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    4A Early archery

    Are you in the witness protection program?

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    I’m older, I’ll get my daughter or SIL to report it like I do with most “on the line” crap. Totally in favor of100% reporting requirements ..

    4A Early archery

    I want to see the 270 5X5.... pics please!
  4. Seems to me like another revenue grab. I like it for NR’s for sure but a bit high at $150 for a resident , unless relocated from the west coast,lol. Just my HO. Wasn’t the hunter Ed free?

    Spring Draw

    Do you really think a 700 yard rifle was envisioned whenAZ came out with the first muzzleloader hunt? When they were established, I doubt inlines even existed . I’m pretty sure a muzzleloader was considered a primitive weapon when they were.

    Spring Draw

    My comment was merely that separate hunts for “ primitive weapons” will likely go away and be lumped into the general hunts if people keep pushing the effectiveness of them and increase the harvest numbers. I don’t sit on a high horse or judge anyone for how they hunt, I just don’t want to see the options for separate seasons disappear .

    Spring Draw

    My comment for regarding adopting CO regs for muzzleloader would include no scopes. That would put the high dollar, dial it in,” primitive” weapons out of the picture if the hunter has any ethics. Based upon a 715 yard shot with a muzzleloader and a video for the public to view and copy I doubt whoever was on that has any. I won’t shoot that far with a centerfire. What happened to hunting, rather than shooting? pretty much why we will be only looking at draw hunts, including archery deer ( Where everyone calls out either x bows or non trad for for techno advantages) following the archery pig going to draw only Then will be the HAM hunts where people call out each other for AR pistols with braces and long range muzzleloader, which will be lumped into the general hunts..

    Spring Draw

    and thats why I recommend AZ adopts the restrictions on muzzle loaders that Co has in place. Ridiculous.

    Petition - Stop Paying Influencers

    Get ready for the email solicitations... I signed it and less than 3 hours later getting spammed
  10. NOTAGS

    Garage Door Technician needed

    If its a newer unit, hit the learn button on the unit and press a remote. I had it happen over the weekend, mine required I hold the button down on the wall to close and remotes kicked back up immediately. Resetting the learn button cured it.
  11. NOTAGS

    Non Covid bug going around

    Have they been doing Pagen rituals too? I underwent rabbis shots about 6 years ago, but i don’t go to the vet with my dogs and get a 3 year vaccine either.
  12. NOTAGS

    7W Late Rifle Bull

    Odds are any mature bull will be busted up to some extent. We hunted it last year, saw 7 bulls total, one decent 6x that was intact . Our hunter wasn’t able to close the deal on it, and shot a 5x? that one main beam was snapped off after the G2, but the body was huge. I’d decide on priorities before the hunt..... freezer meat or a possible wall hanger. Hope for snow.
  13. NOTAGS

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    WOW!!!!!! Amazing Buck!, Fantastic write up and video.... thanks for sharing!, Congratulations to you and your compadres for a great effort and successful hunt! That one will be tough to beat for sure if you ever get another lucky draw.
  14. NOTAGS

    Unit 8 early archery bull

  15. NOTAGS

    4A Early archery

    weak horn year and no Pete's. I pity those who drew this year...... should have got Point Guard.