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  1. bdhuntr

    Tile shower

    Put shim strips behind the cement board. A lot work then skim coating it.
  2. bdhuntr

    WTB 20GA Double Gun

    I have a ATI Calvary in 28ga with a shortened buttstock that is great for a youth shooter. Like new condition.
  3. bdhuntr

    Where Am I?

  4. bdhuntr

    Traditional bow hunting

    Check out the Black Hunter TD long bow at Twig Archery. One of my favorites even though it was 1/5 the price of others I have. Start out with fairly light limbs (low 30 range) and get your form and shot cycle down with those. You can get heavier limbs for hunting later. It is totally different shooting a 70lb compound vs a 40 lb trad bow.
  5. bdhuntr

    204 Ruger

    Howa 1500 204 Ruger. 24" heavy barrel. Bought it new and never fired it. 500.00 Located in Kingman and will ship to your FFL. If you want the Nikon Buckmaster scope , rings and mount + 100.00.
  6. bdhuntr

    Which Dog Boots?

    Have not found any that work that good if your talking about a hunting dog. Lots of choices if you need them for a hiking companion that behaves😁 The motorcycle innertubes work as good as any. Just Google it for instructions. You can make quite a few out of 1 tube.
  7. bdhuntr

    Stocky Ruger American stock

    Rugar magazine
  8. bdhuntr

    Stocky Ruger American stock

    Laminated with accublock., alu. trigger guard and screws. Action was only mounted never shot or hunted. 200.00
  9. bdhuntr

    WTB .22 mag, 22/17 hornet, or .204 Ruger

    I have a Howa in 204 if your interested. Bought new and has never been shot
  10. bdhuntr

    6mm Creedmoor

  11. bdhuntr

    6mm Creedmoor

    Ruger American Bought it new and have never shot it. 285.00
  12. I have a hard charging EP that has the same problem. Can't walk today because of a rough country hunt Weds. I take full responsibility for not enough preseason work and like you find boots just create a new set of problems. Have had bird dogs for many years and their feet have run the gamut. My Gordons have seemed to have the toughest feet but then again they don't run like a pointer. I wouldn't get rid of a family hunting dog because of soft feet. You just need more dogs. That's why I have 4.😊
  13. #6 is overkill. Shot to bits and a mess to clean. Of course I hunt over pointing dogs and don't ground sluice.
  14. bdhuntr

    Looking for 6.5 ruger american predator

    I have one in 6mm creedmoor that I would sell. Never been shot.
  15. bdhuntr

    Shipping Rifle advice/help

    Yes They all will ship long guns. I always use UPS because they are close to my house