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  1. POF USA .308 W/ EOTech and Magnifier 500 rounds PMC Bronze 147 grain Soft case and Magazines never fired $4500.00
  2. wardsoutfitters

    Ward's Outfitters

    In time folks I will give you all the details. Just to clear the air. I was charged with 1 count of failure to submit. I did submit my guide report but forgot to add Pat. But if you scroll through my Facebook account you will see him there. I never intended to not add him to the report. Be patient. Please.
  3. wardsoutfitters

    A few from 2020 with Ward's Outfitters.

    We hunt only areas we feel are safe. I take my kids to our ranches every year. Ranches closer to the border in my experience have more illegal traffic.
  4. wardsoutfitters

    A few from 2020 with Ward's Outfitters.

    4 hours to one ranch crossing in Douglas and other ranches hunters fly into hermosillo and 1 to 3 hour drive
  5. wardsoutfitters

    A few from 2020 with Ward's Outfitters.

    Rifle hunts are $5500.00 Archery hunts are$6500.00 We can supply a rifle if needed. Hunts are 5 full days of hunting all inclusive
  6. Here's a few coues bucks harvested with Ward's Outfitters last season. We're really looking forward to 2021
  7. wardsoutfitters

    .243 WSSM SOLD!!!!

    Sold Pending Funds
  8. wardsoutfitters

    .243 WSSM SOLD!!!!

    Wildwoody Do you need Brass?
  9. New Leupold VX-3 4.5X14X50MM $350.00 to your door Retails for $499.99-$549.00 Contact Please at 520-404-5114
  10. wardsoutfitters

    .243 WSSM SOLD!!!!

    Up for sale is a .243 WSSM Custom Barrel with muzzle Brake made by classic barrel and gun works. Hogue rubber over molded Stock, Approximately 200 rounds through the gun. Taking up space $350.00 Contact me if you are interested 520-404-5114
  11. wardsoutfitters

    Danner Grave Boots New

  12. wardsoutfitters

    Danner Grave Boots New

    make me an offer