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    Coues deer with a lever action?

    " I shot my first buck when i was 12 in south dakota with a model 94 30-30. was thinking it would be cool to break it out and try to shoot something with it. " Do it! Its all about the hunt, not necessarily the kill. If thats something you've been thinking about then go for it. Anyone can sling a bullet at 700 yards these days apparently , just read the posts. I killed my first coues at 40 yards with a scoped rifle... I am still amazed I could see and hit it. My dad started me out with his Marlin lever in a .32 Winchester Special.. sold it to buy me a 30-06 bolt when I was 16. Still have the bolt, would love to still have his old Marlin.


    The new Scam O Matic, by Ronco

    Smoking prime rib, then travel

    A good prime rib cooked to medium is still enjoyable. Its like having sex with a condom on, its still enjoyable but it can be better. Medium rare is the max for me, my wife wants medium. Almost grounds for a divorce, but I realized I can slice her a chunk and cook it into oblivion after I rescue the lions share for me.

    Smoking prime rib, then travel

    Prime rib will continue to cook for about an hour after you pull it. I learned the hard way on my first two. I like rare/medium rare and they were all verging on medium when I carved them.. Pull it before it passes 125 if you want medium rare ish. Pull a big roast when it is 5-10 degrees below desired finish temp. Per the Certified Angus Beef .com website... my last one was a 6 rib and it was primo!
  5. Lucky for her she's a she and not a he, cause she cant hide! If she had antlers, she'd be toast..... even Stevie Wonder would spot that deer.

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    " I also tend to pack more food than most" Thats an understatement from the guy who ate a 2 lb package of elk burger by himself!

    Diesel Gelling?

    I got chased down the 89 when I was going to Rocky Point some 10 years back. I saw a sign that said all diesel vehicles must stop about 20 miles north of Gila Bend. Figured they meant semis so I kept rolling. Guy saw ( heard?) me go by, jumped in a vehicle and pulled me over 10 miles down the road to take a sample. Gave me some static for not stopping, but told me why they were checking, asked " permission". Wonder what would have happened if I said NO? Back to original post, was up in Heber for the weekend, got down to 17 last night. No problems starting without additive or blend. Beautiful up there right now with all of the fresh snow.

    Uh oh...

    Sorry about your brother, truly. But I doubt that marijuana was what precipitated the murder. It tends to make people mellow. The two a holes involved were either predisposed to violence, or there were other substances in the pot. Thats like saying that guns are responsible for murder. Is alcohol responsible for DUI deaths, or is the vehicle manufacturer responsible, or was it actually the person who chose to drink and get behind the wheel of a 4000 pound machine? Again sorry for your loss, but I have had too many conversations with people laying the blame where it really doesn't belong. My neck is as red as they come, I vote red, but I have seen the benefits of marijuana use for both my wife and a late brother in law with pancreatic cancer. It isn't the problem. It's a lack of availability legally. Make it as easy to purchase as liquor, crime issues drop. Responsible use is on the user.

    Uh oh...

    People high on weed, pot, marijuana are not the ones committing crimes. They are curled up with a bag of Cheetos. People drinking alcohol are the ones who become aggressive and violent. And Meth of course. The cartel drug trade is violent, no argument. However, by legalizing weed for both medical and ultimately recreational use the cartel will no longer have any money to make from it and stick to the crap that still will come though the borders, as in heroin, meth and coke. Please don't bore me with the gateway drug argument,, My wife is 60 plus, has a medical card, has RA and smokes pot to alleviate the pain. I'm pretty sure she won't be heading out to burn meth with a bunch of tweekers or looking to shoot up on heroin any time soon. If you are going to argue about a substance killing people , alcohol would be number one, but our country has already been down that road in prohibition.
  10. NOTAGS

    Hello, New Member.

    There are knuckleheads on this site? Naaaww, say it aint so!
  11. NOTAGS

    6a Muzzy bull

    My daughter had that hunt last year, and we froze our tushes off. Pipes froze in the trailer every night too. Totally different weather pattern this year. Good luck to all.
  12. That made me laugh first thing this morning! I usually don't laugh till late in the day! Nice shooting for your daughter, great vid and thanks for sharing!
  13. NOTAGS

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Hunt

    Unit 8 has lots of elk, but it has lots of campers and atv and utv traffic ALL spring, summer and fall. You will see very few elk from the roads during daylight hours. We see some driving in the dark, but not many. Every elk we have killed was away from roads. Use the quad to recover, not hunt.
  14. NOTAGS

    Queensland Heeler Pups

    Sent the ad to my wife. What does FING mean? As in "No FING WAY!" ? I think she's warming up to the idea.