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  1. buckshotaz

    Tripod pan head removal

    Never mind, found the set screws
  2. buckshotaz

    Tripod pan head removal

    I am replacing my tripod due to bent leg. I have removed the head before, but now I am unable to, I tightened everything up to unscrew the head, but it just spins when I try to unscrew? any ideas?
  3. You were selling some radios some time back. I your post you said you had an additional 3 radios. Have the second set of radios also been sold?

  4. buckshotaz

    Docter 30x80 Binoculars - Price Reduced

    I have the same binoculars, they are a game changer. Look up what a new set would cost you. Docter is some of the best glass out there.
  5. buckshotaz

    Who is crazy enough to chase goats with a smokepole

    Back in the olden days in Arizona, if you drew an antelope tag, rifle, bow or smoke pole, you had to sit out of the draw for two years, three years on elk. Would that be better?
  6. I would like info on the Homer charter guy you know

    1. IA Born

      IA Born

      Captain B's Alaskan C's Adventures.


      If I remember correctly, he's originally from Tucson. Great guy and great charter!

  7. buckshotaz

    Alaska fishing trip recommendations

    OMG you made me shoot root beer out of my nose. dang you
  8. buckshotaz

    Antler Chandelier

    Those are the smallest pictures I’ve ever seen
  9. buckshotaz

    Cabela’s Gun Safe

    PM sent
  10. buckshotaz

    Do we really need a border wall?

    I’m not in favor of the wall because what it will do to wildlife. Storm run off is another consideration. Can we stiffen the laws for being here without documentation?
  11. buckshotaz

    Oh Deer! Video

    My wife drives a hybrid and every time she hits a guy on a bike we end up in court. I bet that deer never sees a courtroom. It’s a bunch of BS!
  12. buckshotaz

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    Your post got me thinking about adjustments and I can see what you are talking about. This will take some testing and maybe I should be working on a chair and leave the tripod alone? This is the kind of crap I think of when all I have to do is see if I’m drawn for elk or antelope. I have no interest into getting in the conversation about the big deer.
  13. buckshotaz

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    Ok, understandable
  14. buckshotaz

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    Why do you say that?
  15. buckshotaz

    Help iron out a tripod issue

    I have one or two ball heads setting around the house, I’m going to see. Thanks all for your help