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    Cowboy games

    That was sad. I used to watch that show every week …… the ignorance of youth was nice. It looked like they kept riding the same draw, I’m pretty sure that’s the Redington Pass area, and the “ box canyon “ was the Chiva Falls stream bed. Never saw a goat raised on the Bellota Ranch or the Tanque Verde either in all my years of hunting and camping up there .

    Free Wedding Crap (Decorations)

    Lance, nice of you to pass it on. My kid and her fiance( now husband ) rented a ton of stuff, other wise it would all have been in my garage. That was a dream day for me last year as the father of an only daughter, getting to walk her down the aisle to a man I actually like and respect. Hopefully your relationship with the new SIL is the same as mine.

    Mr Silencer

    So, not to hijack the thread, but in light of the Supreme Court's ruling vs New York and other states gun laws that had required a person prove they had a need for a gun permit being unconstitutional, wouldn't the whole application and stamp BS for a suppressor purchase fall under the basis of that ruling?

    Lees Ferry.

    I released $105 back into the river. Money won’t change my principles. Some hippy we talked to had a stringer of about 12 rainbows alive, I told him of the limit and mandatory kill for keepers. He thought they were browns and he was making bank…. Said he turned in over $2400 Worth in a four day weekend….. if USFW paid him for a head and guts without verifying them being brown trout, well, I guess I am not surprised.

    Lees Ferry.

    They used to be off limits do to the safety factor. Now kayakers and paddle boarders can fall in no problem. And as stated above, it’s like a slalom course with the f ing kayakers. I saw three fishing guide boats today, and a dozen plus boats hauling kayak trash up river

    Lees Ferry.

    Up here for the weekend fishing. I am shocked, water temp at launch was 63 degrees. At the base of the dam 61. Last year in July it was 58. If Powell doesn’t start refilling soon, I fear The trout fishing will be gone, you’ll be catching stripers and suckers… if there’s enough water to navigate. People are lounging in the water at their camps. I remember when it made your joints ache and your nuts disappear with a quick plunge to cool off . Fish numbers caught and seen on bars is way off too. This drought is bad news for everything.

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    Those tags were so far in the past, you hadnt started shaving! I can’t remember, 😂

    Why Wait….Deer Draw

    I've already made my $13 contributions, and was billed on my credit card back in May. Thats all I expect anymore......

    Our 2021 Coues Season

    Thanks for sharing your season, and tell both of the girls congratulations! Same to you for getting your girls involved in hunting, and getting them both some great bucks! Hope you all draw a slew more tags this year.
  10. NOTAGS

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Be some expensive burgers with fuel prices these days…. Not saying. I don’t like the idea though!
  11. NOTAGS

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Haymakers in Peoria has some good ones. Quality beef and they actually pay attention to how you want it cooked.
  12. NOTAGS

    lake question

    Barlett is considerably smaller and narrower than Saguaro. Not a good skiing lake,
  13. NOTAGS

    lake question

    Pleasant is a Shiite show, Apache was my favorite when I had skis, we camped on the back side of the lake . Could find shade in the mesquites. Not a big water ski etc. lake, so we were usually the only jet ski punks on it.
  14. NOTAGS

    The moisture creeps in.

    I drove through a good down pour right as we crested the rim yesterday, had the wipers on high. Kept up till past Forest Lakes. The rim area in 4A and4B is already greening up. Here in Heber, farting dust.
  15. NOTAGS

    Fear the Fork ???

    First time I saw the " Fear the Fork" logo was on a shirt a lady at the gym was wearing ... I asked her if it was from Jenny Craig. She was not amused.......