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  1. CDjunkie

    9 boxes of .308 hornady 178 eld match

  2. Seconds if the sale falls through.
  3. CDjunkie

    Reloading Items

    Pm sent
  4. CDjunkie


  5. CDjunkie

    Primers & Powder

    Where you located at?
  6. CDjunkie

    Scammer johnson55

    Just a heads up. Looks like a scammer to me and just joined 58 minutes ago.
  7. CDjunkie


    Pm sent
  8. CDjunkie

    WTB/WTT 205m

    Updated I found some 210's. Now only looking for 205m primers.
  9. CDjunkie

    WTB/WTT 205m

    Right on Len. Thank you Pm inbound
  10. CDjunkie

    WTB/WTT 205m

    Hello looking for some federal 205M primers. I have some primers to trade or buy out right if anyone has any to spare. Looking for a box of 100. Located in Vail Thank you
  11. CDjunkie

    H4350 or 6.5 stallball?

    Not a 6.8 but I just tried staball since its available in tucson for my ruger precision 6.5 and found a load that delivers 1/4 inch groups with the 147 eldms. I was a little skeptical about it but so far I like it a lot. If that helps with staball. I use h4350 with my Tikka 6.5 and have a 1 inch group at 300 yards with the 143 eldxs. I'm happy with both powders.
  12. Has anyone tried TAC with the 165 tgk? Or TAC in general with any 308 round. Wondering how it does. Thanks
  13. CDjunkie

    FS HK P30 V3

    Where you located?
  14. CDjunkie

    Mini 14 556 WTS/WTT

  15. CDjunkie

    SOLD - Rock River Arms (RRA) Complete Lower

    Interested if you are located in Tucson.