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  1. AZBIG10

    Rifle Coues Hunt 2021

    Looking to hunt central units for coues this year. Don’t have the gear for a pack in hunt but can commit to hunt the entire week plus 3 Days prior. Drew a tag 2020 so my bps are at 2. Let me know if anyone wants to start planning.Going scouting in the am to find a few deer that I hope made it through the season. Thx
  2. AZBIG10

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Water under the bridge. Spare us the “we want your input” song and dance.
  3. AZBIG10

    Over the counter tags

    I really dont mind the next guy that just wants to be in the field as do I. What irritates me and I think is classless is the decision to pay x hunter(s) to use their social media platform to increase awareness of otc opportunities. The department boasts about adhering to the north American hunting model yet they act in this manner. They also turn a cheek to the fiasco of what is the sacred governors tag. Which in my opinion should be held to a higher standard not the highest paying customer.
  4. AZBIG10

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Man bear pig. 2021 be cautious. Super cereal this time
  5. AZBIG10

    Over the counter tags

    Someone needs to call operation game thief on AZGFD! They need to reel it in a tad dang ol rediculi
  6. AZBIG10

    Over the counter tags

    G&f:Guesses success rates *off by 125 deer* G&F: oops we could have been wrong. Sawry. kid shoots a dove* also game and fish: get a rope
  7. AZBIG10

    Over the counter tags

    In revenue? $$$,$$$ would be my guess. When is the next meeting. I would like to be present. Not to talk but to listen
  8. AZBIG10

    Over the counter tags

    I don’t mind who has the tag NR or a local. I do mind the amount of OTC tags issued and the g&f not managing this # is a bit hard to stomach. All for gold coins.
  9. AZBIG10

    G$F Fines

    Kids gonna grow up fast with this lesson. Low hanging fruit but it's done now. Learn and grow
  10. AZBIG10

    F New Mexico

    I know I may not be in the majority when I say this.. and I'm only being 100% honest and transparent with my thoughts. Mask or no mask I always considered New Mexico to be the land of enchantment.
  11. AZBIG10

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

    Tf are all those population hunts
  12. AZBIG10


    Our big ticket item for the youngster this year was slated for delivery dec18! got a text saying running a few hours late. Called and they said they have no delivery for us. This was amazon. Underwhelmed by the way they handled it. I offered to drive to a distrbutiion center. Still haven’t heard back from the so called manager from amazon.
  13. AZBIG10


    Happy Holidays CW family! Great post!
  14. 1. Good reticle 2. Tracks consistently 3. Smooth adjustments on zoom and crisp on turrets 4. Can take recoil and maybe a bump or two while afield. If I can check these four boxes I am happy. Other items like clarity and brightness are an after thought for me. Any money saved on scope choice spills over to reloading components. That's where I invest for repeatability. I am looking for a new scope this next season. May have to look at some of the above suggested