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  1. .338-4-me

    Remington 700 7mm mag

  2. .338-4-me

    Remington 7mag and muzzleloader

    How much $ would you want for each of these ?
  3. .338-4-me

    Anyone have some 6.5 PRC dies for sale?

    That’s good to know.
  4. .338-4-me

    Anyone have some 6.5 PRC dies for sale?

    Do they actually work. I’ve heard that Hornady submitted the wrong sammi specs and that they don’t full length size very good. I’d like to know if they work?
  5. .338-4-me

    Crispi Thor boots. 9.5

    I’d say true to size. I wear a 10 normally. These felt good in the store but not on a 10 mile hike.
  6. .338-4-me

    Crispi Thor boots. 9.5

    Sunday bump
  7. .338-4-me

    Crispi Thor boots. 9.5

  8. .338-4-me

    Crispi Thor boots. 9.5

    Like the title says. I tried to like these boots. But for some reason they don’t agree with my feet. They’re a couple yrs old but not worn very much. $100. I will ship on your dime. Located in St. Johns. Call or text. (928)245-436two.
  9. .338-4-me


    Let me know if it falls thru. I can come get pick it up this evening.
  10. .338-4-me


    Where are you located?
  11. .338-4-me

    Trailer spare tire 6-5.5 bolt pattern.

    Is this still available?
  12. .338-4-me

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80

  13. .338-4-me

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80

  14. .338-4-me

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80. Like new condition. Only been on a couple hikes with it, no hunts. Comes with a removal lid and rain fly. Size is medium. Pack just doesn’t quite fit me right. Asking 400 OBO. Contact Shawn @ 928-245-4643 for any questions.