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    Antler Growth

    Looks like a couple of alien hands on his head……


    I volunteer to come help with the prairie dog control once the season’s open! I’m working on my retirement place in Heber on weekends, and had found a pretty good village that provided me some fun when I needed a break for two years, but last summer it was devoid of dogs. I had bought the heck out of .222 and .223 ammo and never got to play “ pop goes the weasel”….
  3. I never knew these were a thing till my last trip south. Decided to try after we caught a few. They’re basically pure meat, no bones and a couple of lb.s of great eating we’ve been leaving behind. Googled recipes after getting home, and I found a few that are super simple. Great eating!

    Unit 9 Pronghorn Tagholders?

    Has heck frozen over? Congrats man! 27 years is crazy! Antelope tags in AZ are as hard to draw as sheep tags nowadays. I got pouty waiting3 to draw a cow elk tag, lol. I don’t know squat about 10, so I’m no help there, but I’m sure you have some contacts who do. Good luck, can’t wait to see pics and read you AZ antelope thread after the hunt.

    Another early monsoon?

    Woke up to a wet yard, and the smell of rain! Nice and cool at 5:15 , like it should be. Tonite s supposedly a better chance, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Meanwhile out at Bartlett...

    Guy I used to work with got a phone call telling him he had 24 hours to get his trailer off of Forest land up by Dogtown Lake, or it would be towed a few years back.

    Meanwhile out at Bartlett...

    Actually, it’s karma…. So many people are leaving their rigs for weeks and months there and on forest lands. Run up on the occasional weekends, and don’t pay storage fees. The Williams area got really bad a few years back, I heard they finally started enforcing the 14 day limit. I’m sure the lakes had the same action going on. Probably why you can hardly find a space to park/camp by the water anymore.

    Meanwhile out at Bartlett...

    Yup, my buddy sent me photos of them three weeks ago when he was there.

    Avet Reels

    YUP. He blew up his well used Penn coffee grinder cranking grouper with the drag maxed out. He's due for an upgrade for sure.
  10. NOTAGS

    Avet Reels

    I’ll take the Avet, prices on the 40 Penn and the Avet MX Raptor are $140 delta. No brainer after watching the review
  11. NOTAGS

    Avet Reels

  12. NOTAGS

    35A Gould’s

    He’s like herpes, just disappears for awhile , but never gone, always there. .
  13. NOTAGS

    Youth Turkey 2023

    Very Cool! Sounds like he will an avid turkey hunter for life...
  14. NOTAGS

    Arizona’s Hunt 3096 Unit 3A

    Brutal man. Could have listed the Suicide Prevention Hotline # ….. I should know it by heart due to my crappy draw luck. The OP is probably wishing he bought point guard with all the positive feedback so far ,plus the other newbie…
  15. NOTAGS

    Son Lost His Billfold

    Ima boomer, wallet. Hope it’s recovered,I get nauseous when my mine is missing. So far always been DAS…. Dumb arse syndrome, and it reappears with logic. Or my wife’s uterine tracking device