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  1. Big Browns^^^^^does excellent work, just finished a Antelope skull for me!
  2. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    I'm good thanks Bob!
  3. 10Turkeys


    PM sent.
  4. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    When was the last time you shipped from there? Might want to check before you go again.
  5. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    Unfortunately you are correct about UPS and Fed-Ex shipping policies. It's pretty much FFL to FFL now. The clerk I talked to at USPS said that they will ship a shotgun but no rifles or handguns. Another reason to see red in November! Let's Go Brandon!
  6. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    PM sent.
  7. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    Yes Sir.
  8. 10Turkeys

    No Longer Needed

    I'm in need of a long rifle gun box, one that will fit a Ruger American rifle w/ scope. I have a 100 count box of Fed 210M primers to trade. Send a PM if you have one. Thanks!
  9. 10Turkeys

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Negative. I would look at the tags, but they ended up in some sort of soup. Going by memory, which gets worse with age and not better, as a matter of fact if my name wasn't inked on my arm, I'd probably forget it also. I don't think either season started until August sometime.
  10. 10Turkeys

    WTB Hornady .308 178gr ELD-X

    PM sent.
  11. 10Turkeys

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    My bad, not an archery hunter, but every OTC tag that I have gotten from G&F for lion and bear has had the season dates on them.
  12. 10Turkeys

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    A lot would have not said anything and went about their business. Thanks for self reporting. Wasn't your season dates on your tag?
  13. 10Turkeys

    Black Widow Trimmer and Bullets

  14. 10Turkeys

    Black Widow Trimmer and Bullets

  15. 10Turkeys