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  1. Coues120

    all gone, thanks all!

    Sent pm
  2. Coues120

    Have Hornady 6.5 mm eldx bullets want rl 23 powder

    Interested in h4831sc?
  3. Coues120

    Want to trade double the 9mm for 45 acp brass

    Yes I am interested, I’m sending you a message now with my number @rem300ultra
  4. Coues120

    Want to trade double the 9mm for 45 acp brass

    Yes just the brass
  5. Will do double the 9mm brass for whatever amount you have of 45 acp brass.
  6. I will take them 10turkeys. I’m sending you a message right so we can meet up possibly tomorow
  7. Coues120

    X-treme 9mm 124gr Hollow Point Bullets

    Where did you buy those at? Those are $53 at cabelas, I just bought two boxes.
  8. Coues120

    9mm brass

    Shoot me a message and we can meet up rem300ultra
  9. Coues120

    9mm brass

    Lots of 9mm brass for sale .08 each.
  10. Message me what you have, rather buy one from a member here
  11. Coues120

    Rifle length buffer 5 ounce for sale

    I am not, I can ship it to you or we can meet somewhere around the middle.
  12. Coues120

    Black gold sight

    Paid $200 plus not long ago, comes with tapes and everything. Very nice sight ans was shooting out to 110 yards with it consistently, asking $100
  13. Coues120

    Looking to buy primer swager

    Thank you Az diamondheat unfortunately I am in the west valley