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  1. mcgrew24


    Never fired Sig Sauer 716i Tread snake bite 7.62 Nato. $1600. Comes with one mag
  2. mcgrew24

    Found bull 3b

    Stumbled upon dead bull in 3b. Just seeing if anyone on this site lost a bull on the early muzzleloader tag. Looks like a .50 cal hole
  3. I was given a remington 720 and am considering selling it but I have no clue what it's worth. Looking for some help on what a good price is for this rifle.
  4. mcgrew24

    Outdoorsmans Palisade 90

  5. mcgrew24

    Outdoorsmans Palisade 90

  6. mcgrew24

    Outdoorsmans Palisade 90

    Seeing if anyone is interested in my Palisade 90. Bag was purchased a couple months ago but decided to go a different route. Frame and harness are from original optics hunter pack that I know longer have. $400. Located in Corona De Tucson
  7. mcgrew24

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

  8. mcgrew24

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    Pack only still says colors are available so I called and and they do have two palisade colors available . Multifamily and I forgot the other
  9. mcgrew24

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    dang! Sorry man
  10. mcgrew24

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    According to their website there are still colors available. I just received my Palisade 90 in tactical grey
  11. mcgrew24

    Hamskea Hybrid Hunter Pro

    Hamskea Hybrid Pro Hunter Pro. $75
  12. mcgrew24

    PSE Decree HD

    Tommy Hogg sold. Bow still available. Make offer
  13. mcgrew24

    PSE Decree HD

    Selling my PSE Decree HD 70# limbs. Replaced the string late August with ABB strings. Comes with whisker biscuit rest. Biscuit probably needs replaced though. Also comes with a TommyHogg 7 pin. $400. Thanks
  14. mcgrew24

    Leupold VX 3i LRP 6.5-20x50

    Scope is sold