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    Stihl Farmboss

    He never is, he just likes to post inane questions

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Is been done. In the 70’s if you drew an elk or antelope tag , you had to wait THREE years to re apply. Didn’t help much and it was scrapped. Mule Deer wasn’t on the program then, but it’s more critical than elk in my book these days. Im surprised antelope hasn’t been added to the one in a lifetime bracket like bighorn and bison. Bison tags seem easier to draw . We really need an end to the drought conditions, and about five years of healthy fawn recruitment to get back to what we once had.

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    If you could get it into the resell shops up there on the rim or WM’s, that will sell, maybe on consignment! I was shocked at the # of old mounts with sold tags on them and the prices that all them had on them when my wife drug me through all the shops in Heber last year out of boredom. Crazy Rich west coasters decorating their “mountain cabins”. GLWS, nice looking mount.

    Fire Restrictions Begin May 5

    Doesn’t matter… every dipswitch I see and tell theres no campfires allowed responds with” I didn’t know”…. After Passing several large electronic signs on the highway headed north stating “ no campfires etc.”. In todays America claiming to be ignorant gives you a free pass apparently .

    new member

    Antlers make lean eating…. But, . considering how long it takes to pull an archery bull tag these days, I say enjoy the hunt and learn as you go. It took me 6 years of bow hunting in the 80’s to finally fill a tag, and that’s cause they finally opened cow permits… times and equipment were a lot different then. Spike bulls have been some of the best I have eaten, but the difference in yield between a spike and year older(3-4 pt rag horn) is amazing. 6a has plenty of elk, use maps to get away from the road warriors. That’s where the elk will go as well. Good luck,and have fun!

    Polaris General XP 4 1000

    I’ve got the same ride, just not the XP, but I put 30”s on it and a Rugged com system in it. Love it.

    Electric F150

    That’s messed up….Elon ain’t Waymo …

    Polaris General XP 4 1000


    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    I've had both the Inyati, and the Linex in trucks. Some installs were good, some so so . I think its who does it and where. Had it done at the dealership on one truck, started chipping after a year or so. Had another done at the companies shop, and it had thin spots. If I wasnt on the other side of the world, I would try Universal that was mentioned. Being family owned I would expect they put their all into it as its their own business.
  10. NOTAGS

    Road to Big Lake?

    Fished it Saturday. The ramp is high and dry, and the gravel retention mesh is piled up at the end. You can launch off to the side,but it’s shallow launching, you’ll be getting your feet wet putting a boat back on the trailer. We put a 14’ in and out no problem. Water is a brisk 46-47 degrees. Watched a kayak fisherman take a cold bath trying to take a piss. Fortunately for him he was in shallow water when he did it.
  11. NOTAGS

    New Member

  12. NOTAGS

    New Member

    🍿🍺, I’m ready for this one to play out…..
  13. NOTAGS

    German Shorthair PointerPoodles

    I stand corrected. I merely expressed my concerns . I know several l people who got scammed looking for labs on CL. GLWS.
  14. NOTAGS

    German Shorthair PointerPoodles

    Newbie asking 1K each for puppies. Pics of pups look a lot like many pics of lab litters, not seeing GSH or Poodle in any. Didn’t CL crack down on puppy scams? No one else suspicious here?
  15. NOTAGS

    Payson - SUV is stuck in mud and need help please!

    Probably drives a Subaru……there’s actually a lot of standing water on the rim right now. And possible snow on Tuesday. Bring it!