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    Haha! Feed store with lots of salt

    Tractor Supply in Flag. should have it. Gonna be beautiful up there now.

    Transfer pump

    I thought I was getting it dialed in buying one of the electric drill pumps. As long as I have my DeWalts handy I should be good, may take longer.

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    Turtle skins are hot as well. Anything that's dense enough to stop a fang or cactus thorn is not going to breathe worth a crap. I'll take sweaty calves and soggy socks over antivenom treatment or worse any day.

    The way it should be

    good video. Makes me want to get off my butt and join the next project.

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    Plus one on the Turtle Skins. Haven't had to test them, but the peace of mind is a win. I lead when we go in in the dark. Sacrificial lamb if you will.

    Gov tag buck

    Technically, Michael doesnt and never has had anything to do with E & J Gallo Wineries. He runs Joseph Farms, which is a dairy and cheese manufacturer. He along with his father Joseph started the cheese manufacturing in 1982 with his dad who had left the family wine business years before to go into ranching. When his father retired he became the CEO. I would say thats a bit different than "inheriting" a company. Pretty dang close to founding it.

    Gov tag buck

    You sound like Obama. Him: " You didn't build that". You: "He didn't build the business, he inherited it". Fact: Its still running, he probably works his arse off to keep it profitable these days. There's way more pressure on second, third, and fourth generation business owners now with the competition thats out there than there was in the good old days. As you also said, " not that it matters".. then why bring it up?

    Gov tag buck

    You guy crack me up, I passed that buck up for a bigger one last year on my dream hunt. Besides, its obviously a High Fence whitetail anyway.

    Tikka stainless rifleTikka

    no photos, no texts. no price...
  10. NOTAGS

    Less Bison Tags?

    Buffalo goes where buffalo wanna go. GF and the feds can spend money rounding them up and plunking them down on the prairie at the House Rock but, those animals are going to remember that it is cooler and safer on top and go back. It wont take them any time at all to be back where they started. Fences are meaningless to them.
  11. NOTAGS

    New muzzleloader... Need help!!!

    So how brutal is the recoil out of that beast with 200 gr.s of powder? My old Knight hurts with a 150 max charge. Fortunately, its good for tight groups with 100 grains so I dont feel the need to abuse myself.
  12. NOTAGS

    Coues or Mule Deer

    3x4 bucks are pretty common. The tail and ears are the tell as grey curse pointed out.
  13. NOTAGS

    Less Bison Tags?

    Not at all... As said, it may be a better thing, they dumped a bunch of hunts in a row during the summer a few years ago, and it seems that they have had pretty decent success on them for the most part. One year of a return to what used to be a normal winter, with limited access for most, and now they are looking at changing them back to more closely resemble the old hunt structures. At a loss of over 12k in revenue due to the cut in tag numbers. Considering how many coues. tags they dumped on southern units after the "survey", it is a nice change in direction for the AZGF. I do feel for those people who are up around 30 pt.s trying for bull tags.The wait may get longer. I agree, the tags will most likely increase in price as soon as they get a chance to change them.
  14. NOTAGS

    Less Bison Tags?

    I'm not saying the changes would be bad. I was commenting that I find this contrary to the usual actions of the GF and their "hunter opportunity" argument with the southern deer tags. Now they are more concerned with hunter happiness? Quite the switch IMHO.
  15. NOTAGS

    Towing Behind a 5th wheel laws?

    And so begins another debate of epic proportions, only to rival my all time favorite, "Tastes great! Less filling!" I'm with you though, my Furd experiences have been less than stellar. I like my Cummins rattle traps.