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  1. jeremiah lindsey

    12A East

    Well I drew a 3B archery sep bull tag and shot a nice bull that I sadly did not recover and am still hoping to find! Anyways I ended up also drawing a 12A East muzzleloader deer tag I was wondering if anybody else in here has experience win this hunt my family are no strangers to the kaibab this will be our 11th visit in 15 years however this is my first kaibab tag they told me it will be a grind to find a larger 4point due to it being a fairly early hunt and in this unit we don't really get the knab bucks
  2. jeremiah lindsey

    It's Almost Time

    I bet the 10th!!!
  3. jeremiah lindsey

    A few Trailcam pics

    I e scout use of resources!!
  4. jeremiah lindsey

    A few Trailcam pics

  5. jeremiah lindsey

    Couse 35A for a couple of Rookies

    Don't over look the flat in the west side
  6. jeremiah lindsey

    Quick hunt

    Im ready when you are!!
  7. jeremiah lindsey

    Do I need a 20yd pin ?

    Spell check again..
  8. jeremiah lindsey

    Do I need a 20yd pin ?

    So I have my 20 sighted in perfect totally flawless grouping when no go out to 40 I'm shooting low I'm at a 29in draw with 55lbs it's an older bow high country brute however u feel like its just me moving..
  9. jeremiah lindsey


    So I got a true fire release and I feel like its sort of jumpy when I shoot I'm still shooting groups I'm not sure if uts just my head talking or if it truly is jumpy
  10. jeremiah lindsey

    35a/b spring tag

    Ya any luck???
  11. jeremiah lindsey


    It's a great hunt my cousins drew it in 2014
  12. jeremiah lindsey


    Any 3b guys that drew early archery bull on here??
  13. jeremiah lindsey

    Augest Archery

    Thank you best of luck to you as well!
  14. jeremiah lindsey


    Alright boys it's time for a Tijuana tooth pull.
  15. jeremiah lindsey

    Augest Archery

    How many of you guys hunt bears in the early fall archery hunt I've only seen 4 while out archery hunting deer in August with a bear tag in my pocket down in 35b I got spots in other units up north are they pretty active that time of year I start scouting in late September due to being a student and I graduate this year so I want to expand my bear hunting time