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    Worst Waste of Money

    Hahaha, yeah never understood why you would really need that but see them everywhere
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Crappie/Yellow Bass in Lake Mary?

    I have caught them on top water poppers at that lake. Walley too.
  3. I just got the Bushnell Rimfire, link below. Pretty sweet so far. Zero at 50 yards and then it has BDC that goes to 125 yards. https://www.bushnell.com/scopes/shop-all-scopes/rimfire-3-9x40-riflescope/BU-RR3940BS4.html
  4. eastvalleyjerry

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Would think they should be full after everything thaws
  5. eastvalleyjerry

    National Egg shortage

    $7 for 1 dozen eggs
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    Father & Son opening day success

    Nice one!
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    Elk suicide by hanging.

  8. eastvalleyjerry

    Elk suicide by hanging.

    That's too bad, how long you think its been there?
  9. eastvalleyjerry


    I agree, it makes getting tags way too easy.
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    Thanksgiving Hunt

    Had a very quick thanksgiving with my Wife and her family and slunk out of there after finishing my plate and made it down to camp Thursday afternoon with an hour or so to go look around and make a game plan for the morning. Picked a spot I had seen deer in the past at while glassing for pigs and opening morning came with us spotting a few does in this area and no bucks. Decided to go check some different spots that afternoon and found a great looking spot and glassed up a little spike right off the bat inside of my comfort zone for shooting. Decided to let him in hopes that something else would appear. No luck glassed till it was dark with only a few more doe sightings and took headed back to camp for the night. Next morning headed into the same spot I was at the night before where we found the little spike and we were seeing deer everywhere. Must have seen at least 30 different deer. Once the sun finally rose high enough to expose the hill I was concentrating on deer were coming out of the wood works. I finally spotted a decent 2x2 with Eye guards and decided if he stuck around I would try to make a play on him. He went over the hill out of my sight for at least 15 minutes and just as I was loosing hope he came back over the saddle and I spotted him again. Now I was confident he was going to stick around so I made a plan to get closer and moved in. He was about 800 yards from where I was glassing and 500 yards is about the range I felt I needed to get to. Without many options I figured the nob below me would get me close to that range. Made it down the hill to the best spot I could find and found the buck up on the hill and ranged him at 515. Got my gun set up for me to shoot in a prone position but had to crawl out in front of where I was going to shoot from to bend over all of the tall grass over so I could see. The grass is crazy out there this year, great to see. First shot, right over his back, second shot went right under him, he had enough and trotted to the right a little bit. Found him again and the third shot was true and he dropped.
  11. eastvalleyjerry

    Unit 23 late rifle bull

    Sweet bull!
  12. eastvalleyjerry


    Awesome ram!
  13. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 Coues hunts

    Man you are a Coues bucks worst nightmare. Congrats!
  14. eastvalleyjerry

    Thanksgiving Hunt

    I actually cut him and half and let my buddy pack out the rear quarters. This deer had some weird little worms in its guts, white and about 4 inches long, closest thing I could look up that looked like it was lung worms. Anyone ever seen anything like that?
  15. eastvalleyjerry

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Awesome, good work!
  16. eastvalleyjerry

    For sale or rent - 14x16 Davis Wall tent

    Hey Bo Hunter. I am interested in renting in for a week or 2. I just sent you a PM
  17. eastvalleyjerry

    Wall Tent Rental

    Does anyone know if there is a place here around the valley that rents out wall tents or would anyone that has one be interested in making some money if not using it towards the end of this month? I have been in the middle of buying one for a long time now and also looking at trailers but I have never had the wall tent experience so would like to try it on my upcoming hunt. Sleeping in small 2 person backpacking tents gets old atfer a couple nights lol. Again if anyone has experience in renting one I would really appreciate your feedback and also if someone has one they wouldn't mind renting to me I am sure we could work something out. Also if there are any up for sale just let me know.
  18. eastvalleyjerry

    Taco Time!!!

    Very nice!
  19. eastvalleyjerry

    AZ Strip trail cam ban impact..?. and other thoughts?

    Can you elaborate on this, I am honestly curious. People out there slashing tires these days?
  20. eastvalleyjerry

    new member

    How did your hunt go?
  21. eastvalleyjerry

    Recommendations for Lodging around 3B?

    Stayed at the double b last year on the same hunt, great place.
  22. eastvalleyjerry


    Ignorance is not an excuse
  23. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    I never had either, I got into them at high tide with a silver spoon. Not as good as grouper but a nice white filet. Caught a bunch of other random fish too.
  24. eastvalleyjerry

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Got into some Corvina shore fishing in rocky point a couple weeks back.