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    my kids, archery ,
  1. mathews4804

    Ruidoso NM?

    Been along time since I lived in that area but still planning on retiring there I know they had a big fire up there several years ago the inn of the mountain gods use to have a good buffet on the weekend cloudcroft reminds me of Mayberry
  2. mathews4804

    WTB Bow

    I have a Mathews dxt 29" draw 60-70 lbs
  3. mathews4804

    Some archery gear

    Willing to trade let me know what you have or best offer
  4. mathews4804

    Some archery gear

    I'm looking to sell some older bows that my kid's have out grown the first one is a Parker buck-shot dl 18-28" 20-30#. The next one is a PSE outlaw dl 17-22". 20-35#. The next one is a PSE Spyder dl 24" 40# also have several older stabilizers Easton x7 approximately 30" the other two I don't know who manufactured them one is around 30"in length and the other one is approximately 36" sorry price update Parker buck-shot $130 PSE Spyder $100 PSE outlaw $100 stabilizers Easton $50 the two others $30 each or $90 for all three stabilizers
  5. mathews4804

    Need help

    Sorry 2009 Ford escape 2 wheel drive
  6. mathews4804

    Need help

    Brakes and oil change
  7. mathews4804

    Need help

    Looking for a decent mechanic in Phoenix ( metro center area) my daughter lives up there and needs some maintenance done on her vehicle and i don't want her to get gouged
  8. mathews4804

    Reloading press and dies

    Hey if anyone in the valley is interested I will be coming up on 9/21 make me a offer
  9. mathews4804

    Reloading press and dies

    It's a Lee progressive
  10. mathews4804

    New boots

    I'm located in bisbee but will be coming up that way in two weeks
  11. mathews4804

    Reloading press and dies

    3 die 30 herrett sold
  12. mathews4804

    New boots

    I have a new pair of danner steadfast 6in in 11.5 EE I bought they're just to wide I'm looking to get $50 that is what I have in them I will ship them on your dime the best way to get ahold of me is. 520-249-3880 thanks Steve
  13. mathews4804

    Reloading press and dies

    I have some misc. reloading stuff for sale or trade the best way to get ahold of me is to call 520-249-3880 open to all offers thanks Steve
  14. mathews4804

    Youth pack?

    I picked up a badlands monster fanny for my daughter it worked out good not alot of room but we where able to get it adjusted for her just a thought
  15. mathews4804

    I 10

    I hope you had a good time didnt see you till you had passed me