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  1. I bought two tickets to the Australian Pink Floyd show at the Chandler Center of the Arts for September 29. Unfortunately, I found that I can't attend. They are very good seats. There aren't many seats still available for the show. The ones right next to these are priced at $175 each. Mine are in Row D of section CR. Australian Pink Floyd is an awesome show, too. I'd like to recover $165 for both seats...that is $165 total. The tickets are hard copy and I can meet you or mail them to you.
  2. levers

    Solar panels FREE

    I can definitely use this on on the way
  3. Added cash prices if you don't want to trade…..
  4. I have three sets of used, older Leupold binos that I'd like to package up with some cash and trade for something at least in the Vortex Kaibab 15X (or higher) class. The binos I have are all covered by Leopold's lifetime warranty. Leupold will replace them with a new model if they can not repair them. 1. Leupold 9x35 Gold Ring (cash price $150) 2. Leupold 10x40 Roof Prism ($150) 3. Leupold (made by Leica) 9x25 pocket binos ($200) If you have something you'd like to trade, please pm me details. Thanks. I'm in the south Tempe area
  5. levers

    FS 338 Win Ammo

    I still have 8 boxes left…...
  6. levers

    For Sale Winchester 1892 Copy El Tigre

    Yes, I'm young levers
  7. levers

    For Sale Winchester 1892 Copy El Tigre

    I love the Tigre on the side of the receiver
  8. These are very cool old guns. Made in the 1920-1935 timeframe. They are marked 44L (Largo) which is the 44-40. I haven't fired it but I've cycle ammo through it. $650 located in south Tempe area.
  9. levers


    I haven't seen post from Dan (Win71) for quite a while. Anyone hear from him lately?
  10. levers

    Where to coyote hunt?

    Near my house around the 101 and 60….we have plenty
  11. levers

    FS Vortex Kaibabs 15x56 HD

  12. levers

    FS Vortex Kaibabs 15x56 HD

    Will be a few hours. They are in the original box with everything that comes with them.
  13. These are new. Just out of the box to check out but never in the field. $775 located south Tempe. I'll put pics up soon