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  1. CDjunkie

    Ravin R10 crossbow

    Ok that's good to know. I talked to the shops here in Tucson and they highly recommend the R10 as a good crossbow, I just ordered the R10 for my dad last weekend. I'm south of tucson in Vail. I really appreciate the offer though. My dad's excited to shoot it lol. Hopefully he can harvest some animals with it.
  2. CDjunkie

    Ravin R10 crossbow

    Is the stock scope ok? Or did you swap it with a nicer one?
  3. CDjunkie


    Bump for some AWESOME DOGS! Them are some extremely smart dogs.
  4. CDjunkie

    Ravin R10 crossbow

    Thank you Both, that's what I needed to hear.
  5. CDjunkie

    Ravin R10 crossbow

    Hey all, does anyone have the Ravin R10 crossbow? Pros/cons. Im looking at crossbows for my dad since he got the permit. Not too familiar with crossbows. Thanks
  6. CDjunkie

    Winchester 94 30-30

  7. CDjunkie

    Kuiu Ultra 3000 275.00

    What size is it and where are you located at?
  8. CDjunkie

    Kuiu Pro 3600

    Pm inbound
  9. CDjunkie

    1991 Lowe Bass Boat

    The prices of boats have gone up, that's a good deal to me, looks like solid clean boat. I'd buy it if I just didn't buy a pontoon boat.
  10. CDjunkie

    30 06 and 270 ammo

    Pm sent
  11. CDjunkie

    30 06 and 270 ammo

    Where you located at?
  12. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    Sold. Please delete
  13. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    Ok,I'll let you know. Most likely I will ship them to shooter.
  14. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    I'll get with you tomorrow.
  15. CDjunkie

    300wm, SOLD please delete

    60-300wm once fired brass, I don't have a 300wm anymore. Figure someone else can use these at a time like this. Located in Corona de tucson. Free.