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  1. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    Sold. Please delete
  2. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    Ok,I'll let you know. Most likely I will ship them to shooter.
  3. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    I'll get with you tomorrow.
  4. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    60-300wm once fired brass, I don't have a 300wm anymore. Figure someone else can use these at a time like this. Located in Corona de tucson. Free.
  5. CDjunkie

    223 AR

  6. CDjunkie

    Model 70 264

    You bet!
  7. CDjunkie

    Model 70 264

  8. CDjunkie

    Model 70 264

    It is a very nice rifle. And It's shoots sweet. But I just didn't get into this rifle for some reason. Maybe cause I have too many. Thank you.
  9. CDjunkie

    Model 70 264

    Winchester Model 70 264 Winmag RMEF edition. I got this rifle in a trade. Was planning on reloading for it, But never did. I only shot it a few times. Has a Vias muzzle brake, 20moa rail (not sure of brand), comes with a few rounds of winchester 140s and nosler 130gr loaded rounds. Brass and dies are from previous owner. Weighs 7.4lbs according to my scale. Just been sitting in my safe for a few years. Decided to sell to fund another rifle. No trades at this time. Located in Vail, Az $900 obo
  10. CDjunkie


    Mason Lucas what does that have to do with Babolton's post?
  11. CDjunkie


    Where you located at?
  12. CDjunkie


    That's actually the going rate for diesels right now. And I would consider buying that truck if it was a automatic. I'm looking for a mega cab also.
  13. CDjunkie

    WTB 6.5 Creedmoor Precision Hunter Ammo

    Have you called trail boss outfitters on colossal cave road. They had some but they're $40 a box.
  14. CDjunkie

    30-378 Weatherby ammo

    Where you located?
  15. CDjunkie

    Kowa 12x56

    Unless I just got a blemished or defective pair, but I was very disappointed. My wife's eyes were hurting. And I just didn't like them at all compared to the viper 12x50s. Maybe that's just my eyes and my wife's but I thought they were not good at all.