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  1. My friend is looking for an inexpensive pump or semi auto shotgun. If you've got one you'd part with, please drop me a pm.
  2. levers

    Fs Bows, arrows, case, and accessories

    That is the rare PSE Sizzler circa 1976
  3. levers

    Fs Bows, arrows, case, and accessories

    Must go to good home
  4. levers

    Fs Bows, arrows, case, and accessories

    Would consider trades for high end vehicles or real estate
  5. I'm not a bow expert and I'm helping a friend sell these. There is a Jennings and a PSE bow. A hard case and a hard arrow case. Quite a bit of stuff in the arrow box....arrows and broadheads. The PSE is labeled 29-30 in and 60 pounds. The Jennings is 31" and 70 pounds. Located in South Tempe area. $225
  6. levers

    Colt 38 Revolver

    I think this is a Colt model 1901. It's a 38....which I believe means 38 Long Colt. Seems to be in nice shape but it's an old gun and I'd have it thoroughly checked out before firing. $500 or trade for a nice pellet stove.
  7. levers

    Browning 22 Semi Auto made in Belgium

    Still available
  8. levers


    Text sent. I can use this if available. Thanks
  9. levers

    FS Silver Coins

  10. levers

    FS Silver Coins

    Check eBay.
  11. levers

    FS Silver Coins

    I think silver is cheaper now than it was when these sold. You saved your self some money if you buy now. Wonder what happened to that post declaring silver and gold always go up in value. It was somehow deleted.
  12. levers

    Heritage Revolver .22lr

    If you want it, go ahead. You're closer to it assuming no one beat us to it
  13. levers

    Heritage Revolver .22lr

    I'll take it. Pm to follow