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  1. 10Turkeys

    What is this rifles value?

    7 STW Shooting Times Western, some gun hack back in the 80's or 90's took an large case and necked it down to 7mm. Rumored to be a top of the line barrel burner. Was this rifle originally chambered for it, or is the original chambering stamped out and 7mm STW next to it? Looks like a New Haven model 70, that even if the barrel is toast, your bud still got a good deal. Should be worth 1000-1200 with an online sale. Just my two cents.
  2. 10Turkeys

    SKB Double Rifle Hardcase

    Now 225.00
  3. 10Turkeys


    I don't think those Ruskies see it the same way you do, and they have him and that's what matters. He is also under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. I don't know if he was on leave when he went there or not, but sooner or later that will run out, and then he's AWOL, if his unit goes anywhere, that's Missing Movement, and if he was told to stay out of Russia, that's failure to obey a lawful order.
  4. 10Turkeys


    He is in uniform for a country that is supplying weapons and an insane amount of money to a country that is at war with the country he is visiting. What could go wrong? Sounds like someone was thinking with the wrong head. He's not a basketball player and apparently he's not gay, so he might be there awhile.
  5. 10Turkeys

    SKB Double Rifle Hardcase

  6. 10Turkeys

    SKB Double Rifle Hardcase

    SKB Double Rifle Hardcase. Everything works as it should. Inside foam not cut, looks like new on the inside, no stains. Comes with two locks. I don't know if they are currently TSA approved, but I've used them at least 4 times no problem. 250.00. Located in Chandler. Now 225.00
  7. 10Turkeys

    Regs Are Up

  8. 10Turkeys

    Knife Sharpening

    Sometimes a stone, sometimes a steel, and sometimes a leather strop. A lot of it depends on your blade steel. Some knives get razor sharp and by the time you clean your finger nails, they are not that sharp. Everyone has their own preference and I like S30V steel.
  9. 10Turkeys

    New gun shop opening in Sierra Vista

    Second pic third rack from left, looks like there is some Winchester model 70 Featherweights also.
  10. 10Turkeys

    How bout them Devils!

    A case for Holmes and Watson for sure!
  11. 10Turkeys

    Hunting books

  12. 10Turkeys

    Deadly Gila Monster Bite?

    Saw my third while I was in 37B looking for a pig. This one was in a ditch where run off water went into a wash, it had its head moving from side to side, and was flicking it's tongue like a snake. I don't know if it was using it's tongue as a sensor, finding it's way, or if it was snagging bugs that I couldn't see.
  13. 10Turkeys

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Spaghetti tonight!
  14. 10Turkeys

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Ribeye and a potato.