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  1. baloo27

    Ruger Model 77 220 Swift-Sold

    Gah I wish I had the extra cash 😭🤤😍
  2. baloo27

    Good Guy Seller List

    Muckamuck is a good dude to deal with! Deal with confidence. I bought a tripod from him last week. Showed up in excellent condition, good communication and quick on the shipping. Deal with confidence!
  3. baloo27

    Swaro's and htm release for sale

    I’m gonna add muckamuck to the good seller list. I bought the tripod he had for sale. Showed up quickly, easy to work with. Good guy to deal with, deal with confidence! Thanks muckamuck!
  4. I live in the White Mountains and had T mobile. When I moved back up from the Valley I ended up going back to Verizon because T Mobile wasn’t very good. That was a couple years ago though, so maybe there service has improved 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    204 is sold. 243 still available.
  6. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    Headed down tomorrow. Maybe willing to trade for a 223 bolt gun depending what you have!
  7. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    I’m headed down Monday! Both rifles shoot awesome!
  8. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

  9. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    Ttt. I’ll be down in the Valley next week
  10. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

  11. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

  12. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

  13. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    I’ve got 243 Howa 1500 rifle for sale. With my 22-250 and 6mm creedmoor I just don’t shoot this anymore. -243, 24” heavy barrel, threaded 5/8-24, rubber hogue stock. Rifle shoots lights out. Less then 100 rounds through it. I just don’t shoot it and it sits. Asking $650 - bipod not included I’m located in the White Mountains.
  14. baloo27

    Benelli Ultra light 28 gauge

    This seller is a good friend of mine and I’m actually going to go visit him for a week. So if anyone in Az is interested, I can bring it back for meet up 👍🏼
  15. baloo27


    Coolest Grandpa award goes to you!