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  1. Tomh

    Best tires for diesel trucks

    I run the nittos on my 2018 2500 and I like them so far. Only put around 20,000 miles on them so far. I am religious above t rotating every 5,000 miles and they are wearing great so far
  2. Tomh

    Elk application not on record

    3-4 years ago I applied for a goulds tag and when the results came out it showed I wasn't drawn. Weeks later I get a call from game and fish saying they lost my application and 20 other people and they were going to talk to the game warden to see if they can do a special draw for 1 tag for the people with the lost application. Fast forward a couple of more weeks and they informed me that no other draw was going to happen and sorry but apply next year again. Seems every year there system has issues.
  3. Tomh

    Swarovski 10x42 HD 2015

    Do you have any plans to come to tucson anytime soon
  4. Where are you located
  5. Tomh

    ISO Waterfowl Shells - 3.5" BB

    I also have the same crane hunt as you and went through this same issue on Sunday. I am in tucson and I spent 3 hours driving all around before I found some. If you make it to tucson the ace at 22nd and kolb has shells but in 3 inch bb.
  6. Tomh

    Nitto trail grapplers

    Bump for a great tire, I have the same tires on my cummins and they are great tires
  7. Tomh

    Slik, Manfrotto SOLD

    How high does the tripod extend
  8. Tomh

    I took the surrendered tag in 35a

    Congrats on a nice bird
  9. Tomh

    Are the bulls still vocal !

    I was in 3b this past weekend on my mom's cow hunt and the bulls were still bugling pretty good.
  10. Tomh


    Nothing worse than a thief. Hopefully you get your stuff back and they make an example on the person who stole your stuff.
  11. I had the archery crane hunt last year. I sat over decoys. It was a fun hunt but very frustrating. The birds would fly right over the decoys but not alot would land. If it was a shotgun hunt it would have been over in 15 minutes. I only got 1 shoot and i hit the crane on the far right side of his body, the crane was looking right at me when I shoot. It sounded like a solid hit and there were feathers everywhere. To my surprise the crane flew away like nothing happened.They are big birds but there body's are very narrow. The guy I was hunting with also hit a bird and it did the same thing that my crane did. The best part of the hunt for me was I took my 4 year old son with me and he loved hearing and watching thousands of cranes fly over each morning
  12. Tomh

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    I have the cva accura v2 and I love it. My buddy owns a Remington 700 and it is also an awesome gun. Once you find one you will be hooked
  13. Tomh

    Gould's success!

    Awesome bird
  14. Tomh

    Opening morning Archery Gould's

    It all comes down to luck of the draw. My dad also has 14 points and didn't draw but my mom got a tag this year with 2 bonus points. Gould's tags are hard to draw because there isn't alot of tags issued.
  15. Tomh

    Opening morning Archery Gould's

    Thank you everyone. My mom has the second hunt in 35a so hopefully there will be a dead bird next Friday.