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  1. buckshotaz


    PM sent
  2. buckshotaz

    What am I

    What the heck?
  3. buckshotaz


    PM sent
  4. buckshotaz

    41W Sheep 2019

    Congratulations on the tag
  5. buckshotaz

    Where is I?????

    That was funny. I should have used punctuation
  6. buckshotaz

    Where is I?????

    in 23 north of Roosevelt Lake
  7. buckshotaz

    Delete please

    Bump for a fun shooting rifle. I have the twin of this rifle/scope combination and it is crazy fun to shoot. The kids love it, no recoil.
  8. buckshotaz

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    + 1 million
  9. buckshotaz

    2018 sheep report?

    I received a copy from the Bighorn Sheep Society but I didn’t keep it. Maybe on their website?
  10. buckshotaz

    Maricopa / Yavapai Apache instructor

    I think if you contact San Carlos game and fish, they can help you find the things you need
  11. buckshotaz

    Christensen Arms Mesa 28 nosler with Leupold VX 6 HD 3-18x50

    Pictures, round count and weight? Just kidding
  12. buckshotaz

    Good Contractors

    Contact the AZ Regestar of Contractors, they have a recovery fund for this sort of thing
  13. buckshotaz

    sxs windshield recommendations

    Full glass
  14. buckshotaz

    Results are posted!!!

    That was funny
  15. buckshotaz

    Wanted Iphone

    I have a working i4 I’ll give her