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  1. Evan

    Wyoming draw results

    Hunted 32 a couple years ago, fun hunt, make sure to get the muddy mountain pass and bring your fishing poles and fish alcova lake after you tag out
  2. 2009 Ford F250 XLT Diesel 4x4. One owner only 94,000 miles. Strong truck in great shape. Have hard copies of all maintenance records. Just passed emissions. No accidents. Full synthetic oil every 5K, fuel filter every 20K, transmission fluid every 30k. Has 2" Ready Lift with 35" BFG KO2 on 18" rims. Clean Title, Asking $22,000. 602-821-8413 Evan
  3. Evan

    tuna time-easy limits.

    Headed out on the REEL CHAMPION (6pac) out of H&M landing Sept 7-8 cant wait! hope to catch some big ones like that
  4. Evan

    Lion attack on my trail cam?

    Wow great pictures!
  5. Evan

    Toy Hauler Storage Near Unit 1

    Ive used country storage multiple times, good people secure lot
  6. Evan

    Looking for B&C official Measurer

    I'm also in the west valley and would like to get a antelope scored. If you guys make a plan please let me know. Thx
  7. Evan

    Everybody is Successful

    You guys raised em! My kids don't get congratulations for failures!
  8. Evan

    Dr. Seuss shame on you!!!

    Wow great story.... Get a life
  9. Evan

    Crazy in LA

    That's what you find when you google "naked teachers"... Cool story bro!
  10. Evan

    Emergency Air Evac

    dcshorthairs is correct, as a firefighter also, those plans are awesome and beneficial if in a hospital to hospital situation within their service area. In a emergency service situation all emergency transportation companies have a CON (certificate of necessity) from the State of Arizona and any one can be dispatched on either rotation or closest to service. The plan would definitely save you a ton of money assuming that air service picked you up from your location, In a emergency situation you will not be able to dictate the provider.
  11. Evan

    4B north population hunt

    Im 2 for 2 on pool elk tags....units i new well though. not to sure about 4b north, I turned mine down, hopefully next in line has an opportunity. good luck papajohn let us know how it turns out.
  12. Evan

    4B north population hunt

    I was contacted for the same hunt today. Have until tomorrow to commit. Killed elk in 4b south before but never ventured into this area. Anyone have any info? I have been able to take elk on population hunts before in unit 3b south and unit 1, but this is a unkown area with limited time
  13. Evan

    Danner Pronhorns Size 11

    Sold Thx PJM