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  1. Freakycamo

    45 caliber Muzzleloader stuff

  2. Freakycamo

    45 caliber Muzzleloader stuff

  3. Freakycamo

    45 caliber Muzzleloader stuff

    Gentleman I have acquired some 45 caliber lead balls for muzzleloader interested in getting rid of also interested in trades for 50 caliber stuff look through the pictures make me an offer thank you Please ask questions
  4. Freakycamo


    Tusk Terrabite Radial Tire. worked well for me.
  5. Freakycamo

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    My dad is in the SASS Single Action Shooting Society, and they use grits as filler to reduce recoil. The cowboys on horseback use the same kind of load when they are shooting balloons and the same thing for fast draw. (No lead bullets) Grits are the projectile.
  6. Freakycamo

    Tent, stove and generator

    Hey if you're interested in separating how much do you want for the generator
  7. Freakycamo

    Sierra Gamechanger Bullets

    Thank you for the info
  8. Freakycamo

    Sierra Gamechanger Bullets

    The .130 what powder are you using with the Creedmoor? and what speed are you getting ?
  9. Freakycamo

    Rifle, muzzleloader, and scopes

    how long is the barrel on the CVA optima ?
  10. Freakycamo


  11. Freakycamo

    300 WSM

    thanks for the info, after looking at my reloading stuff I found a box of 30 cal. 185 VDL's and some IMR 4350 I think that I have a starting point now. thanks again every one
  12. Freakycamo

    300 WSM

    I am helping a hunting buddy get into hand loading for his 300 WSM, this is a caliber that I don’t load for so if you have some load data please share it. Looking for recommendations for bullets, powder and primers. I think he has a savage long range hunter in 300 WSM. 22” barrel 10 twist And has been shooting out to 700 yard.
  13. Freakycamo

    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    that works for me
  14. Freakycamo

    Closet clean out - arrow straightener

    I will take the bow, you only want 30 $ for it ?