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  1. POJV

    How long until cards are hit??

    Hit for Turkey and Deer last night.
  2. POJV

    Reloading Equipment

    In the first post of the ad: You must be willing to pick up in Vail or Corona de Tucson.
  3. POJV


    Print the app out from the web site
  4. POJV

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    Pm sent Thank you
  5. POJV

    Ruger 10/22 Custom Stock

    Very nice. I wish it was not channeled for a heavy barrel. Phil
  6. POJV

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Edge, Mine has that also, but by next week it will state " Not Drawn".
  7. POJV

    Reloading supplies for sale

    I would like 1 boxes of Hornady 30 cal 100 gr SJ- $20 each and 1 box of Hornady 357 cal 110 gr TXP bullets $20, Sending PM
  8. POJV

    Honda ATV's 2005 Rancher 2014 Recon SOLD

    How many hours on : 2005 Rancher- 400 4x4, automatic, Garage Kept, adult owned- second owner $ 3,000.00 Thank you Phil
  9. POJV

    Three Weeks

    Good luck, I went from 9.1 to 3.1 after three month following my last ration treatment and was at 1.2 12 month later. I hope your results are even better.
  10. POJV

    How to safely sell a pistol

    You can purchase a long gun across state lines (assuming it is not prohibited in your state of residence). Handguns can only be purchased in your state of residence or purchased and shipped to a FFL in your state.
  11. POJV

    Need help with muzzleloader

    PM sent
  12. I have two hundred , but I am in Avondale. Phil
  13. POJV

    Check out this muzzle loader

    Let's go with this: Archery - NO Compound Bows Muzzle - Flint only Rifle - 4x scope max No Spotting Scopes. No Radios Get off your butt and walk. Are you happy . Things change and we need to adapt.
  14. POJV

    Bison reduction project

    I was unaware that this was open to people outside of Arizona. It seem there are a number of mid-west people putting in for this killing event. I meant shooting event.