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  1. yotebuster

    Legal definition of a buck

    Please don’t shoot an antelope with horns shorter then his ears on an AZ tag. I might cry if that happens. AZ tags are special, you can shoot 8” dink bucks every year in WY, MT, CO etc etc but AZ antelope are a once in a lifetime thing so treat it that way.
  2. yotebuster

    Doe hunts????

    Even in much of the Midwest the doe slaughter is a myth. If you’ve reached carrying capacity of your habitat then you need to thin deer, and does are the best in that case. That happening is quite rare though. It would never happen in the west and doesn’t happen near as much as the TV shows want you to think in the farm country of the Midwest. The best thing we ever did on our place here in ND was to slow the doe shooting way down. They were shooting 30-40 a year off of 5k acres. I’ve cut it back to just a few (youth hunters) and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made as far as deer go.
  3. yotebuster

    Speed Goat Snack Sticks

    Looks good! I can’t stand to waste antelope on smoked stuff. Save the old muley bucks for that!
  4. yotebuster

    New Mexico desert sheep

    Giant ram!! Congrats!
  5. yotebuster

    Walt Berger

    That’s too bad to hear. I met him when I was 8-10 at a gun show here in ND. I was pretty fired up about coyote hunting with my .17 rem back then. I was bouncing back and forth between the 25gr match HP and the varmint HP and only had money for 100 of one or the other. He gave me both boxes at half price so I could try each of them. I’ll never forget that.
  6. yotebuster

    4b rifle antelope hunting is hard.

    Should have known, 4b is a giant elk unit and that’s it.
  7. yotebuster

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    They could be anywhere from right on to way off depending on your tune. If you haven’t shot them yet then it’s not to late to get some new broadheads, there are so many good options out there that are better then the old aluminum can thunderheads. This late in the game I’d get some expandables and go hunting as it’s too late to try to figure out a fixed head. Most good expandables these days are light years better then a thunderhead anyhow.
  8. yotebuster


    Bump for some good bullets. When I used to shoot sabots these things shot lights out in my encore. Smoked 3-4 bulls with them at anywhere from 35-300 yards and they always mushroomed perfect.
  9. yotebuster

    Shotgun Shells 12ga 16ga 20ga 4-sale

    Just sent it back to you. Thanks for lining that up with crazy monkey!
  10. yotebuster

    Shotgun Shells 12ga 16ga 20ga 4-sale

    Send me your PayPal and I’ll send you $70 for the other 7 boxes of 20 ga and you can donate those to him as well since he’s lined up to divy them out. My PayPal email is benbuntrockdmd@gmail.com if you wanna send me an invoice through PayPal you can do that too.
  11. yotebuster

    .284 175gr Swift A-frame bullets WANTED

    Thanks! Appreciate the help! I’ve got some 175 partitions that shoot similar that I can use if necessary and will load some up as a backup in the meantime. Thanks!
  12. yotebuster

    .284 175gr Swift A-frame bullets WANTED

    Thanks. They’re in Canada and won’t ship to USA.
  13. Hoping someone can bail me out here. Loaded some of these up for a WY Buffalo hunt and my 7mm STW absolutely loves them (like one ragged hole with those ugly bastards). Anyhow I have a moose tag this year and would have sworn I had a box of them on the loading bench and I guess I don’t. Anyone happen to have any laying around? Will pay well and cover shipping of course.
  14. yotebuster

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    I was an archery tech in a pro shop for 3 years. Never said bows can’t be tuned that well. People can’t be tuned that well.
  15. yotebuster

    Massive Utah buck

    Texas heart shot! Drought years are good ones to go after cactus bucks I guess!