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  1. yotebuster

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    I use the shooter app for quick checks but use my sig 8k and the app in the field.
  2. yotebuster

    Muzzleloader information for beginners

    Depends on the muzzleloader. Mine stays above 1000 ft/lbs to 715 yards. I wouldn’t think twice about crushing an elk with it at 500 if it was broadside and the wind wasn’t blowing too bad.
  3. yotebuster

    Ruger 77/22 hornet

    This was my first centerfire rifle. Traded it on a 25-06 when I was 11 yrs old. Killed a bunch of shoot with it!
  4. yotebuster


    It’s delicious!! Shoveler is fine too just have to skin it. The flavor (good or bad) is in the skin on ducks so as long as you get it off they are fine for poppers etc. I save mallards, teal and wood ducks for plucking.
  5. yotebuster

    6mm AR ar15

    Came here for a magical AR in .244 Remington and left disappointed. Bump for a pretty rifle in a caliber that’s over my head!
  6. yotebuster

    Any 22mag rifles out there? FOUND

    That’s a spendy tailgate right there!
  7. yotebuster

    Hawaii Axis Deer

    Doesn’t Texas have a lot of Texans though?
  8. yotebuster

    Impact Wrench recommendations?

    I’ve got all Dewalt stuff but that’s only because I got started with them. I would go Milwaukee in a heartbeat if I could switch all mine. I do like the 60v Dewalt option though. Love their air compressor, have two lawnmowers, blowers, weed eaters, chain saws every drill saw, grinder etc they make. Honestly have no reason to prefer Milwaukee, just what I hear. I probably have 25-30 Dewalt tools and 10-15 batteries and never had an issue with any one of them and a lot of them ride around in my ram box year round, from 105 above to -40 here in ND.
  9. yotebuster

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    I would bet 80-90% of the bulls taken on late rifle hunts are under 300”. I think most guys have a tendency to call any 6 pt bull a 300” bull and are off by 20-40”. I also think most guys don’t care so there’s a higher percent of small bulls shot. I would agree that if you go out, hunt hard, and can pass small 6’s you can kill a 320-340 bull in any late hunt in the state. (Besides Forebee of course). This is what an actual 300” bull looks like I feel like people rarely score those small to mid size 6’s and just classify them based on how they look
  10. yotebuster

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    Looks like last year it took 12 to be in the bonus pass. So they are 3 years out assuming no point creep. It seems to have crept about a point a year the last few years so I’m gonna say they’re closer to 5-6 years out.
  11. yotebuster

    If you were looking for a 300" bull...

    You can kill a 300” bull in any unit in the state in either hunt if you look around a bit. I’d go with archery personally.
  12. Not sure if you’re interested in a guide, but Grant’s Guide service just killed a big bull out of there. Like bigger than most of the early rifle bulls that come out of either of those units. Grant knows that country better than anyone.
  13. yotebuster

    Non-Res Deer tags sold out

    As a NR I will say I was well aware of the change. I received multiple emails and saw it on social media many times. This will without question go to a draw in the near future as all OTC quotas eventually do. It’s gonna put a lot of pressure on mid tier (4-12 point draw) tags when it does as NR that are accustomed to buying OTC and building points will burn their points and then start drawing the easy to draw OTC archery tags once they have.
  14. yotebuster

    2- 30# River Anchors for boats

    I came here expecting it to be a few savage 6.5 creedmoors with vortex diamondbacks on them wired together. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. yotebuster

    Desert Bighorn sheep full cape for sale

    Congrats!! Awesome ram!!