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  1. CDjunkie

    Winchester 209 primers

    Seconds, if there is any left.
  2. CDjunkie


    Where you located?
  3. I have a 1995 Chevy short bed innovation campershell 69x81, one side has plexy glass. All other glass intact. Seals are in ok condition. Rear latches and shocks work. Trades for 9mm, 45,223/556 or powder rl33, 284 (7mm) 195 bergers , AR sights, on craigslist for $225 for now. Thought I would try here also.
  4. CDjunkie

    WTS LEUPOLD VX-freedom 1.5-4

    Where you located at?
  5. CDjunkie

    Weatherby 30-378 MarkV

    Up for sale is a Weatherby Mark V 30-378. Scope is a Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50. Harris bypod. Has about 60 rounds through it. Just sitting in the safe. Only selling to fund another project. $2200 Located in Vail,Az
  6. CDjunkie

    In need of 28 nosler

    I'm in Vail, if your around here I can give you a few of the Factory 150s and 175s. I reloaded my own with the 195s your more than welcome to try if you have a 1:8 twist. I use the nosler blem brass. Haven't had a issue yet. Knock on wood
  7. I love mine. Not as fast and doesn't ride as nice as the Polaris/canams etc, but I don't haul butt I use it for hunting/kids. But you can upgrade the suspension. And Ive pulled/towed mainly Polaris's out in the sticks 🤣. It's been a reliable machine for me.
  8. I'm at 2970. I know I could push it more but I stopped for now with that group I got. My coal is 3.499 just barely fits in that mag. That 195 worked good on my antelope last month. So far I'm happy with it besides the mag. I also put a gen 3 little bastard brake on it.
  9. I was able to trade my H1000 for some RL 33 and now I have a 1.1" group at 300 yards shooting the 195s.
  10. CDjunkie

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Very nice buck! My dad and I also tagged out in 4b also. I guess there's 3 tags out of 25 in 4b.
  11. CDjunkie

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    Thank you, but I'm good now thanks to all the members on here.
  12. CDjunkie

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    Haha, Yea my buddy was up there and bough some for me also.
  13. CDjunkie

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    Ok thank you all, I'm good with ammo now. I appreciate all the help!
  14. CDjunkie

    Wtb 30-06 ammo

    I will let you know. I was able to get some for now. Thank you. I'll keep you posted.