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    Bird hunting, fishing, being outdoors with the family.

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  1. BrittanyChaser

    Smith & Wesson 500 S&W

    Hooo Boy! I was in a shooting lane at Scottsdale Gun Club 12+ years ago minding my own business when all of a sudden the guy in the next lane over fired one of these. I can still feel the thud in my chest when I think about it. GLWTS
  2. BrittanyChaser

    Puppy kennels and pen

    Got a new brittany pup a year ago and have migrated to a bigger kennel and he is now house trained so no longer need the pen. Dimensions are in the ads. Let me know if you're interested. https://offerup.co/bX808bDFktb https://offerup.co/38rpzNJFktb
  3. BrittanyChaser


    Thank you! Pleasure meeting you.
  4. BrittanyChaser


    I'll buy it. Sent you a text.
  5. BrittanyChaser

    Dove Hunting Roll Call

    Going to scout some new quail spots this weekend and see if I can find a few.
  6. BrittanyChaser

    WTB 20 gauge shotgun

    Do a search on this site, someone had a single shot 20 for $150 a few weeks ago. Good luck, hope you create a life long shotgunner!
  7. BrittanyChaser

    Also looking to buy a Toy hauler 5th wheel

    I saw you were looking for something I knew he had so I sent him your post. He's a stand up guy. Deals in good faith always. Go see it, in N Phx. My dad bought a side by side from him. Great experience.
  8. BrittanyChaser

    Please Delete

    Looks like a sweet boy. Wish your son good luck with the rehoming.
  9. BrittanyChaser

    Fs Marlin 1894 357

    Have the uberti model that is similar. What a hoot to take out. 38s are plinking rounds and 357 could be hunting round for some game. A little on the heavy side if you're walking all day. Glwts
  10. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    Thanks for a smooth transaction!
  11. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    I'll buy it.
  12. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    How many chokes come with the gun? What is barrel length and LOP?
  13. BrittanyChaser

    SOLD Cz bob white case colored sxs

    Thank you Dale! Too tempting to keep seeing this in my feed.
  14. BrittanyChaser

    Brittany pups

    Sweet! Great breed, I chase two.
  15. BrittanyChaser

    FFL transfer needed from Private Party to my FFL

    My local pawnshop does them for cheap just to drive foot traffic. Might be worth checking shop's near you.