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  1. yotebuster

    Draw Results!

    All. Red.
  2. yotebuster

    Nosler 48 NCH Handgun

    I see where you’re coming from, but maybe it’s just one of those because you can kinda guns. I see a 6-700 yard HAM gun there with the right optics and a good rest.
  3. yotebuster

    Winchester pre 64 Model 70 270 Win

    Email sent.
  4. yotebuster

    Sig Kilo 2400ABS FS $950 obo

    Does the 3000bdx give you a ballistic solution in the viewfinder like the ABS? I have been patiently waiting for sig to come out with a bino version of the ABS and don’t quite understand the difference? Love my 2400ABS!! Bump for a good deal
  5. yotebuster

    Unit 9

    There’s a ton of forest service up there. You can camp anywhere you want. Antelope hunting is just getting out and driving and looking. The more hours you can spend behind the wheel and behind the glass the better chance you have of turning up a big boy. I wouldn’t stress too much about scouting in the summer. Use that time leading up to the hunt. If you can scout for a week beforehand that’s even better. I’d take 5 days of scouting and only having opening morning to hunt over having 6 days there during the season. Call the warden in that unit, they will point you in the right area where there are antelope but I’m guessing they’re gonna say they are everywhere, because they are. The common places with lots of antelope will have more hunters as well.
  6. yotebuster

    Unit 9

    Also make sure you stop back next fall and post a pic.
  7. yotebuster

    Unit 9

    Congrats on the tag!!! You are correct on it being once in a lifetime. You were even lucky to pull it with your points. Looks like you had about a 1.4% chance even with all those points! I would think really really hard about hiring Eli at pronghorn guide service. I know you said money is tight but take a loan or sell some guns or something as this is your one chance at the plate for a 87-90” antelope. Could you kill one DIY? Yes for sure. Being able to sort out what is what is the problem. If you don’t really care so much about size then you won’t have any trouble on your own. Antelope are easy to find and easy to kill as you probably know. Telling the difference between and 82” and an 87” is the tough part. Good problem to have though. If you do decide to DIY. I would strongly suggest you take your time off before the hunt. Show up about 3-4 days early even if it’s at the expense of missing days on the end of the hunt. The biggest bucks will get killed right away on opening morning so if you just roll in then you are at a huge disadvantage. Take a camera and take tons of pics of bucks so you can look them over side by side. I’m jealous. I’ve killed a bunch of antelope but never a giant. Sorry I’m really no help in 9 as I’ve only passed through. Should be antelope in all parts of the unit, from the pines to the cedars to the prairie.
  8. yotebuster

    Rimfire Guys!!

    I’m in the same boat. I just ordered 4 suppressors and one of them is .22 to fire specific. I’m between a .17hmr and a .17 hornet. I think my suppressor will handle up to a .22 hornet so either should be fine. I like the look of those threaded cz’s for the money.
  9. yotebuster

    good news?

    I woulda sold it and bought 40 cases of Coors light!!! I’m thankful for the fact that I don’t know nor appreciate expensive wine, liquor or beer!
  10. yotebuster

    Deadline, Colorado

    19 deer and 19 elk points wish I could trade them for AZ points!! Or any other state for that matter!
  11. yotebuster

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    Sorry to hear about this coach. Don’t be too hard on yourself though. I’ve got friends and family members that have struggled with suicidal depression and one of them once told me something that stuck with me. They said “picture the worst feeling you’ve ever had in your gut, maybe it’s a terrible break up, waking up the morning after drinking too much when you said something stupid and all you can think about was how much of an idiot you were, heck even wounding an elk or deer you can’t find. Now take that feeling and multiply it, and throw it in every morning when you wake up, every evening when you are trying to sleep, forever.” That’s what severe depression feels like I guess. I can’t even imagine having to live with that. We all think that somehow we could talk to someone like that and “snap them out of it” or “talk some sense into them” but fact of the matter is it’s a lot harder then you and I all think. Depression is a legit disease and unfortunately it’s surrounded by so much stigma that it isn’t treated like it should be.
  12. yotebuster


    A month or two ago a friend of mine from college emailed me to ask my opinion on the sec of state ruling to turn the arctic national refuge back to state control. The one that the news was sensationalizing to make it sound like it would now be legal for hunters to kill bear cubs out of dens etc. you guys all saw the headlines. I really appreciated her contacting me instead of just believing it the way the news was portraying it. She’s definitely a liberal and a non hunter. The exact kind of person we need to have a positive impact on to keep our passion going. Anyhow I explained to her that gassing wolf dens and killing bears with cubs is not something that is or would be done by hunters and that the media just wanted to sensationalize it and tie it to trump. She understood and was really receptive to the fact that I hunt because I hunt and that I was more then just a hobby and a way to get food for me. Anyhow after that you get two bags of dix like this that have a negative effect on thousands. Someone is always watching us and we always have to remember that.
  13. yotebuster

    Check Those Mailboxes!

    Whoa!!! Dream tag you’ve got there!! Congrats!!!
  14. yotebuster

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    My only major complaint about these pickups is the auto start stop on them. Drives me absolutely crazy. I was just dealing with it until I saw this. So simple and takes literally 2 seconds. I have a feeling this is coming on all gas vehicles in the near future to bump up their mileage numbers. I was to the point I was considering trading for a diesel (a thought I didn’t want to entertain in ND winters!) until I saw this video.
  15. yotebuster

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    It’s a different kind of power, way more like a diesel then a gas pickup. It’s tempting to put along at 65 because you’ll get 21-23mpg with them but man it’s nice to be able to set the cruise at 82 on the interstate and have it rarely shift when climbing hills or bucking wind.