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  1. too bad my bozo buddy has already headed up with out sighting in his rifle for the cow hunt this weekend. Hasn't shot his rifle in several years.

    2019 fall cow bison hunt in the books!

    Congrats and an enjoy! Bison will spoil you.

    And were off to a rough start...

    Getter Done! Have fun doing it though! Hope you had the boys bring .22's, squirrels are thick on the 'Bab

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    I am amazed at how a post to alert the hunting public to a poaching turns into a crap fest on scores, etc. on this forum. Who cares what the freakin score is, someone shot a quality bull and left it. Chris, was that not your point in posting?

    "Sold" Kodiak 10 X 14 Flex Bow Tent "Sold"

    Great deal on a great tent

    Credit Cards

    BBVA. Never an issue. B of A, and Wells, lots of issues when I banked with them.

    KillShot Game Cart and Shooting Sled

    What will they think up next? Whats the weight capacity of it?

    Meat processor west side

    well yeah, arent they one in the same now? Commercialism at its best, Freaks you out when you open it up and you think the whole thing is actually your tag that you have to carry , and then you see how small the tag part is.
  9. I shoot the Barnes Triple shocks out of my 7 Mag and 300 WSM. Good expansion and 90% + weight retention on the ones I have recovered, including 3 from bison.
  10. NOTAGS

    Meat processor west side

    just looked at my elk tag, has the advertisement half. Anyone here have any experience with Desert Hills Meat Processing? I17 and Carefree highway, plus they took a trailer up north.
  11. NOTAGS

    In case you missed it :)

    terrible actress... how dare she insult me like that
  12. NOTAGS

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    If the guides are there. Summer yes, fall maybe? I saw the "fences" they put around one water tank, the bison flattened it. My dog run was sturdier. It probably cost the tax payers 100k to put up as well and now its litter.
  13. NOTAGS

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Stanley, the only part of your post I disagree with ( respectfully of course) is the ZERO value. It entertained me while I ate lunch, it was like watching a chick fight. Entertaining, lots of noise but with nothing actually happening.
  14. NOTAGS

    Any metalheads?

    Dayum, you guys were some party hard animals. I can count on two hands the number of concerts I went to, I saw KISS and the Nug At Tempe Diablo when I was 13, Steve Miller at ASU's coliseum. Hoyt Axton at Graham Central Station. Went to four Jerry Riopelle shows ( local guy for you out of state youth guys) at both the Celebrity and at Sunrise Ski Resort. Tom Petty, CDB, and Garth at TCC, and the Tractors and Dixie Chicks in Glendale before they committed political suicide. And my ears ring constantly anyway.
  15. NOTAGS

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    Anyone who poisons a water tank in this state should be staked out in July in Gila Bend and left till dead. Sheer stupidity and a lack of conscience. Hope that the perp hasnt bred to spread their defective genes.