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  1. 10Turkeys


    Could check out one of the cull hunts also.
  2. 10Turkeys

    Looking for a tikka short action

    With a standard bolt face, Tikka makes one action and it's long. They adjust their magazines on the smaller type rounds.
  3. I used to shoot with a guy that shot with Thunderbird powder. There would be a flame at least 8-10 inches at the end of his barrel.
  4. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    How about 1863
  5. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    I'll go Springfield 45-90.
  6. 10Turkeys

    Vintage hamms beer advertising

    The beer that made Milwaukee famous. Right up there with Falstaff.
  7. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Let's try IMI.
  8. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Winchester at one time had a trick shooter, if I remember right his name was Herb Parsons. Anyway he used to throw like 8 clays in the air with one hand and the blast the he'll out of them. He said that was how he did it by leaving his finger on the trigger and pumping the gun for all he was worth.
  9. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

  10. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Remington Nylon 66. Came in three colors. Mohawk Brown, Seneca Green, and Apache Black. The 66's fed from a tube in the butt stock. The 77's had a magazine. They had them in a bolt and lever also. The American Riflemen ran an article on them and the prices went through the roof. A real fun gun to shoot!
  11. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Another easy one.
  12. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    From what I understand the early Winchester model 12's were the same way. Hold the trigger and shuck away.
  13. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Darn these new glasses! Maybe Mossberg.
  14. 10Turkeys

    Name that gun!

    Trigger guard and stock says Marlin.
  15. 10Turkeys

    Field & Stream and Outdoor Life Maybe No longer

    I bought one of JOC's books a couple years ago, when I opened it up there was one of his letters that he wrote to another writer named Ben East. How it got it that book I haven't a clue. A bud of mine was a big Jack fan, so I gave it to him.