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  1. buckshotaz

    Maricopa / Yavapai Apache instructor

    I think if you contact San Carlos game and fish, they can help you find the things you need
  2. buckshotaz

    Christensen Arms Mesa 28 nosler with Leupold VX 6 HD 3-18x50

    Pictures, round count and weight? Just kidding
  3. buckshotaz

    Good Contractors

    Contact the AZ Regestar of Contractors, they have a recovery fund for this sort of thing
  4. buckshotaz

    sxs windshield recommendations

    Full glass
  5. buckshotaz

    Results are posted!!!

    That was funny
  6. buckshotaz

    Wanted Iphone

    I have a working i4 I’ll give her
  7. buckshotaz

    PCR Built .280AI R700/Brux/McMillan

    Just being selfish, I hope this hangs around a little longer just to see the “bump” pictures
  8. buckshotaz


    I have a 6.5 x 12 if you still need one, I could use your 5.5x10 Text me, 928-812-2194
  9. buckshotaz

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    There was a snow day last week. Monday is the day
  10. buckshotaz

    Tripod pan head removal

    Never mind, found the set screws
  11. buckshotaz

    Tripod pan head removal

    I am replacing my tripod due to bent leg. I have removed the head before, but now I am unable to, I tightened everything up to unscrew the head, but it just spins when I try to unscrew? any ideas?
  12. You were selling some radios some time back. I your post you said you had an additional 3 radios. Have the second set of radios also been sold?

  13. buckshotaz

    Docter 30x80 Binoculars - Price Reduced

    I have the same binoculars, they are a game changer. Look up what a new set would cost you. Docter is some of the best glass out there.
  14. buckshotaz

    Who is crazy enough to chase goats with a smokepole

    Back in the olden days in Arizona, if you drew an antelope tag, rifle, bow or smoke pole, you had to sit out of the draw for two years, three years on elk. Would that be better?
  15. I would like info on the Homer charter guy you know

    1. IA Born

      IA Born

      Captain B's Alaskan C's Adventures.


      If I remember correctly, he's originally from Tucson. Great guy and great charter!