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  1. You need to hit up Coloradomuley on here. He owns Ace Long Range. Great dude and would get you setup exactly how you want/need. That’s what he does.
  2. baloo27

    95mm or 115mm swaro

    DM sent
  3. baloo27


    I’ll take it dm sent
  4. baloo27

    WTB Swaro 15x56HD

    Coloradomuley has a pair for sale a couple pages back. Good dude, Deal with confidence!
  5. baloo27

    RV Spots in Eager AZ *update prices *

    I passed on the pricing issue. So I posted New prices. And same as Sobrbiker, I also didn’t read anything about them being “pro feral horses”. So not sure where that accusation came from. Anyways, prices are updated. Do as you wish!
  6. baloo27

    RV Spots in Eager AZ *update prices *

    I’ll pass the pricing issue along. And I guess I’ll have to look into them being pro feral horse. I just know they’re great people, with great hearts and helping out the community with individuals in need. If we want to knit pick everything we don’t agree with then no more watching sports, no tv, 98% of music, amazon, etc. Everyone has their line, to each their own.
  7. baloo27

    RV Spots in Eager AZ *update prices *

    Thanks Rubberduckie, I appreciate it!
  8. Hey guys. I’m posting this for a friend. This a new Horse Rehab Ranch in Eager Az. Right in the heart of Unit 1. Annette and Dave run the ranch. These are great people with a great cause! They are a horse sanctuary that help rehab abused horses. Their program also helps Vets, Vets with PTSD and youth kids. They are trying to get some income coming in for the organization. So they recently had 3 RV pads put in. Full hook ups (water, sewer, power)! Smooth driveway, easy access, beautiful views. Just 2 miles from town, close to the stores and restaurants. Anyone is invited! Pro guns, Pro hunters! If you’re pulling your RV up, please consider this ranch. Money made is going to great things and helping Others. RATES: 1-7 nights. $50 a night 1-14 nights $45 a night 30 nights $40 a night quite private area! Any questions please call Annette at (760) 880-8954 or you can dm me. Please share and pass it along! Thanks guys.   Brandon
  9. baloo27


  10. That’s a great deal!
  11. baloo27


    Both are sold.
  12. baloo27


    204 upper SPF
  13. baloo27


  14. baloo27

    Rem 700 Long Range 7 Mag

    I have this EXACT same rifle in a 7mm. Rifle shoots excellent. I’ve shot 140 up to 180 grain bullets out of it and it groups excellent. Buy with confidence, great rifle. GLWS!
  15. baloo27

    21-22 pred season

    Sweet setup! I finally bought a scope for that 22-250 you sold me 😅. I’ll get it running soon for coyotes!