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    Finally made it down south

    I had two friends as a kid that were brothers, both would always get seasick, but neither would stay home when we went out from Cholla. I always kidded them about drinking something bright for when they hurled, usually it was Orange Crush or Strawberry Shasta. Once the fish started biting they usually recovered somewhat. Glad you guys had fun, I will be going back there next spring. Hitting my local reefs next weekend.

    Finally made it down south

    The one little guy looks as green as his shirt. I'll bet he passes on the next trip.

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    If I have to put my feet where I cant see,, I'm with HuntHarder and wearing the TurtleSkins. I wear them hiking in the dark on early Coues hunts. Sweaty feet beats the heck out of the alternative. Especially in Mojave country.

    Where are the crappie pics?

    I hit Alamo Saturday morning, and got skunked. Saw one crappie caught out of all the boats working the upper end. . Heard of a couple being caught night fishing Friday. This warm weather this week should speed things up, but we have another front coming in at the end of the week. Good thing I'm hitting the Sea of Cortez this weekend so I can have a fish fry. I'd starve to death locally.

    long , bizarre, well made

    If I cant wear shorts and flip flops, I'm out! Boots and parkas? No thanks!

    ATV trailer recommendations

    I've got a PJ and its bullet proof. Heavy, but tough. Are you going single or double axle?

    Arrow spine selection

    I would pay more attention to the Kinetic energy in the arrow. You will have to have arrow velocity for that though. Perhaps your local pro shop has some arrows close to your weights and a chrono to let you use.


    I went last year and this year. There were a lot less vendors for outdoor products ( as in new) than I had seen last year. I actually had purchased a couple UTV products there last year and had told my buddy who went with me they would have a show discount. But, they were't there. There was definitely less fishing outfitters too. I was done in an hour and a half, and that was with chatting with the folks at Tailhunters for 15 minutes. I agree with StickFlicker's assessment that its pricing out a lot of exhibitors. I know I will not be going back, having to pay for parking way out in BFE, and then $12.00 to get in. I guess that's what happens when you move a venue to Snottsdale.

    UofA seriously?

    Perhaps, but these uninformed liberals get to vote, and your daughter and mine will be having to pay a bunch of high school drop outs $25.00 per hour to fill minimum wage positions, and deal with an ever increasing amount of bureaucratic red tape that strangles businesses and entrepreneurs trying to run companies to provide jobs that all of those libtards feel entitled to have. It is a sad testament to the American Dream that people should not be able to succeed in our country any more, since its not "fair" that those who excel receive more compensation and earnings.
  10. NOTAGS


    Wheres our Alamo report from last weekend?
  11. NOTAGS

    A good lesson for the young and old.

    OUCH! That ruined my appetite!
  12. NOTAGS

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    I have a Ram 1500 with Hemi, get 17 in town, 21 highway and its a 4x4. All the power in the world without the worry of burning up a turbocharger. Some recalls, nothing major, usualy something weird like a roll over airbag. Very comfortable truck for driving, I had a 2017 F250 for a short time, and traded for a Ram 2500 diesel and love it. Plus, Ram prices are tough to beat.
  13. NOTAGS


    So, how'd you do? I am looking at next Sunday, hoping this warm weather will get things swinging.
  14. NOTAGS


    Sooo did you actually go? I'm in need of an update, but I suspect that even Alamo hasnt begun to turn on yet in this crazy spring.
  15. NOTAGS

    Tracker sxs sold by bass pro / cabelas

    Plus one!