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  1. Slicer sold, updated list
  2. Campchef 2 burner stove sold.
  3. Brand new unopened 30" Curved Lightbar Rigid Midnight Edition RDS-SERIESpro. $1250 obro https://www.rigidindustries.com/rds-series-pro-30-spot-midnight-883213blk.html Location San Tan
  4. Will do, I'll put you second in line. Updated list
  5. They are yours! Sent you a PM
  6. Going through the garage cleaning stuff out. Will add more stuff as I keep cleaning. I have had good luck selling stuff on here, I know it's not all hunting stuff. SanTan Valley FTF NEW paint ball gun, missing tank $20 D-ring anchors for trailer 15 packages all for $10 PENDING Old gas can $10 New Snow Boots size 11 $30 Cast Iron Grilled Cheese thingy $5 Game bags $10 for all Mr heater hoses and Stand thing $20 PENDING Old colman stove, missing grate FREE 1 old Antique tub and one replica to hold wood for fireplace. $75 for both Pully $10 PENDING Very very old carpenters chest $60, prob early 1900 late 1800 Kelty kid Carrier, great condition $70 Game cart/shooting stand. Rotates 360 degrees, works great on prairie dogs. $75 New wall tent stove in box unopened $75
  7. Couzer

    1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

    I see my nombre
  8. Couzer

    Canvas bed roll-pad? Recurve Bow added.

    Both still available! Up
  9. Couzer

    Canvas bed roll-pad? Recurve Bow added.

    Ok, I sent you his phone number. Thanks
  10. A friend if mine is selling this bed roll/pad. I don't know much about other than he wants $60. All 3 pics are the same item. Recurve with arrows $80 If your interested let me know and I'll get a hold of him for you. In Santan Valley
  11. Couzer

    Sold - Classic Beretta single shot 20GA

    If it falls through I'll take it.
  12. Couzer

    2024 Turkey

    Nice job!! Great bird
  13. Couzer

    Getting screwed by San Carlos?

    Rez=Mexico, that being said it's a different country over there and they do as they please. They claim everything there is fair chase, this is not fair chase. I feel for you and would be upset as well.