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    WTT/WTB for fed 215m

    Hello, I am in need of some federal 215m primers, Willing to trade or make a deal with these items I have or buy out right. Also looking for atleast 2lbs of RL33. Located in Vail, AZ
  2. CDjunkie

    WTT/WTB for fed 215m

    Pm sent
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    PSA lower, PSA trigger, BCM stock,Magpul grip. BC side charging upper 16" 223 Wylde 1:8 twist. Magpul flip up sights. Comes with 2 pmags. 60 rounds down the pipe, Functions flawlessly I just don't shoot it. $575 or willing to trade for 9mm or 22 pistol +/- cash. Vail, AZ.
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    Kuiu icon pro backpack

    Seconds of the deal falls through
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    Smith & Wesson 380 EZ

    You ever come down to Tucson?
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    WTT HK MP5 22lr

    Have a HK mp5 22lr in good condition, has a couple scratches. Comes with 3 Mags. About 300 rounds down the pipe. Functions flawlessly. Would like to trade for a 22lr pistol. Located in Corona de Tucson. Want to trade for the following. Walther P22, Ruger SR22, SIG P322,FN 22, Beretta 22, Smith&Wesson MP22,1911s. Also Multiple AR lowers stripped or a complete lower or upper, blackhorn 209 powder, 209 shotshell primers, Cash on your end
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    WTT HK MP5 22lr

  10. CDjunkie

    Powder or primers to Trade for H1000

    You have any shotshell 209 primers?
  11. CDjunkie

    WTT HK MP5 22lr

    Rifle with a 16" barrel. It's a fake can. Stock is collapsible. It's a Fun little 22. We just don't use it anymore. Just sits in the safe. I'd say $400 value. Blackhorn I would rather have. We can work something out.
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    WTT HK MP5 22lr

    Updated trades
  13. CDjunkie

    Any American Flyer train fans on here?

    You wouldn't happen to have any PFE trains/cars would you?
  14. CDjunkie

    Winchester 209 primers

    Seconds, if there is any left.
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    Where you located?
  16. I have a 1995 Chevy short bed innovation campershell 69x81, one side has plexy glass. All other glass intact. Seals are in ok condition. Rear latches and shocks work. Trades for 9mm, 45,223/556 or powder rl33, 284 (7mm) 195 bergers , AR sights, on craigslist for $225 for now. Thought I would try here also.
  17. CDjunkie

    WTS LEUPOLD VX-freedom 1.5-4

    Where you located at?
  18. CDjunkie

    Weatherby 30-378 MarkV

    Up for sale is a Weatherby Mark V 30-378. Scope is a Leupold VX3 4.5-14x50. Harris bypod. Has about 60 rounds through it. Just sitting in the safe. Only selling to fund another project. $2200 Located in Vail,Az
  19. CDjunkie

    In need of 28 nosler

    I'm in Vail, if your around here I can give you a few of the Factory 150s and 175s. I reloaded my own with the 195s your more than welcome to try if you have a 1:8 twist. I use the nosler blem brass. Haven't had a issue yet. Knock on wood
  20. I love mine. Not as fast and doesn't ride as nice as the Polaris/canams etc, but I don't haul butt I use it for hunting/kids. But you can upgrade the suspension. And Ive pulled/towed mainly Polaris's out in the sticks 🤣. It's been a reliable machine for me.
  21. Hey all, I'm trying to shoot the 195 Bergers. Barrel is a 1:8.4 twist. Has anyone shot the 195s with H1000 with this rifle or used H1000 for the 28? I got plenty of H1000 since I can't find RL33 or NV570. The max coal length I can put in the mag is 3.499 (not a fan of the cheap magazine). Thanks
  22. I'm at 2970. I know I could push it more but I stopped for now with that group I got. My coal is 3.499 just barely fits in that mag. That 195 worked good on my antelope last month. So far I'm happy with it besides the mag. I also put a gen 3 little bastard brake on it.
  23. I was able to trade my H1000 for some RL 33 and now I have a 1.1" group at 300 yards shooting the 195s.
  24. CDjunkie

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Very nice buck! My dad and I also tagged out in 4b also. I guess there's 3 tags out of 25 in 4b.