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  1. POJV

    Single Actions and Lever Actions

    Pm sent Thank you
  2. POJV

    Ruger 10/22 Custom Stock

    Very nice. I wish it was not channeled for a heavy barrel. Phil
  3. POJV

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Edge, Mine has that also, but by next week it will state " Not Drawn".
  4. POJV

    Reloading supplies for sale

    I would like 1 boxes of Hornady 30 cal 100 gr SJ- $20 each and 1 box of Hornady 357 cal 110 gr TXP bullets $20, Sending PM
  5. POJV

    Honda ATV's 2005 Rancher 2014 Recon SOLD

    How many hours on : 2005 Rancher- 400 4x4, automatic, Garage Kept, adult owned- second owner $ 3,000.00 Thank you Phil
  6. POJV

    Three Weeks

    Good luck, I went from 9.1 to 3.1 after three month following my last ration treatment and was at 1.2 12 month later. I hope your results are even better.
  7. POJV

    How to safely sell a pistol

    You can purchase a long gun across state lines (assuming it is not prohibited in your state of residence). Handguns can only be purchased in your state of residence or purchased and shipped to a FFL in your state.
  8. POJV

    Need help with muzzleloader

    PM sent
  9. I have two hundred , but I am in Avondale. Phil
  10. POJV

    Check out this muzzle loader

    Let's go with this: Archery - NO Compound Bows Muzzle - Flint only Rifle - 4x scope max No Spotting Scopes. No Radios Get off your butt and walk. Are you happy . Things change and we need to adapt.
  11. POJV

    Bison reduction project

    I was unaware that this was open to people outside of Arizona. It seem there are a number of mid-west people putting in for this killing event. I meant shooting event.
  12. POJV

    rifles for sale

    Location? I may have interest in this one Mossberg, 22 Cal., model 151M
  13. POJV

    Outdoor Writer

    Have I missed post from Outdoor Writer?
  14. POJV

    AZ is sad

    This, when cash talk and CC walked. Going back to a pay up front will stop a lot of these I hope tag applications. I lost Antelope point back in the days due to not having the cash up front. It was they way it was back then. Oh I forgot no one uses cash any more. Move on and bitch some more.
  15. POJV

    Pissed off

    Not to pile on here, but G&F did send out an email with instruction n how to update the CC, without the portal: No action is needed if the credit card or debit card used at the time of application is still in good standing. Otherwise, applicants who have been issued a new credit card or debit card, a new expiration date, or had a change to their card’s number should visit draw.azgfd.gov/. Scroll down the page, select “Update Credit Card” and follow the prompts. Note: It is important to update payment information for each species for which an online application has been submitted.