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    Grizzly Cooler

    pm sent

    Mathews Z7 Extreme

    Good price on a great bow. Might include draw length and poundage though.

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    All I want for Christmas is a mule deer tag, a mule deer tag. 12 A E or W would work . Oh, and a Rocky tag , not picky on the unit.

    Cabelas deals

    John, just let me know, cause spending others people money is one of my favorite pastimes!

    Cabelas deals

    Dang John, just stretching my hunting $$'s.... Dont be a hater! LOL! And no, I dont buy cat food on sale!

    Get those apps in fellas!

    How about GF paying people OT to their staff to man the phones till MIDNITE tonite for the last minute bozos who cant figure it out? https://www.azgfd.com/azgfd-to-provide-after-hours-phone-assistance-for-online-applican If they cant figure out the online app, I sure dont think they should be in the field carrying firearms! What a joke.

    Cabelas deals

    go figure, ActiveJunky is 12% today, after I pulled the trigger at 10%.

    Cabelas deals

    I dont know about raise.com, but I bought a butt ton of Cabelas gift cards for the 10% off with my BBVA card that gives me 2% back, and then made the long contemplated purchase through Active Junky for the 10% back, to realize a 22% savings on a price tag I couldnt accept at retail. As my wife would say" look at all the money I saved!" Yet, I spent a bunch. BTW, you do not get 10% back on gift cards through Active Junky. The buck stops there.

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    I love the picture, Mountain Man BBQ at its best! I imagine you worked up an appetite breaking that beast down by yourself!
  10. NOTAGS

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Way to hang in and get it done! Nice Bull! Enjoy, that stuff will ruin you for other game meat!
  11. NOTAGS

    Traeger at Costco Tempe

    COSTCO does the old" in an out thing". Here today, gone tomorrow. Your local ACE Hardware will have the full line of them year round along with the rubs and pellets and accessories. There's lots more options than what you see at COSTCO. I just purchased the new Ironwood model that has variable speed motors, and WIFI controls. You can monitor it from your phone for grill temp and meat temp so you can leave the house while doing long slow cooks. Doing 3 racks of ribs on it today , can't wait! I grilled Yellowtail steaks on it last night that were excellent. Traegers are the bomb! If you haven't tried their dry rubs you should, they have a Veggie Shake I put on everything from asparagus to potatoes. Also for you new users, check out their website for recipes. I made smoked Chorizo grits last weekend that I got off there. Fantastic! Try cooking biscuits on it! BTW, did I mention that I own four? Yeah, I have a grilling problem.
  12. NOTAGS

    Bullies of the range! Well written!

    That's funny, thats EXACTLY what I thought when I saw it!
  13. NOTAGS

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    If you are looking to buy new, the drive up to Rye at Four Seasons is well worth it. I've been yanked around so much here in the valley its almost criminal. Ask them for an out the door price on the phone , and there is no b s when you get there. Best purchase experience I have had in buying 5 Polaris products over the years from different dealers. I would go test drive both. I have a 500 crew that is a smaller size, and it turns like a school bus... it would suck for hunting but I use it for people moving in Mexico. As many barely used Ranger crew 1000's as I have seen for sale, I doubt they are much better. I would think the General would have a tighter turning radius due to design. They are totally different engines, the General has the RZR engine, more HP, and probably more noise. General will be a 4 seater, Ranger will fit 6. That being said, I love my standard Ranger 1000, it turns tighter than my 900XP did, and it hauls butt.
  14. NOTAGS

    Artic cat prowler

    they knew that, its just the CWT crowd thinking they are humorous
  15. NOTAGS

    Dental Work

    I had a friend have dental work done in Puerto Penasco to "show" his nervous girlfriend it would be okay... hahaha he looked like his dog, which is a bull dog, no pain pills and swollen like a big tick. heck TO THE NO! Go to the Midwestern Dental College in Glendale, quality work under qualified dentists( instructors) and subject to the sterilization standards that will keep you from losing your jaw bone in two years. I spend a ton of time in Mexico, but I will not have dental work done there on a bet.