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  1. Freakycamo

    PSE Dream Season

    I think it the ATA is something like 31-32. I go to flagstaff on some weekends?
  2. Freakycamo

    PSE Dream Season

  3. I use hornady one shot case lube for release agent. works good. I would recommend doing a small area first like the "chamber area" the Devcon will set up fast like 2 hours. take your time. remember you have to tighten down your action screws.
  4. Freakycamo

    Wtb 300 win mag

    go get a Tikka. best gun out there. I have one and I love it.
  5. Freakycamo

    PSE Dream Season

  6. Freakycamo


    Great deal won't last long
  7. Freakycamo

    PSE Dream Season

  8. Freakycamo


    First up for sale is a kuiu $45 Second up we have a S4 $2 5 Third up I have a generic elastic type $20
  9. Freakycamo

    Arrow Quivers

    Up for sale I have four arrow quivers.$25 each
  10. Freakycamo

    Bow Sights

    Up for sale I have four sights. The first two are Trophy Ridge 7 pin I believe there .010. $25 each
  11. Freakycamo

    Arrow rest

    Up for sale I have 2 RIP cord drop away arrow rest 25 each. + 2 whisker biscuit $10 each
  12. Freakycamo

    PSE Dream Season

    Up for sale is a PSE Dream Season currently believed to be set at 63 lb 28 1/2 inch draw this bow comes with a quiver drop away arrow rest Code Red and a bow sight 7 pin 019. $225
  13. Freakycamo


    I'll take the high power thank you
  14. Freakycamo


    What year was the prime made. What is the ATA, and what is the letoff. thank you
  15. Freakycamo

    Hoyt Carbon Defiant for sale

    What year was the bow made. how long have you had it?