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  1. baloo27

    Rem 700 Long Range 7 Mag

    I have this EXACT same rifle in a 7mm. Rifle shoots excellent. I’ve shot 140 up to 180 grain bullets out of it and it groups excellent. Buy with confidence, great rifle. GLWS!
  2. baloo27

    21-22 pred season

    Sweet setup! I finally bought a scope for that 22-250 you sold me 😅. I’ll get it running soon for coyotes!
  3. baloo27

    21-22 pred season

    Heck yeah!! You did good 👊🏼. What’s your rifle setup?
  4. baloo27


    Crazy good price! Better then a guide’s discount. I love mine, favorite piece of glass I own. GLWS! Someone needs these!
  5. baloo27

    ***SOLD*** 10x12 wall tent for sale.

    I’ll take It
  6. baloo27


    Thanks Matt! It was great meeting you.
  7. baloo27

    Good Guy Seller List

    Mattman215 is a good guy. Bought his 22-250. Deal with confidence 👍🏼
  8. baloo27


    PM sent. I’ll take it
  9. baloo27

    2015 Can Am Commander 1000XT

    Great machine and great seller. Buy with confidence. If I didn’t just buy one I’d be all over it. Really well taken care of machine.
  10. baloo27

    Small 8x10 wall tent $40

    I called and left a voicemail. I’ll take it.
  11. baloo27

    Leica geovids HD-B 10x42

    Great guy and glass buy with confidence!
  12. baloo27


    Sold. Thanks Azhunter
  13. baloo27


  14. baloo27

    WTB 12x binos

    I DM’d you awhile back ago on your original post. I have a pair of 12x50 vortex razors I’d sell.
  15. baloo27

    WTS .308 Hornady Black 168 grain AMAX

    Juan’s a great guy, deal with confidence.