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    Bird hunting, fishing, being outdoors with the family.

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  1. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    Thanks for a smooth transaction!
  2. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    I'll buy it.
  3. BrittanyChaser

    Remington 870 20 gauge $375

    How many chokes come with the gun? What is barrel length and LOP?
  4. BrittanyChaser

    SOLD Cz bob white case colored sxs

    Thank you Dale! Too tempting to keep seeing this in my feed.
  5. BrittanyChaser

    Brittany pups

    Sweet! Great breed, I chase two.
  6. BrittanyChaser

    FFL transfer needed from Private Party to my FFL

    My local pawnshop does them for cheap just to drive foot traffic. Might be worth checking shop's near you.
  7. BrittanyChaser

    WTB Browning Citori 20 gage shotgun

    Fall on the sword!
  8. BrittanyChaser


    Good luck! Sounds fun.
  9. BrittanyChaser

    First means hunt

    RR - just finished the book. Great recommendation. Thank you! Several moments when he described situations that I now recognize like pressing running birds to a break in cover, ravine or hill top.
  10. BrittanyChaser


    You could likely find a brand name pump at a pawn shop in that price range.
  11. BrittanyChaser

    ISO youth 20 gauge

    Sportsman's had youth and adult 20ga on sale a couple months ago in the low $300s I think.
  12. BrittanyChaser

    First means hunt

    Thank you guys so much for the info. Ordered the book and will plan a sight seeing trip to Gardner Canyon.
  13. Planning my first means hunt with a few friends this season. We've all been hunting gambles for years with dogs. Looking at gmu 35a&b. Anyone have any tells, signs or tactics that would be helpful in locating birds? Or just tips for a successful hunt? Roosting or feeding tendencies? Anything you think would be helpful I am most appreciative.
  14. BrittanyChaser

    Got a new bird dog

    Just surfing some old quail posts and see this picture of a britt with blue eyes. I just got a new pup two weeks ago that is very similar.