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  1. makaio333

    F/S High Standard Sentinel Deluxe 22 pistol

    Message inbound
  2. makaio333

    SR Primers for sale

    Pm sent
  3. makaio333

    Ammo: 338WM, 9MM, 45APC, 40S&W

    I’ll take the S&B 9mm 1000 round case. PM’s sent.
  4. makaio333

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    That looks great! Sure glad I picked one up. Now I just need to replicate what you did. 😂
  5. makaio333

    Mechanic Recommendations in Payson

    Hey thanks AZhunter11. Yeah I knew going into the weekend it was going to be difficult. Getting it towed into town but most likely waiting until Monday to get to mechanic. Don’t worry though it won’t stop me from hunting. 😂
  6. Any recommendations on a mechanic in Payson, AZ that could possibly change out camshaft and crankshaft sensors today or tomorrow? I’m fairly certain that’s what’s going on. Currently on a cow hunt and my truck crapped out on me. 520-508-3033 thanks in advanced Or message me thanks!
  7. makaio333


    I will take it. Sent DM
  8. makaio333

    Pay it forward - I will start

    PRDATR - thank you, She will be thrilled!
  9. makaio333

    Pay it forward - I will start

    If this falls through my 6 year old daughter has been wanting to take lessons. Please let me know. 520-508-3033
  10. makaio333

    Sold Utility trailer 6'x10'

    Hey westerhunter34 I’m interested in the trailer. I just sent you a text. Thanks
  11. Would you ship these for $35 shipped to San Tan Valley, AZ? for the versa pod

    1. intohunting


      I don't have PayPal, but I'm planning on going to Mesa in a week or two.  Does a possible meet up at Bass Pro Shops work for you?

      Thanks, Craig  816-806-2559

    2. intohunting


      Just a courtesy message, I sold these to a local.  Thanks for your interest.

    3. makaio333


      Hey i'm sorry I was out of town and forgot to reply. thanks for the message.


  12. makaio333

    2017 Wildwood T195BHFS

  13. makaio333

    Interior house painting

    Cody message me your phone number I have a guy that is very good and reasonable that I’ve used.
  14. makaio333

    2017 Wildwood T195BHFS

    Price drop to $8,000!
  15. makaio333

    2017 Wildwood T195BHFS