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Found 14 results

  1. bradleylarson48

    Mountain Lion trapping

    What’s up guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted in here, I moved to Utah recently and they have changed the regs to where cougar/mountain lion hunting is open all year no quota. You also can trap them. Me and my wife were shed hunting and on one small hill and found about 30-40 mule deer and elk carcasses(most being tiny bucks) The next week we were shed hunting again and saw a lion about 300 yards away. It’s in a pretty rocky steep section. We were planning on calling for lions, but recently I’ve wondered about trapping for them instead. My thoughts are maybe looking around for a fresh kill and placing a couple traps nearby. I know it would take tons of luck, but just wondered if anyone has had experience with it? Arizonas trapping is so limited I never even thought about doing it, but now it’s basically free range year round here I want to try. Thanks a ton.
  2. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    A hunters first lion with his own dogs, Congratulations, great accomplishment!
  3. A little video from one of my recent camera setups. If you want to skip the part where I talk, go to 2:21. Check out the bomber coues buck on the right side at 10:21 too. And then the bear cubs at the end. Thanks for watching.
  4. KYBoy

    Some Mountain Lion Videos

    Here’s a few clips of mountain lions I combined. All in Southern Arizona. I love this camera model, the Browning Recon Force Advantage.
  5. KYBoy

    Daytime Lion Footage

    I got a video of a healthy looking video in the daytime. Can’t wait to check this camera again.
  6. Jojoba

    2014 AZ Archery Lion

    Yesterday I crossed one off the bucket list. Had the pleasure of pursuing and harvesting a beautiful tom mountain lion with stick and string. Got a call from my friend Wade of http://killerlionhunts.com/ and he asked me if I wanted to hunt a good size tom that he has been patterning for quite some time -- of course I jumped at the opportunity! We picked up the track and began trailing at 5:30 am. The dogs were hot on the trail and pulling away quick. We were hoofing it to keep up in the rugged country but seemed to remain about a mile behind the dogs during the first leg of the pursuit. By about mile 3 (for us;dogs probably did double that in this time) we caught up to the dogs whom were hung up at a rock bluff trying to figure out the track. Wade found a scratch and called his dogs over and we were off again. The dogs pulled away quickly and we kept chugging along. Battling the heat and lack of spring water on the landscape both the dogs and us were losing steam. We caught up to the dogs about a mile later. One pup was about 120 yds ahead of the others and Wade said he thinks she's figured it out. At this point we took the other dogs over to her and she was working the trail but staying close to the same area. We found a shade tree and made a makeshift bowl out a Gatorade bottle to water the dogs. We sat in the shade for about 15 minutes to regroup. Wade got up and I followed. He looked up at a tree 10 yds away from the one we were sitting under then looked back at me and said, "The lion is in the tree!" I laughed thinking he was messing with me. He said, "No, come here. The lion's in the tree!" Sure enough, I walked 5 ft and looked up and there he was! I couldn't believe he sat there so quiet just 10 yds away from our shade tree during our break. The baying of the dogs immediately filled the canyon once again. Five and a half hours into the pursuit I found myself standing below the lion we were looking for. We spent a few minutes taking pictures, video and tying off the dogs then I set up about 25 yds away for the shot. When Wade gave me the go ahead I sent my arrow down range to my target and with a thwack it hit its mark. The cat made a spectacular leap 6 ft higher up the tree. Shaking I reached for another arrow and began to nock it. By the time the nock secured itself to the string the cat came crashing down. He expired before he made it to the ground. I was still shaking with excitement. After post shot photos and getting the lion ready for the pack out we prepared ourselves for the 4 mile cross-country trek back to the trucks. Four and a half hours later, thirsty, tired and hungry we made it back to our starting point. I am thankful for this opportunity to not only pursue such an amazing animal but to have harvested such a beautiful specimen with my bow. I am blessed to have a friend like Wade and to have had the opportunity to spend time with him and the hounds in God's county. My true love and admiration of mountain lions has only grown stronger from the countless days I have spent pursuing them. Big thanks to my good friend Wade Eckel, owner of Killer Lion Hunts. Tough as nails and a real stand up guy! If you have ever wanted partake in a true dry ground lion hunt with an outstanding houndsman and phenomenal dogs, Wade is your guy! http://killerlionhunts.com/ Thanks for taking the time to read my story and share in the experience -Nathan
  7. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    130# Tom ready for pick up (pic heavy)

    Nice tom ready to ship out soon. A little picture heavy, but I really like how this one turned out. Hope you enjoy......
  8. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Mountain lion with snow habitat.

    Another female Az lion mounted up, waiting to ship to NC, this time with a little snow on the habitat. We will have a big Tom finished up and pictures on here in a couple days.
  9. Gary I


    **Unbelievable response! All are spoken for now. Thanks so much for the response.** I have some newly cleaned/whitened skulls that I really don't need. These skulls were from a local taxidermist: they weren't wanted when the animals were brought in to be mounted. He was going to throw them away. Since I clean skulls, I hated to see them go to waste. So I took them, cleaned them and would like to sell, trade or even donate them to a school or other worthy cause. I didn't take them to make a profit; even though I have time and some money in them, I just didn't want to see them wasted. They are professionally cleaned, odor-free and ready to go. There are five bears, three javelina, two mountain lions and three bobcats. Make me an offer, let's talk trade or tell me who needs them. Top of my wishlist: an early '70s, original, gold single-mantle Coleman lantern. Call Gary at 928-978-2627, PM me or email me at antlerfinder@hotmail.com
  10. backwoodsjeeper

    THIEFS unit 39

    I've been working a water hole to get a mnt lion this last Sunday I set up my blind near my cam that's been there for a month now. I went today to get picture updates and all gone. This is pathetic and un-manlike they are cowards nothing but pathetic piece of s*%# it was about 3 miles south of 187th ave and Riggs rd I think these a**holes are driving a white silverado 1500 with a camper now the only reason I assume this is because I got to the water hole once and they were there. If anyone comes across a doghouse ground blind and a wild game innovations trail please pm me i got a hold of g&f and gave all the details I could let's get these low life worth for nothing SCUM bags
  11. swwildlife

    mountain lion

    Here is a large Tom, when the customer got it home and hung on the wall his wife said it was so beautiful that she wants it closer, so we will put it on a pedestal.
  12. jeremiah lindsey

    Lions in 37a?

    Anybody know where to find lions in 37a?
  13. AzWhackerandStacker!

    First time hitting hills for my lion

    This is gonna be the first time out haven't glassed much but other have seen them in the area have scents and calls and hoping that late morning and afternoon will lure em in any pointers by the way with a bow and I got a friend and I'm packing heat!
  14. Hanksaiditbest

    A few good bucks and a lion

    Two weeks until the desert hunt... pulled the cam today and had some good pictures. The bigger 5x4 buck has an odd split main beam. No good angles at the smaller buck but have seen him in person and he is super tall. No good at scoring?? Regardless, I would be happy with either of these guys. Sneaky night lion as well. Dates and time are obviously off.