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  1. Hunting pack with internal frame $45 only used on two or three hunts if that.
  2. Coues120

    Hoyt Nitrum 30

    Bare bow for $60 i will take it
  3. Coues120

    Springfield Armory

  4. Coues120

    Black Gold Ascent Verdict

    Trade for black ascent single pin?
  5. Coues120

    Reloading heavy 30-06

    Thank you i was looking for the 225 data!
  6. Anyone reload hornady 208, 225 grain eld for 30-06? And how was the experience? Couldnt find no loads in the books for these
  7. Coues120

    Mathews vertix

  8. Coues120

    Large rifle primers

    I have 2,000 wolf primers that im looking to trade for small rifle primers or other reloading essentials.
  9. Like new leupold qrw quick release rings and warne rings for sale. Both 1” and like new asking best offer for one or both. Leupold rings were new $75 and the warne rings $40. Asking obo
  10. Coues120

    NIkon monarch gold 1200 range finder sold

    Sun devil has not responded to me so first come first serve i will pm you my number brian27
  11. Coues120

    NIkon monarch gold 1200 range finder sold

    Send me a message so we can meet up sundevil
  12. Nikon monarch gold 1200 rangefinder. Works perfectly as should and ranges animals out 800 or targets out to 1100. Reads faster than my vortex ranger which i will prove in person and is waterproof. Have too many range finders so selling it. $100 obo