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    2020 mule deer pole

    Don’t do it! He’ll tax your tag as a luxury item!

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    What is up with spring turkey? And deer? I used to get drawn every freaking year, now it takes 4-5! It's either Youtube or the dang hunting shows , no one I knew used to hunt turkey in AZ. Back east, yes. Good thing quail is OTC, it's about all I get to hunt this fall, and I get to chase stink pigs in February,.... whoop de doo.

    2020 mule deer pole

    Holy Crap! John doesn’t have a tag? 2020 continues to be bizarre!

    FS Ruger M77 MkII .270

    Read bottom line.

    Monday Check in

    that's sexist, you pig! Ooops, I guess mine was too....

    Monday Check in

    I quit going to the gym at the beginning of this mess. Been biking 10.5 miles every morning since May.... no longer sweating. Was chilly this morning headed out. And dark. Built a redneck gym in the garage, doing shrugs and squats with filled water jugs, and dragging an Ibeam on a chain that I had pulled with my sxs for grading my road . Found a full dumbell set a guy was selling pretty reasonable cause he was moving but cant find any weights that dont work out to gold prices per lb these days. Freaking china flu! I do miss looking at yoga pants on the cardio in front of me....

    One ugly critter

    looks like a skunk, a zebra, a bobcat and a rat had an orgy and thats the byproduct

    Fs Bows, arrows, case, and accessories

    The Smithsonian may be interested in the top bow, wasnt that Ishi's first bow?
  9. Christ, its almost as bad as the political landscape.... You don't hunt the way I do, so you're WRONG! I HATE YOU! I can't watch the tv these days, or listen to the radio... now I gotta pas on CWT due to judgmental idjits.
  10. NOTAGS


    pm sent
  11. NOTAGS

    Prairie Dogs

    We had some good shooting this summer sharpening our skills. One of our old spots had grown up to where we could hardly spot them , but we found another area .
  12. NOTAGS

    anyone been to greer lakes lately?

    We got blown off of Sunrise yesterday. I can’t believe how low that lake is, the launch ramps are probably 40’ out of the water, deepest I found was 16’ of water. Story of my life , friends neighbor slayed them a week and a half ago, no one was catching yesterday.
  13. NOTAGS

    Cow Bison Skull - Euro Mount

    Looks great! Be prepared for all the people who will ask why you have a cow skull on your wall... I put my horns on the actual mount, so the horn cores are white on my skull. Have the skull at work, the mount at home. Best of both worlds. Enjoy the table fare, bison is great stuff, sometimes a little bit tough though. I use the tenderizer with the needles on most of my steaks and they turn out great.
  14. NOTAGS

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    why cant we all just get along? The Ford Superduty will outrun the Ram, no ifs, ands, or buts. However, after fighting Furd over the death wobble issue on my 2017, I'd rather get there safely and alive than faster. Second time they gave me the finger on a warranty issue on a F250 diesel, so I am totally done with their crap. Traded that 2017 for a 2018 Ram, and will never look back.