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Found 27 results

  1. I have up to 5 coues deer tags available for DIY hunters on a large ranch near Hermosillo for January 2024. Easy access to and from the ranch with pretty good roads throughout. Has a great house with nice kitchen and beds, very comfortable. Could be hunted archery or rifle. 100 inch+ bucks are on the ranch but there are no size restrictions or trophy fees. Could sit water, glass, still hunt or use any hunting method you prefer. Could arrange for a Mexican cook or helper. Could also hunt javelina, coyote, dove, or quail. This is a non-guided hunt only. I have many years of experience hunting in Mexico and will provide all of the necessary paperwork for guns, tags, and border crossing etc. This would be a great opportunity for someone that has never been hunting in Mexico, but has the desire to do so, to come and learn the process. I have many pictures of the ranch and house and would be happy to share and discuss with any interested parties. My preferred method of contact is to call or text. Tag price is $2,750 per tag and $350 per gun permit with up to two guns per permit. Thank you, Tim Maddock 928-533-8807
  2. Anyone ever see a droptine/kicker on a coues? First I’ve ever seen and have hunted coues for 10 years. Found him on the last day, happy as heck. He doesn’t score well but is a cool buck to say the least.
  3. This is my Son, Aaron Altaha Jr., 11 years old, this past weekend was the last weekend of his rifle hunt for deer and he tagged out his 1st deer the day before the last day on 10/30/21. And he was blessed to harvest a Awesome 7x8 Coues buck from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in AZ.
  4. A little video from one of my recent camera setups. If you want to skip the part where I talk, go to 2:21. Check out the bomber coues buck on the right side at 10:21 too. And then the bear cubs at the end. Thanks for watching.
  5. Howdy. Here’s another video I made up in the mountains. It’s ridiculously dry, hence why all these animals are crowding this little puddle. Hopin for rain soon.
  6. Here's a few coues bucks harvested with Ward's Outfitters last season. We're really looking forward to 2021
  7. Hey everyone. I hope you all have had a great season so far. I just released episode 5 of my trail camera series. This one is about coues deer that live in the grasslands. The next one will be about desert dwelling coues. Thank you for all of the support so far and happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy.
  8. wildwoody

    2019 Mexico hunt

    Well here's the story, ill keep it short with pics. Went down this year for the first time, what a great experience. I met a couple great guys here on CWT that were looking for a few guys to hunt a ranch in Sonora Mexico, we talked and sounded like a great experience. So paper work and gun permits followed. . The time had come to go on the hunt, 1/05/19 -1/21/19. We met at Chad's place at 5am ( my friend Cecil and I ) loaded up and met the rest of the group, 8 in all The trip down was good, a little slow at the border checking on the Mexico side for the guns and had to unload extra Suzuki vehicles and drive thru check point and re load. Great from there , 60 miles down and then 2 hrs on dirt rd. back to the north to the ranch. Arrived about 3pm and met the ranchers and hands, if I could spell there names I would but I don't want to disrespect them by butchering there names. Great people for sure. That evening Jayson and Chad showed us the lay if the land. I thought it looked like the Matazal's foot hills and all. I knew I'd be right at home. The food was so good, lodging was super, hot water heat, clean was awesome . Started early Sunday morning after a great breakfast by momma . Then it was of to the hill, rained quite a bit that morning, saw some great bucks but it was the first day, dumb move, my buddy had a chance at a dandy but passed. He should of shot, he ended up with a 1x2 second to the last day. First buck he was stoked, a had 10 opportunities thru out the week at some big ones. He's learning how to shoot folded in half, steep stuff. So the week went on with some great bucks shoot. By the time I knew it was Friday and we just got Cecil done. . Saturday was it , I had to find something decent. Jayson and Chad and rancher Lupe went on a journey. I almost got a shoot at one I had been chasing but safety was on and he was gone. We moved further up the foot hills and started glassing, let me tell you those Swarovski BTX are crazy. Chad found lots of good bucks but they wouldn't stay still long enough to get a shot. Yes they were rutting hard. Then he found one a mile + away. We made a plan and went for it. After 1 hr hike we were within 700 yds.. Set up and found his does, then a great buck ran up to us at 20yrds, tried to get a shot, not easy with a 25x scope on a running buck that close, he never took his nose of the ground. Anyway my buck stud up and the shooting started, after 4 shoots with the 6.5 Creedmoor I went to Chad's 300rum, 2 more misses. Ranged again , my Zeiss range finder was still saying 655 yrds I was dead on left to right just couldn't tell if I was just high barely going under him. We broke out a Swarovski range finder , the same. Then a Vortex Jayson had, it said 705yrds, dialed it up and bam, he's on the ground doing the right stuff. . took the long walk over and found blood and guts but no deer, Chad said he thought he saw a buck get up and walk down into the thicker brush. Ray the cowboy came over and his dog jumped him up and he went around the corner, they found him days after we left. I put a bounty on him for incentive. It worked. They found him 60yrds from where I shoot him , shoot was a couple inches back. Ended up meeting Carlos at the border a few days later and collected my buck. I was shocked he was bigger then I thought. A big thankyou to Chad and Jayson two great guys , can't wait until next year. Here are some pictures from pick up to the wall. There's one picture of him with a 95" buck. One picture with his new friend's, and one of the biggest buck taken by Jim., congrats on a stud
  9. So I'm new to the forum and apologize if this is in the wrong section but I'm curious on how you go about pricing large TROPHY CLASS coues deer. This buck scores maybe around 129" and is just insane but i dont know where to start.
  10. My 20 year old son and I would like to hunt Coues deer in 2019. We have a combined 12 points between us (pre 2018 draws). We have never hunted Az for any species. We have successfully hunted elk, mule deer, and antelope throughout the west with bow and rifle. We are from Utah and would like to hunt with our rifles the first time and then follow up later with bow hunts after we get our feet wet hunting them. My questions for you are: 1- with the multiple season dates, is it worth building and or using our points on a coues hunt? What I mean is, Can we experience a great hunt with lower to no points and use our points elsewhere? 2- what would be the top 3 units to hunt with 7 points? Which season dates would you recommend? Our goals would be a mature buck. Score is not that important to us. Ability to find animals (deer densities) would be high on our list of importance. 3- are the late hunts worth the time it takes to draw them? If so, what would you recommend as the top 3 late hunt units? 4- are there any good coues season dates that would also allow us to hunt javelina with a realistic chance to harvest both at the same time? I have more questions, and answers will spawn follow ups. Private messages would be welcomed as an alternative to responding to this post. Thanks for any and all help on this. If I can help with hunts in Utah I would be happy to return the favor. Chad
  11. thunderbolt

    Giant coues

    a good friend of mine killed a giant buck dec 2nd. Laptop won't let me post pics so I'll post a video I just made. Enjoy https://youtu.be/nvZgjKuAJrk
  12. 3 Tags, 3 Friends, and 3 Bucks. A short video of our November 2016 Coues Hunt which started in March and ended in early December.... if you include spring, summer, and fall scouting. We took Josh on his first hunt ever, he bought all the gear he needed a couple months before the hunt and it turned out he was amazing at spotting deer behind his new glass... I think we got him hooked.
  13. cvw789

    Plaques and Horn Wraps

    Heres a few horn wraps we finished up this past season with some custom wood plaques. Big ol coues buck with an Az oak Plaque Montana Whitetail with a MT oak plaque Az Coues with a Mesquite Az plaque Az Muley with a Mesquite Az plaque Rag horn bull horn wrap on a oak plaque Mesquite wood plaque before I installed the skulls
  14. Well, it's been several years since I made a Coues Celebration video. The Coues Celebration videos showcase member photos and video that has been submitted to CouesWhitetail.com. I like to put these together as a thank you to everyone who shares their trophies here and a celebration of the community that has developed here. My original plan for this video was to do a 10 min video made of two 5 min sections, but it's been taking way too long, so my husband suggested I just publish the first half for now and work on the last half for later. So here is a 5 min video with about 150 photos and videos from the website. Thanks to everyone who continues to contribute great content to this site! Since I haven't made a video in a few years, the content is backlogged and some of these photos are a few years old. I will be making another video with lots more photos and great video. But for now, here is one to enjoy. Hope you love it! Make sure you watch through the credits at the end as there is a pretty amusing pic from the mullins crew

    Need to Fill A tag

    I am looking for some insight of places near Phx I live in Ahwatukee (east valley) I won't be able to drive into trails due to my vehicle situation right now. I don't mind hiking in. Is there any place I should go I am just looking to fill my freezer. Ill shoot a spike i just want some meat in my freezer and 2015 is a new year. Ive shot one deer with my bow before and I am still new (3 years) into hunting. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and I'm not looking for secret spots. I want to go out this week either christmas eve or the day after christmas, possibly the weekend following christmas if permitted by work. Thank you everyone. Thanks, Tj Perez tj.perez90@yahoo.com 480-720-8987
  16. I am looking for some insight of places near Phx I live in Ahwatukee (east valley) I won't be able to drive into trails due to my vehicle situation right now. I don't mind hiking in. Is there any place I should go I am just looking to fill my freezer. Ive shot one deer with my bow before and I am still new (3 years) into hunting. Ill shoot a spike i just want some meat in my freezer and 2015 is a new year. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and I'm not looking for secret spots. I want to go out this week either christmas eve or the day after christmas, possibly the weekend following christmas if permitted by work. Thank you everyone. Thanks, Tj Perez tj.perez90@yahoo.com 480-720-8987
  17. Our goal this year was to get good spot and stalk footage of us killing a good Coues buck. After hunting hard for many days all over southern Arizona and lots of blown stalks we finally got it done. When we found this buck it didn't take long to name him the Boarder Warrior. As you can see he is missing more then half of one ear and part of the other and was all busted and we figured it fit him well. Check out the video and let me know what you guys think. Find us on FaceBook and give us a LIKE Please. https://www.facebook.com/pages/AZ-Extreme-Hunting/227184587406822?ref=hl Cole
  18. My son is 14 years old and he just finished up a year of a lifetime!!! (fyi.... previously to 2013 he had only taken 1 Coues deer and an antelope) He started it off on Feb. 3rd 2013 with his 1st javelina that he shot at 100 yards with a 96 year old 6.5x55 Swedish mauser in 36a with close friend Andy Behrens. He then drew the October junior elk tag in 4a, we went up on the Wednesday before his hunt and experienced snow on Thursday. he found a herd on opening morning, so we took off and finally got to 350 yards when the lead cow spotted us. He set up and made the shot, sitting, with the same 308 that his deceased mother and older brother both shot their first and only cow elk with. He was shooting the 155 grain Berger bullets over 44 grains of varget. Thanks to David Broerman for all his guidance. Patrick decided to put in for the unit 33 November junior tag, as it would be cooler, and he thought he would have better chances of drawing. He was correct, we went out on Thursday and set up camp. our close family friend, Pat Romero, arrived later that night. they hiked back into great country and at about 7 am Pat found a good buck. Patrick got to 411 yards of the buck and took him down with Pat's 257 weatherby magnum. The shot was at 8 am. He packed it out with Pat and they got back to camp at noon. We then ate a victory lunch of brats and then went out to try to find Patrick a javelina. he got lucky enough to draw both tags at the same time and same unit. long story short, we found a heard of pigs and he shot one at 101 yards at 4 pm! Patrick had completed a double in a day!!! On November 22, 2013 Patrick Wundrock Shot a 107" Coues whitetail at 8 am only to follow it up with a javelina at 4 pm! Well even though he shot that amazing buck, I sent him down to Mexico with Bobby Boido to the El Tule Ranch, for yet another Coues deer. I could not go because I had other commitments. Patrick said it was a very tough hunt, and on the 2nd to last day, January 23, 2014 he shot a very nice deer that we estimate at 95" with Bobby's 300 WSM at 300 yards. Patrick really enjoyed himself and even found a WHITE JAVELINA!!! Needless to say Patrick had a fantastic year, he knows it, and will probably try for the rest of his life to surpass it! full stories have been added to the end of post.
  19. young-coueshunter

    100"+ DEADHEAD

    We found this deadhead in one of our honey holes. Can't wait till January to find one of his buddies come January!
  20. has anyone hunted on the san carlos for coues deer? do you know what the process is to get tags or permits? is there a contact number?
  21. You guys know how hard it is to spot and stalk Coues Deer. Well imagine it's your very first time! This young girl's father contacted me to see if we could help him get his daughter her first deer with a bow. He was interested in hunting down in the southern units, so I immediately thought Carl Young of Team Younggunz would be great to help her out. You guys probably know that Team Younggunz runs the women's coues camp down there and they are very successful at getting people on bucks. Anyway, Carl was gungho and so Matthew took his daughter down there for the hunt. Here is her story: Jasmine Burke September 1st 2013 “Jasmine, we got to move.” A jolt of energy perked me from a slouching doze. Bryce McGee, a Coues Ninja, suddenly wakes me with exciting news. Our quarry was spotted and it’s time to pursue him. Months leading up to this moment dragged by as my father prepared me to strike with deadly force. He and Carl Young, founder of Team Young Gun’z, gifted me with an opportunity to accomplish the most difficult deer hunt in the world: stalk hunting a Coues Whitetail with my bow. 3 O’clock came early as my father woke me. After a quick pampering at Dunkin Doughnuts, we headed to our rendezvous point where we met Carl Young. After a short drive to Bryce’s house we maneuvered up a high hill. As we peaked over the top we could see the horizon welcoming the new day. After setting up our gear Bryce, Carl, and my father began finding deer in the valley below. By 6 O’clock I had bow in hand, ready to stalk my prey. I tried to keep pace with Bryce as he ignores the path and bee-lines to the truck; leaving my father and Carl to track the buck through binoculars. I’m astonished by how quickly Bryce ascends the hill; as I stumble behind, thrown off by the weight of my bow. Finally, I’m at the truck and we’re off, flying down the road like the world is chasing us. In 15 seconds we’re at our destination and I’m following the already fast-paced hunter as he makes his way through debris and jumps over a barb-wire fence. Thanks to my training I’m able to keep up. He glances back at me, “this is where we lose our shoes.” He whispers and quickly un-ties his shoes and hangs them on the fence post, mine right beside them. I wince already feeling the sharp rocks digging into my tender flesh. We begin our stalk. I’m flabbergasted by the difference shoes make, we’re much quieter now as we sneak through the brush. We move through the briars and debris when suddenly Bryce lowers his binoculars and turns to me, eyes wide. I glance around in confusion and then I freeze. 18 yards away stands a deer, two sticks on his head, a spike, but a buck nonetheless. It’s staring right at me, but I slowly draw back my bow. It’s more difficult than before, maintaining composer with adrenaline pulsing through my veins. I don’t have much time; I put the 20 yard pin behind his shoulder, exhale softly and squeeze the trigger. My breath falters as the arrow wizzes right in front of his chest. The deer ducks hard and bolts off 20 yards. He stops, turns broad side and stares back at us. I inhale sharply from shock, the deer pricks its enormous ears and dashes off. I let the full weight of disappointment sink in on me; I just missed my first deer with a bow. We find my arrow and start heading back towards the truck, berating myself for missing such an easy shot. Bryce try’s cheering me up, telling me how quick these deer are. I shake my head as I grab my shoes, stuff my feet in them and climb into the truck. I leaned back in the seat letting the cool air blow on my hot face, Bryce is out-side talking to Carl on the phone. He pokes his head in and takes the keys out, “there are two more bucks.” He smiles at me, but doubt is already setting in. We follow the road 30 yards and ditch our shoes again. I grumble and pant as I try to keep up. We trek through the thorns for 30 minutes, and then Bryce runs down a hill. I ungracefully slip and let out a startling gasp as I slide down the hill, tearing up my back and causing dirt to fall into my socks. Pain shoots up my foot as I stop myself from sliding anymore using a dead barrel cactus. Not wanting to slow us down any, I swallow my pain and follow after him. He turns back, “we’re nearly there, stay quiet.” I nod and follow in example as he bends down and sneak forward, peering over a bush 10 yards in front of us. “Okay, the deer are 50 yards in front of us, can you make that shot?” I gulp and nod. I draw back while crouching and slowly stand up, almost releasing my arrow from shock. The buck is lying down, broadside, tossing his head back and forth. The most shocking thing was his size. He’s huge and has a nice rack on his head. This isn’t an ‘A’ typical deer, this is a monster. My heart skips a beat, but I close one eye, take aim and slowly exhale squeezing the trigger. My arrow zips down into the deer’s bed and misses the deer by a foot. “I MISSED!” I cried out indignantly. Bryce’s eyes widened, and he shushes me. I almost shushed him back in aggravation, but he points out the monsters big brother, standing 55 yards away. I draw back again and let another arrow fly with similar results. Both monstrous bucks bolt. I kicked the ground in frustration, forgetting I’m not wearing any shoes and cry out in pain as I stubbed my toe on a rock. I just missed two monsters and a spike.
  22. Coach

    23 Youth, where to start

    The bad news is, 3 out of 4 of us got skunked on the deer draw this year. The good news is, my oldest son, Matt drew a 23 youth tag. I'm no stranger to 23 and have been hunting it for years - but usually for pigs in the early Spring. Many of the spots I know are really great for deer at certain times of the year, but during the youth hunt, a lot of the bucks are higher than where I normally hunt. I'm not looking for a monster buck here, but given the potential and Matt's abilities I think we should be able to find either a nice mature coues or mule deer buck. I'd love to PM or email some ideas back and fourth about strategies for this hunt. I recognize most folks won't want to start shouting out unit-specific advice over the WWW and I respect that, so if you want to talk 23, I have as much to give as get. I know the lower parts of the unit very well, but the upper portion, not so well. I would love to get some advice for hunting this unit for a youth hunt, and will gladly reciprocate with some detailed info of my own, more catered to the later hunts. Thanks, Coach
  23. young-coueshunter

    Dads old bucks

    Just waiting for oct. to come going thru old pics figured I'd post some. Couple of bucks my dad took some years back!
  24. Becker

    More Pictures!!!

    Its been awhile since I have posted some mounts. Here are a few pictures to check out of some of our recent projects. Hope you all enjoy!!!