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  1. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Leupold 2.5 is sold
  2. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Leupold 2.5 spf
  3. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Open to offers
  4. levers

    FS Vortex 12x50 Razor Binoculars

    Still available
  5. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Leopold 4x is sold
  6. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    I think I fixed it....
  7. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Hey Rick....yes, it's duplex.
  8. levers

    Scopes for Sale

    Burris Fullfield II 3.5-10x50 $200 Leupold M8 4X sold Leupold M8 2.5X Compact sold The Burris has, what I think is called, a ballistic plex reticle. The Leupolds both have plex reticles. All have minor wear and marks. Lenses look nice without scratches. Located south Tempe area.
  9. levers

    FS Vortex 12x50 Razor Binoculars

    These are the older, non HD model. A while back I sent them into Vortex for a repair and they called after the repair and told me that they are now HD's.
  10. Very nice condition set of 12x50 Razors. Located south Tempe area. $750
  11. levers


    I'll take them
  12. Jesse 480 825 8463
  13. Talk to my buddy John at Conway Tile. I've had good luck with him.
  14. levers

    Free goat

    I'd take him down here but, thankfully, I'm not headed that way anytime soon.