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    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Sitting in side sipping a Friday longneck, looking at these pics. The ones of the bbq being snowbound on the deck under several feet, and the poor guy shoveling his walkway, makes me remember why I can deal with our hot arse summers here in the valley. I can reach my Traeger, I have a clear path to my hot tub.... yeah, I'll take a little heat now and then. And the of the poor dog looking fora place to poop? My dogs don't like go out when it rains, much less being in a snow drift! They'd be constipated or killing me with dog farts.

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Good storm for the state, bad timing for pig hunters. Those pictures make me COLD! Thanks for sharing, cause my thin bloodied, lizard like carcass has no intention of going near that white crap! Gave that stuff up with snow skiing after the first knee surgery. Keep em coming!
  3. Good luck on your sale , I couldnt hardly give mine away... which I actually did. They DONT fit the new HD's in case anyone is wondering.

    New P&Y world record bighorn

    Holy bat crap! That thing is massive!

    Do we really need a border wall?

    The problem is Trump wants to build it on the wrong border.... it should be on the Arizona / California border! Then California can welcome all the ilegos they want, give all of them" santuary", including the criminals, and let them suck their bankrupt state dry. Arizona wins by not getting any more Califruities moving here with their stupid ideas, Priuses, and codes. Lets Make Arizona Great Again!

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    That video made my morning! Ever notice how all the idgets " know their rights"? That must be the only thing they know.

    Camo clothing

    Wow, that top set is vintage! My dad had that camo when I was a kid... I remember when that was THE camo. Haven't seen it for some time.

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    True, but you know we all have wanted to! For some people, I think it should be done on a regular basis. Kind of like the shock therapy in mental treatments of old.

    Funny Wolf Story

    Can we move the wolves south to eat the freaking burros north west of Phoenix? How come if these were feral pigs, we could shoot every one we see due the habitat damage they do,, but because they are feral burros, they are protected? How F***-ed up is that?
  10. NOTAGS

    Dual pig mount

    Thats a great idea for those who are running out of room on their walls. Very nice looking work!
  11. NOTAGS

    lion video

    I went on a dry ground horseback hunt in 2017 to finish up my Big Ten. It was the coolest thing I have ever done, I saw country you would not believe, we took horses where I could not believe. I figured mules were in order, and the guys I was with laughed at me for questioning where they could take horses. Once the hounds lit up, it raised goose bumps. For those of you who are considering it, do it!
  12. NOTAGS

    Do we really need a border wall?

    I think that's Amazon's latest model.
  13. NOTAGS

    Green Chili Javelina

    Once. And you promised not to tell anyone!
  14. NOTAGS

    Green Chili Javelina

    My perfect Javelina hunt: See pigs, move in ,take a shot( either archery or gun), miss, go home happy. The best javelina I had was cooked in a pit with green chilis, and that does look good! That being said, I do like having a freezer full of pig chorizo, but when Denmark quit doing game meat, I decided its easier to buy it when I want it.
  15. NOTAGS

    Do we really need a border wall?

    How about a moat filled with pirana and alligators? Every LIBERACAL gets misty eyed when some ILEGAL immigrant tries to swim in and drowns on the Rio or the Yuma canal or dies of heat exposure in our deserts. But none tears up for our troops when they get blown up by a suicide bomber or other fanatic while defending other countries freedom in some sand blown shoot hole. . Idea, lets pull our troops out of these ungrateful countries and have then protect ours?