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  1. One needs a repair/plug lots of tread left. 245 75 R16 located east mesa
  2. AZBIG10

    Card hits??

    Anything yet???
  3. AZBIG10

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    Dang! nice run on some great Coues bucks. Def all big bucks my friend. Can’t wait to see number 6!
  4. AZBIG10

    Got it Done Again - Old and Gnarly

    Post en if you got em!
  5. AZBIG10

    Arizona Desert

  6. AZBIG10

    Deer staying bedded?

    Back to the thread topic. Hope the OP got into some deer that had antlers on em. This moon phase right now will be tough on deer movement in the day
  7. AZBIG10

    Deer staying bedded?

    You wanna be co angler
  8. AZBIG10

    Deer staying bedded?

    The LMB i chase are in lakes and if you get 5 in a livewell you can get a check. Carp are trash fish. They don't make it to the scales
  9. AZBIG10

    Deer staying bedded?

    Coues = largemouth bass and smallies Mule deer < carp
  10. AZBIG10

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Its a 2x2 .... end of subject
  11. AZBIG10

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Nah def a 2x…. End of subject
  12. AZBIG10

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    If you point guard should take a bp following season as well. No hunts fir that species the following yesr May change peeps ability to manipulate the system
  13. AZBIG10

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Ur inbox is full TJ
  14. AZBIG10

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Can I add the dept shouldn't be allowed to auction or raffle a single tag if there are max point holders in line