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  1. 257Weatherby

    Mossberg 152k 22lr

    I have one just like it. They are shooters for sure. Many Squirrels & Rabbits have met their demise with this .22. Good luck with the sale.
  2. 257Weatherby

    WTB 1911 9mm

    Found one, thanks
  3. 257Weatherby

    WTB 1911 9mm

    WTB, Kimber 1911 full size 9MM Custom II or Springfield 1911 Ronin or Range Officer 9MM. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  4. 257Weatherby

    Cooper Model 21 Varmit Extreeme

    Forgot price ?, gorgeous rifle for sure.
  5. 257Weatherby

    REDUCED!!Vortex Diamondbacks 10x50 $175

  6. 257Weatherby

    Free - Polaris Ranger Gun Rack ***SOLD***

    I'll take it. Where are you located?
  7. 257Weatherby

    ISO ATV & UTV Mechanic

    Keith at TNT Racing, good work & fair price. McQueen between Warner & Elliot.
  8. 257Weatherby

    Tripod, heads, and monopods

    I'll take the Vangard tripod & head. Will p.m.
  9. 257Weatherby

    WTB Polaris Ranger Crew Northstar Edition

    I agree with jironworks, 4 seasons is the way to go.
  10. 257Weatherby

    Savage Bvvs 17 hmr

    I`ll take it. I will PM you a little later to make arrangements. Thanks,
  11. 257Weatherby

    Savage Bvvs 17 hmr

    PM sent.
  12. 257Weatherby

    Polaris Ranger GLASS windshields Front & Rear

    Are these sold or not?????
  13. 257Weatherby


    Thanks Cody, nice doing business with you. Tent is sold.
  14. 257Weatherby


    I have a 10 x 14 deluxe I would part with.
  15. 257Weatherby

    Backpack, Dog Stuff, Shotgun Ammo

    Where are you located?, I will take the 30 boxes of 1 oz 6 shot if you are in the valley.