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  1. yotebuster

    some 3b elk from the last couple of weeks

    That’s a monster.
  2. yotebuster

    Bull shot... what happened??

    If I had to guess he was likely quartering toward you more then you thought. I’ve shot animals many times when I thought they were slightly toward or away from me and when I recovered them I found that it was more extreme then I thought. Any quartering toward shot more then 5-10 degrees off from 90 degrees really requires an arrow to go through the shoulder to hit both lungs. I would guess he caught the close lung and maybe even the very tail of the other lung. One lung is always fatal but can take days to kill them. The tail of the fat lung doesn’t help much either as the distal 10% of the lungs don’t have actual air space in them and they won’t collapse from a shot there which is what does the quick killing. The bull will eventually essentially drown in his own blood but you likely will have to just stumble on him to find him. Keep looking as he’s definitely dead in there.
  3. yotebuster

    Spicy Bluefin Poke Bowl

    This makes me so hungry!!
  4. yotebuster

    Bubba’s Summer Bison Hunt

    Very good write up and congrats to Hunter on doing the right thing multiple times!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of action!! I had a bull tag once, hired Russ and never took the safety off!! They do a good job managing that in my opinion and I enjoyed my time in the blind even though it was unsuccessful!! Hopefully your son can turn up another tag someday!
  5. yotebuster

    AZ Rifle Antelope

    Good work! Congrats!
  6. Sorry for the sideway pic
  7. We’ve had an incredible dove opener here in ND!! Exceptionally dry summer made for a great hatch and concentrated the birds. I’ve hunted 4 hunts and shot limits in less then a half hour each time. Also smoked a nice whitetail buck with my bow on Friday night!!
  8. yotebuster

    gone in 45 minutes

    Now I wanna know what it was?!?
  9. yotebuster

    Maven vs Swarovski

    I haven’t tried the mavens but I would say they’d be a pretty expensive pair of binos to own. I’ve owned 6 different pairs of swaros and none of them have cost me more then $200 to own due to the awesome resale they hold. A lot of people ask me how a person can afford swaro optics and I guess my question would be how can you afford to run anything else? I’ve got a few pairs of $500 vortexikoneupolds laying around and I bet I couldn’t get $100 a pair for them anymore so they cost me twice as much to own as my swaros. I’m in no way debating the quality of mavens, there’s some other real great binos (Zeiss the one that really stands out to me) that don’t bring near the resale that swaros do. As far as the slightly higher power, that’s a marketing gimmic used by bino companies to stand out and catch the eye of the “more is better” crowd. You want to stick with a 1:4 ratio between power and obj. 1:5 is actually the most ideal for the human eye but most popular optics are 1:4 such as (10x40, 12x50,15x56, 20x80). Anything more and you’re compromising on what your eye can take in as far as light (information).
  10. yotebuster

    surrendered tag call 2 years in a row

    Are you in max point for said tag? With 26 if you aren’t in max it would still be a miracle for you to be second in line twice! If you’re max or close to it I’d do the same. Antelope hunting is best done before the season and then kill on opening am. Most antelope hunts I’ve done I take off all my time leading up to the hunt and then only allow the first day or two max to actually hunt as I plan to be done on opening am. Always turns into a sh1tshow in the first hour and the best bucks are all dead just after daylight
  11. yotebuster

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    Excellent buck. Poor delivery.
  12. yotebuster

    good bull

    The super raffle is just that. If they brought it down to where everyone could only buy one chance then they’d bring the amount it brings in way down as well. Auctions are the best fundraising methods and always outdo raffles in every state they occur in.
  13. yotebuster

    good bull

    I’m still hung up on all those man rings in the opening part. He looked as uncomfortable wearing them as I was watching them clank around. Awesome bull and awesome shot. I felt like had there not been a crowd there bugging him about not shooting it in the antler he would’ve crushed him a couple more times before he had a chance to fall behind that log. His follow up shot was right in the money the bull just stepped forward.
  14. yotebuster

    good bull

    You reroofed 100 peoples houses from this site alone?!? 🤦🏼