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  1. Are you open to trades?

    for the Rossi 410

    1. levers


      Yes, but I'm mostly into old guns

  2. levers

    Fs Rossi Rio Grande 410

    Nice Rossi 410 lever action. Uses 2 1/2 inch shells. Looks pretty lightly used. My friend traded it to me and I haven't fired it. Located south Tempe area $750
  3. My friend has two or three tables for this show again this year. The tables are in a prime location in the center room of the old coliseum. They were $120 each last year so they will be close to that again this year. You can get up to 4 people in so it's a pretty good deal given what they charge to get in. If you're interested, drop me a PM. The show is July 9 & 10. Only 2 days this year.
  4. levers

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    Any update on these?
  5. levers

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    Good news. Der Wienerschnitzel is legit
  6. levers

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    Got a message from his partner, Der Wienerschnitzel
  7. levers

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    He responded pretty quickly to me with prices. I told him I'd take a couple of them.
  8. levers

    SOLD: Kirof Lee Enfield Mark 4

  9. I've turned the guy on the left into to Fish & Game many times That's a joke btw
  10. levers

    Fs Marlin 444 & 45-70 & 30-30

    444 sold. 45 70 still available
  11. levers

    Looking for radar detector

    It's just laying around here and I'll never use it.
  12. levers

    Looking for radar detector

    Is this one any good?
  13. levers

    Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag

  14. levers

    Ruger Redhawk 44 Mag

    Still available
  15. levers

    Toyota Tundra Bed

    Anyone need a Toyota Tundra Bed? I think this fits years 2000-2006.