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  1. levers

    Fs Erma 22

  2. levers

    Fs Erma 22

  3. levers

    Die Sets for Sale

    I have a lot of dies that I don't use as anymore. So, here's the first batch. Located in south Tempe area. $30 each 30-40 Krag. Spf 220 Swift 7.65 Belgium. Spf 300 Savage 35 Remington. Spf 444 Marlin 8x57 Mauser. 30 Carbine SPF 7mm Rem Mag. 338 Win mag spf 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser spf
  4. levers

    Fs Custom Mauser Heavy Barrel

    I only have second hand info. My friend in Safford traded this to me. It had belonged to his friend. It's a 26" barrel. Unknown gunsmith. He reported that it was very accurate but I've never fired it.
  5. levers

    Fs Custom Mauser Heavy Barrel

    Open to offer
  6. Very nicely done custom Mauser Heavy barrel in 243 Win. Double set triggers. Located south Tempe area. $600
  7. I had something come up at the last minute so I can't go. 2 seats to tonight's sold out Led Zepagain show at Casino Arizona. Starts at 7:30. Really great tribute show. $40 for the 2 tickets
  8. levers

    Fs Erma 22

    Pretty nice looking Erma 22. Made to look like the M1 carbine. Located south Tempe area. $350
  9. levers

    Binos for 12 year old- Christmas

    These are a little more and need eye cups but they are actually pretty decent https://www.ebay.com/itm/186202642660?hash=item2b5a8ad8e4%3Ag%3AHgYAAOSw1BZldL1-&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwBWVL44WXJFQzWXRqZXzNbTDmG8ag%2Ff04cFDSSECz2EBfuEiR5cvfwRHPxwqLnsiRLqyqLrWyZTzDZMtOJSBeZdxmCLK9FiQjNM4OSKM5Uci9LfJ%2Fzrsm%2FEfxFUhl2nozeNP3V3XQOH79%2BOnLl59OT5DVKl8Iq8jsjTu5yJoYbnSXQWWMs4VIIZfPj%2BjAXMU3%2FnWfbv3VXb0kjwj07oYYqv%2BbX1YrUFleCoYglBjKzSgr28tcQU6duVJxC%2Bcwng6aQ%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR4L1uKKLYw&LH_ItemCondition=3000|1500
  10. levers

    Guns for sale

    I'll take the Savage if available oops. I misread the caliber. I thought it was a 20 GA over 20 GA. Sorry for the error
  11. levers

    Cleaning out-misc good deals

    I'll take the 22 ammo if available
  12. levers

    Ruger 77 pulled

    That 243 heavy barrel is nice
  13. levers

    VXII 6-18x40 F/S

    That's a good deal