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  1. Adams wulff

    20gauge #8 shot

    Caleb, thanks for the shells. It was great to meet you and best of luck on your deer hunt. Let’s go hunt some quail sometime.
  2. Adams wulff


    Steve, good to meet you and thanks for the sale. Looking forward to trying it out.
  3. Adams wulff


    PM sent
  4. Adams wulff

    WTB Savage 24 20-gauge/.22 over/under

    Somewhere in the $500 range
  5. Looking for a nice savage 24 in 20 gauge /.22 long ride in good shape. Thanks.
  6. Adams wulff

    Want to buy

    Still interested if there are willing sellers.
  7. Adams wulff

    Want to buy

    Thanks. I sent a pm.
  8. Adams wulff

    FS: Beretta 20ga and Rem 700 25/06 (barreled action)

    Is the bluing worn on the bbls or is that glare?
  9. Adams wulff

    Unit 10 archery bull

    The hunt turned out well.
  10. Adams wulff

    Want to buy

    PM sent
  11. Adams wulff

    Want to buy

    Thanks. I am on an archery hunt now and will follow up next week when I return.
  12. Adams wulff

    Want to buy

    I am looking for a nice matching set of brown 6x6 elk antlers. Doesn't have to be huge, just mature and matching. Any suggestions where to look in the East Valley?
  13. Adams wulff

    Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Pump

    Pm sent
  14. Adams wulff

    Guns for sale

    Great to meet you TJ. Looking forward to using the 870. Good luck on your elk hunt.