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  1. POJV


    PM Sent on a couple of items. Phil
  2. You may wish to contact Besco Equipment at 602-942-3726 they may be interested at that price. They repaired my Kipor 3000 last year.
  3. POJV

    Outlaw bc777

    That depends if they were handled as concurrent or consecutive. If concurrent then 10years.
  4. Is the loss of license concurrent or consecutive? If it is concurrent then only 10 years loss of licenses.
  5. POJV

    Get those apps in

    They have not cash my check yet. I hope I put a stamp on the envelope.
  6. POJV

    1 lb Blue Dot, 2 lbs Unique

    Text sent on the Unique powder
  7. POJV

    In need of a 16' a-frame ladder

    I understand that , but it is still in a pain in the butt to get to. 😉
  8. I need to replace my smoke detector in the Living room. Due to the Vaulted ceilings and the place where the idiot installed the smoke detector during the build, I am in need of a 16’ a-frame ladder. If anyone on the west side has one, I could borrow for a couple of hours this next week I would appreciate it. Phil
  9. POJV

    Gunsmith or apprentice practice

    Call Kent as he used to teach there. I am not sure if he still does. K S Custom Gunsmithing Phone: (602) 526-6836 Web: www.kscustom.com
  10. POJV

    57 Inch Hitachi TV

    A shameless bump. Surely someone need an extra TV for their gaming room.
  11. POJV

    Deer Tags

    My tag showed up today.
  12. POJV

    57 Inch Hitachi TV

    57 inch Hitachi TV. Works great. It would be a great addition to a play room for video games. I have the original manual along with the remote. Please note this is a heavy unit at 200lbs. $40.00 OBO. You can text me at 602-740-0940 Thank you Phil
  13. POJV

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    Birthday - Check Knee surgery - Check Mule deer Tag - Check Not a bad day
  14. POJV

    Where's The CC Hit Time Thread

    I am going with Friday also. That way I can get the Trifecta: Birthday Knee Surgery Deer Tag. Would make one heck of day.
  15. POJV

    Safe Highway Fees

    The way I just read bill it is for all vehicles, I believe I also saw the Off road sticker are going up $5.00 , but will need to reread the bill.