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  1. .338-4-me

    SOLD-----6.5 Creedmoor

    I’d keep the CM and show the 7-08 the door.
  2. .338-4-me


    What size is it?
  3. .338-4-me

    Minox MD50 Spotter

    Is this still available
  4. .338-4-me

    Please delete

    How many rounds has been thru it, do you know?
  5. .338-4-me

    BN G5 Quest Storm bow

    I’ll take it. Call me. 928 two 45 4362
  6. .338-4-me

    Prime rize price drop 280$

    Is this still available
  7. .338-4-me

    Ruger m77 tang safety 7mm sold. Please delete

    Are you willing to trade?
  8. .338-4-me

    Guns, uppers, and m1a vltor stock

    Idk I’m not very good at this. Are you looking for any trades on the wylde upper. I have a brand new still have tags on it , Hunt hard pro hunter back pack.
  9. .338-4-me

    Guns, uppers, and m1a vltor stock

    I pm’d you
  10. .338-4-me

    Old coleman stoves, cast iron and stuff.

    If the Wagners are still available I’ll take them.
  11. .338-4-me

    Bow tech Allegiant SOLD

    Where are you located and can I get your number? My son is in Mesa and is wanting to talk to you about your bow
  12. .338-4-me

    Black gold single pin housing Sherpa 2 peice quiver

    What bow did the quiver come off of?