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  1. Evan

    Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack/Frame $200.00

    Great deal on a great pack!
  2. Evan

    Help with cost of building a shop/garage

    I finished a 1200 sqft detached garage a little over a year ago, interior is not drywalled, but full electrical and 14ft garage doors (Maricopa County). I was right at $45/sqft. I saved money by finding my own subs and doing most of the electrical myself. Whole process plans/permit to finish was about 4 months
  3. Evan

    RV Awning replacement

    https://finishlinervandfleet.com/ Had these guys do ours along with some other work. Great people and prices
  4. Evan

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Quick update on this dirt bag Kevin Whitmore, after almost two years of many text phone calls with no return I finally make contact and Kevin and he asked for my address. This afternoon I received a thawed turkey wrapped in plastic bags at my front door delivered by UPS. No offer to return my deposit. I immediately put it in my freezer with hope maybe some taxidermist can salvage it but I have no idea Just a warning if this guy ever pops up as a taxidermist anywhere else do not use him.
  5. Evan

    Which processor to use for elk?

    Round Valley Processing is great, I have been using them for a couple years 623-978-2390
  6. Evan

    Daughters sheep hunt

    What a tool. Took a tag from a real hunter? My best time in the field has been spent with my young daughters, I put them in for every species. Best of luck to you and your daughter wish2hunt!
  7. Evan


    Same number different name in march
  8. Evan

    Viper PST gen 1 for sale

    Good price for a great scope!
  9. Evan

    Unit 10 Antilope help (Please)

    DM me your number or email and I can send ya a onx pin
  10. Evan

    Big Bo access

    Route 18 is the easiest. Bring some extra gas/fuel if your going to spend much time up there.
  11. Evan

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    I am having similar issues with Dead on Taxidermy. I agree with DCShorthairs that Kevin at Dead on does amazing work. He created a beautiful turkey rug for my brother in 2018. After seeing his work I dropped off my turkey in May of 2020, he told me he would be done in two months which worked out for me as we spend most of the summer camping in the White Mountains. I contacted Kevin July 7th 2020 telling him we would be nearby July 12-26 and he said no problem he would have it ready. Called and text before our return home with no response. Called and text again in August with no response as we would be in the area. October my daughter had youth a elk hunt (successful) in unit one we made multiple attempts to get in contact with no avail. Continually, I have been trying to reach out and have had no success. I am very disappointed as I harvested a very nice turkey with a long beard and spurs. I hope for some contact as I would be fine if he is facing any issues, but a simple "I'm behind, busy or struggling to get things done" would be fine with me. No explanation from someone you have shaken hands with is unacceptable in my book.
  12. Evan

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    Jay Scott Outdoor Podcast has some great coues related podcast that offer a lot of advice. Coues can be tough but fun. I have glassed small areas all day to see one deer move. Find a good area away from others and be patient behind the glass. Get up early and glass as it begins to get light.