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  1. Coues120

    5.56 and 223 mixed brass

    My father wants to unload a couple thousand pieces of mixed 5.56 and 223 brass once fired range brass not tumbled. If anyone is interested let me know please, he wants $100 per 1k but will bring the price down for more. He also has 25-06 brass not sure how many. Avondale area
  2. I have 1000 winchester large rifle primers if you are interested
  3. Coues120

    Want to buy 22 Hornet Ammo and Brass

    Send me a message or phone number so we can talk
  4. Coues120

    Want to buy 22 Hornet Ammo and Brass

    I have projectiles for the 22 hornet if you reload
  5. Coues120

    Any 30-06 or 300 prc rifles for sale?

    @dugger send me pics and info to my messages if you don’t mind
  6. Coues120

    Any 30-06 or 300 prc rifles for sale?

    I’m in Phoenix area like the majority are here
  7. Looking to buy one in either caliber
  8. Coues120

    Any ak47 variants for sale?

    Message me price and pictures please I’m interested in one.
  9. Coues120

    1903 springfield project

    Second if the buyer backs out.
  10. Coues120

    22lr auto match trade

    Found two boxes I had stored away that I won’t need, will trade for small pistol or large pistol primers or powder that will work with 223
  11. Coues120

    2014 F-150 4x4 Lariat

    Nice truck! Just bought the 2021 for $40k. I would keep it if I were you.
  12. Coues120

    WTS Large Pistol Primers

    Sold, picking up Monday
  13. Coues120

    143gr eld-x for trade..... all gone

    Two boxes of 150 grain interlocks in .308 plus cash?
  14. Any vortex diamondback tacticals second focal plane for sale? Either 3x9 or 4x12 looking to buy
  15. I have pistol and rifle bullets of all kinds to trade, message me please