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  1. MRL1984

    Garage clean out

    3 posts short of the entire first page on mobile... I nominate the changing of the classifieds to "greg.shrums emporium"
  2. MRL1984


    Im going to close this out. All gone or spoken for.
  3. MRL1984

    140 VLD Bergers

    Same as long range hunting. Bump your post rather than starting a new one. Just saw you bumped your WTB ad....why can't you do the same with your 3 for sale ads of the same bullets?
  4. MRL1984

    Wtb NF shv 5-20x56

    It's a MOAR not forceplex. Lots of MOAR, forceplex is few and far between. I was watching one on EBAY but it sold. Was new sealed in box.
  5. Educated guess, it's this: 1. Brand new Christensen arms 7mm Remington mag mesa [vortex 6.5 x20x50 pst ebr moa scope],warne rails,mounts an ammo 2 boxes recommended by c.a
  6. As someone who cares neither way. You weren't much help either. No photos, no contributions and high prices. There tends to be a lot of scammers that roll in here due to the lack of minimal posts. If you come in with no contributions beyond classifieds with a bunch of no photo high dollar items, you're most likely going on blast. It is what it is, your exit post will be viewed by anyone who has been here for time as an oh well good riddance. Hope GB and all the other sites work out for you. This is a no nonsense group that isn't real warming. I've been put on blast because I like a German band that plays 70s style rock in the 2010's...my avatar is the band Kadavar and someone felt the need to say I was hippie because I didn't have the same view as them. Get a thick skin and prove yourself or do like you and move on. ETA. Not sure why you need a 3 paragraph swan song about 2 posts being mean representing an entire board, heck you had someone go to bat for you... Actually seems worse for you. Hopefully momma gives you a hug.
  7. MRL1984

    MR Pintler

  8. MRL1984

    MR Pintler

    Bump and try $200 before going to the bay.
  9. MRL1984

    MR Pintler

    Both buyers passed available again.
  10. MRL1984

    Glock 41. Sold.

    Headed south this evening. Available Wed and Thurs for Tucson area meets.
  11. MRL1984

    Glock 41. Sold.

    Bump with a drop.
  12. MRL1984

    Glock 22 with mags and 357sig barrel

    Yes the 43 is sold. I will do what I can to get the ammo to anyone who gets the gun. I will see what other G22 stuff I have and pass it on as well.
  13. MRL1984

    Glock 22 with mags and 357sig barrel

    If anyone buys this I have some winchester ranger ammo I'd give them.
  14. MRL1984

    Glock 41. Sold.

    Well that is right about middle of Tucson and Cottonwood. Drive through it often. I head back up Friday evening. Usually take the 10 to 17, so I can meet anywhere on the way.
  15. MRL1984

    Glock 41. Sold.

    Looking to move onto other things. First up is a Glock 41 Gen 4. 45 ACP. Have three mags, clam shell and contents. Will include 100 rounds of ball and 50 Federal HST. Has regular sites. Just noticed I've only got one backstrap and no tool. It has the beavertail currently not sure if it's med or large. Round count under 500. I carried it hunting shot 20 rounds a year through it for function. Looking for $old. As always I travel between Cottonwood and Tucson. As these are guns no Prohibited Possesers. Will need a flash of AZ DL and/or CCW. Any questions please ask. Not really looking for trades, but if you have something interesting worst I'll say is no thanks.