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  1. eastvalleyjerry

    Road kill

    What a shame
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Parking Outside

    Been seeing people putting shade sails over their driveways but i just question how long those hold up in the heat and wind.
  3. eastvalleyjerry

    Az spring bear?

    dang that sucks someone already shot a sow, too soon
  4. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 HAM Hunt

    I worry about that look you are describing
  5. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 HAM Hunt

    I definitely like both of them. Might just have to plan on mounting another down the road so I can have both. The last image I have of this one alive was when it barked/charged me with its mouth open, so I might have to do this one like that.
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 HAM Hunt

    After a couple years of frustration bowhunting these things I decided to switch over to the pistol. Decided to sit a water hole the afternoon of opening day and after 4 hours of seeing nothing but cows coming in I backed out spotted 2 pigs heading in the direction of the truck. Snuck into about 20 yards, made a couple quick shots and finally tagged my first HAM hunt Javelina. This guy had to weigh over 50 pounds. Looking forward to making some chorizo and also wanted to check if anyone has any recommendations of good taxidermist in the Valley? Preferably somewhere in the Chandler/Tempe area. I have always wanted a good Javelina shoulder mount and I am still deciding if I want to do a mouth open or passive mount.
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    Tire Question

    BFG KO2
  8. eastvalleyjerry

    WTB Beef Fat

    I buy briskets when they are on sale and use the trimmings from that. I agree though, last time I tried asking for fat it was near impossible.
  9. eastvalleyjerry

    Customer ID on the New Draw

    Good thing I only put in for one hunt I guess. Man I need to start reading instructions....
  10. eastvalleyjerry

    ****Huge Ammo Sale*****

    I am interested in the .223 ammo you have listed. PM me when you get a chance.
  11. eastvalleyjerry

    Glock 41. Sold.

    I am interested in the Savage. Let me know, I PM'ed you my phone number.
  12. eastvalleyjerry

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    I imagine the damage has already been done but I signed and will share. Thanks for putting this together.
  13. eastvalleyjerry

    WTT Blackhorn 209 for 209 Primers

    I am fine with trading 500 primers for the bottle of powder. I live in chandler, let me know if you want to meet up.
  14. eastvalleyjerry

    WTT Blackhorn 209 for 209 Primers

    I have CCI 209Ms. How many would you want for the 10oz bottle of Blackhorn? 300? 400?
  15. eastvalleyjerry

    Long time coming