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  1. 10Turkeys

    .277 bullets hornady

    Can you take a file and put boattails on them?
  2. 10Turkeys


    Another option you have is that most ranges have a Jr shooting program. I know BA does and Rio does, don't know about now with covid, but you might get a hold of someone with the program, if they wouldn't want the rifle, maybe one of the kids in the program is looking to buy one.
  3. 10Turkeys


    Not your typical squirrel rifle. Might have better luck selling it on Rimfire Central.com. That's on a 64 action, would get more off from a 54 action.
  4. Can you hang a flashlight on it?
  5. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    I have a Remington 700 Classic that started as a .257 Roberts went to a 6.5x55, then a 6.5x47, never had an issue with the SR primer, but when the action was trued the firing pin hole was bushed. Never heard of the OP's rifle, so I googled it up and if he paid for it what I saw they were listed for, it ought to sing and dance, and not have any primer issues.
  6. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    You said that your reloads were with a SR primer and this happened, and you had no problem with factory ammo, and I'm assuming that was with a large rifle primer. With the data that you loaded the case with, did it call for a SR or LR primer? Don't know how much difference it would make between the 2 primers.
  7. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    Measure a fired case and then measure a sized case.
  8. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    As far as the light strikes on the primer, it sounds like Del said a head space issue. If you are sizing your cases to much, it will cause your case to swim in the chamber, when the firing pin hits the primer, the case moves forward in the chamber and the firing pin isn't delivering enough force to ignite the primer. Do you have anyway of measuring your cases?
  9. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    Usually when something like this happens the primer pocket around the primer is black. Can you post a pic of your bolt face?
  10. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    Looks like your primer was pierced, then it looks like your primer filled the bolt face. Looks like an extractor mark on the shiney part of the case head. Did you feel any gas come back in your face when you fired that case?
  11. 10Turkeys

    Primer outward dimple

    Are you talking about a cratered primer? Post a pic.
  12. 10Turkeys

    Varget powder

    I dont own any stock in Brunos, but from what I understand the reason he has powder when nobody else has it, is that he will pay more to get it, and of course the cost is added on to the consumer. So what does one do? Keep enough supplies on hand, so when something like this happens, it won't matter, pay the going rate, or cry.
  13. 10Turkeys

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    There was 2 kegs of RL-26 and 2 one pound of Retumbo when I left about an hour ago. Had H-1000, H-4350, couple pounds of Varget, couple 4895. 8lbs of RL22, 33.
  14. 10Turkeys

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    That is probably so. When Browning started making Model 70's again, I think The American Riflemen had an article on them. If I remember that is where the plant was in SC, and the Wikipedia article said as much. The one in the above pic was bought used without a box, but I bought a 70 Spotter that I'm almost certain said made in USA, assembled in Portugal. It was like most manufacturing here, once it was set up elsewhere it was gone.