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  1. eastvalleyjerry

    FS 270 WSM Ammo

    I would take them for $60. Shoot me a PM
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Guess the Scores

    nice bulls! cool post
  3. eastvalleyjerry

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    2 out of 25! nice job. Congrats!
  4. eastvalleyjerry

    5B north archery hunt

    Definitely some rocky roads in that unit.... very fun unit to hunt though.
  5. eastvalleyjerry

    6a early archery

    It would be hard for me to pass up a 320" bull with a bow in my hands.
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    Brandon's Taxidermy

    Sent my sheep to him. Cant wait to get it back.
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    Dead Head

    Nice find!
  8. eastvalleyjerry

    Tight spot Quiver - $100

    I am interested. Feel free to get back to me when you get a chance.
  9. eastvalleyjerry

    Check Those Mailboxes!

    Wow that is very lucky, I couldn't even draw a late hunt with 9 points this year.
  10. eastvalleyjerry

    When do desert mule deer shed?

    post a pic of the shed
  11. eastvalleyjerry

    My lifetime tag

    Awesome ram! Congrats
  12. Looks like a lot of fun. Congrats to your group and all the success.
  13. eastvalleyjerry

    2013 F150 Heater Trouble Shoot

    Could be low on radiator fluid