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  1. swwildlife

    Pronghorn Done!!!

    thanks guys, it was a pleasure working with you.
  2. are you ready for Deer season?
  3. swwildlife

    19A questions, help

    my son Cody drew an Antelope tag this year. the first season archery tag. we went up to scout last weekend and we were very disappointed in what we found. he knew it would be tough to find places to hunt but not this tough. we were using a few different map sources Gaia, on X, habimaps. most of the roads that are on the maps either didnt exist or were gated and locked. there were even gates across state lands that were locked. if anyone has any info for us to start, we would appreciate it.
  4. swwildlife


    Bobcat ready to be picked up
  5. swwildlife

    Strip buck

    We are located at 16443 N 91st Street in Scottsdale approx bell and 101
  6. swwildlife

    Strip buck

    Cody got around to mounting his strip buck from last year. It scored 203 and some change. The story was featured in Huntin Fool magazine and is also featured in 2018 Racks calendar
  7. swwildlife

    Bear rug

    Jazz we get 235.00 per lin foot. for bear rugs, open or closed mouth.
  8. swwildlife

    Mcmillan 300 win mag

  9. swwildlife

    Mcmillan 300 win mag

    I am selling my McMillan Dynasty in 300 Win Mag. low round count, all original paperwork, Vias muzzle brake, Jewel trigger, 20 MOA rail, Leupold 4.5-14 with custom turret to 700 yds. Just recently was back to McMillan for checkup and accuracy check. all ok. New 6000.00, will take $3000.00 Questions call 480 661-0372
  10. swwildlife

    NM Antelope

    Congratulation Dave. Great story!
  11. swwildlife

    Nice Coues Deer

    sorry this post went down hill fast when I tried to post the pictures, they always came up on their sides no matter what I did to them. then I couldnt delete the post. I had to just leave it. I will figure it out and post when I can.
  12. swwildlife

    Nice Coues Deer

    another big Brown Bear
  13. swwildlife

    Mountain Lion

    here is a big Tom in a relaxed pose.
  14. swwildlife

    Hodgon H4350

    does anyone know where I might find Hodgon H4350? my son a a couple of matches in the future and we can't seem to find it anywhere.