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  1. 10Turkeys

    Newbs and non resident dont's

    I think this is 20-30 years to late. Just past the Airport heading into town in Cody, Wyo there is a billboard that says Don't California our Cody. I wish there was a sign like that for AZ at every entry point into AZ from Cali.
  2. 10Turkeys

    Sold - delete

    The first .22 I ever owned. Thought it was marked Marlin/Glenfield, got it at K-Mart, out the door I think it was 38.00 in about 71 or 72. I thought it had a squirrel on one side and a groundhog on the other, but it was a long time ago.
  3. 10Turkeys

    WTB Tikka 270 wsm

    Europtic has them.
  4. 10Turkeys

    WTB 264 win mag dies

    FWIW there was a bag of .264 Win Mag brass at the Sportsmans on 54th St this afternoon, if anyone is looking for some.
  5. I think the biggest difference between the 2 is there are no memes for the .308!
  6. 10Turkeys

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    My resolution is to spend more time on the internet, get a couple of post going on a new to me site, then ask for everyone's honeyholes!
  7. 10Turkeys

    Wtb replacement stock

    Other than the paint/decal on the stock, it looks like a typical Boyd's thumbhole stock for a 10-22 if you want a new stock.
  8. 10Turkeys

    Wtb replacement stock

    If you decide to repair it, give this guy a call. I had a wood stock that had 20+ years of dings, scratches and wear. When I got it back it looked new.
  9. 10Turkeys

    Wtb replacement stock

    Where is it cracked and how bad?
  10. 10Turkeys

    Wtb .243 brass

    I saw a bag of Winchester .243 brass at the Sportsmans on I-17 a few days ago. It was mixed in with some pistol brass. Don't know if it's still there or not.
  11. 10Turkeys

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  12. 10Turkeys

    Boots destroyed by Hydrolysis

    That was my best guess. I hadn't worn those for 6-8 months, and the heel was pretty chewed up.
  13. 10Turkeys

    .303 British In Search Of

    Look for markings on the rifle to find out what kind it is, then do a Google search for the magazine. In a .303 caliber the Lee Enfield is quite common, with the designation SMLE (short magazine lee enfield) on it with a MK followed by a number.
  14. 10Turkeys

    Boots destroyed by Hydrolysis

    I had a pair of boots do that and I thought some rodent got them.
  15. 10Turkeys

    Turrets for leupold vx3

    I have this one. If it will work for you PM me your address and I'll get it to you.