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  1. POJV

    Safe Highway Fees

    The way I just read bill it is for all vehicles, I believe I also saw the Off road sticker are going up $5.00 , but will need to reread the bill.
  2. POJV

    Safe Highway Fees

    1st email of 2019 and it is from MVD as my trailer is due for registration renewal. No problem I think to myself I will renewal for 5 years again for $100.00, but wait here is a new fee Safe Highway fee. The new "Safe Highway " fee is more than my registration. I guess I will do one year as they can wait for their money. Fees for a 1 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $27.28 Safe Highways $32.00 Total $59.28 Fees for a 2 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $50.12 Safe Highways $64.00 Total $114.12 Fees for a 5 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $98.69 Safe Highways $160.00 Total $258.69
  3. POJV

    Scan Gauge II

    Sorry, Avondale.
  4. POJV

    Scan Gauge II

    I am selling my Scan Gauge II as I no longer need it as my new truck already has all of the gauges I need. Here is a link about the product. https://www.scangauge.com/products/scangauge-ii/ Please let me know if you have nay questions SPF Phil
  5. POJV

    9 mm ammo

    PM sent Phil
  6. This gun case has never been used. I bought it for a trip that did not happen. Asking $65.00 ​ Sold please text any questions Phil 602-740-0940
  7. New Pictures, lower price 635.00
  8. Bump with price drop
  9. Weatherby Mark V Weathermark 26 inch barrel Chambered in 7mm Weatherby mag. Purchased new 6/95, still have the original box and factory target Less than 100 rounds shot. Asking $750.00 obo 700.00 obo​ $635.00 includes dies and 20 rounds factory new brass. Please call or text 602-740-0940 for any further information. Thank you Phil
  10. POJV

    Results up!

    22S Muzzleloader
  11. POJV

    Day One Results

    After many years I am finally going to get to go after an Elk. I told my wife I need to get this done before 60. I will 59 this summer.
  12. PM sent on Hornady Handbooks 4th edition Volumes 1&2 - excellent condition
  13. I have a set of Lee RGB 22-250 dies - $10.00 Ilb of H4831 powder less 150grs (I loaded 3 rounds) - $15.00 In Avondale. Thank you Phil
  14. POJV

    bullets + brass+ primers

    PM Sent