointing dogs and don't ground sluice.
  2. bdhuntr

    Looking for 6.5 ruger american predator

    I have one in 6mm creedmoor that I would sell. Never been shot.
  3. bdhuntr

    Shipping Rifle advice/help

    Yes They all will ship long guns. I always use UPS because they are close to my house
  4. bdhuntr

    Shipping Rifle advice/help

    Just go to an official UPS center and ship it out. Have the FFL that will be receiveing it e-mail you a copy of their lic. to show the UPS person. It's that easy.
  5. bdhuntr

    Yamaha rhino shocks

    Fox should be able to set you up
  6. bdhuntr

    ISO Bow

    Above 40lbs is way to much for starting someone on a recurve.
  7. bdhuntr

    100+Yard Shots - What's your approach?

    If your getting fatigued in 9 shots you need to shoot more and build up your stamina. Lighten your draw weight and work your way up.
  8. bdhuntr

    28 ga OU

    ATI Calvary SX 26" barrels with choke tubes. Stock has been shortened to 13.25 lop. Nice Microsoft recoil pad. Perfect for a younger shooter Excellent like new condition. 425.00
  9. bdhuntr

    PSE Firestorm

    Excellent condition. Newer strings. Includes release some arrows and misc. 65lbs and ready to shoot. 130.00 + ship if applicable.
  10. bdhuntr

    Ruger Predator 6mmCreedmore

    Stock has some weight to it. Pushing 10lbs.
  11. bdhuntr

    Ruger Predator 6mmCreedmore

    Gun has a Stocky stock. Has never been fired. Burris Fullfield E1 4.5X14 scope. 650.00
  12. bdhuntr

    PSE bow set up

    PSE Firestorm X bow set up including assessories. Whisker biscuit rest, G5 4 pin sight. Set at 70lbs with 28 " draw. New string last year. Includes a tarantula release, case, some arrows and extra field points and hunting broadheads. 275.00
  13. bdhuntr

    Elk hide

    Yes and yes
  14. bdhuntr

    Elk hide

  15. bdhuntr

    Tent stove water heater

    Never been used side stove water heater. Is for a Riley tent stove. Probably would fit others. 2gal capacity. 20.00 + ship