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  1. baloo27

    Knife Sharpening

    Thanks guys for the suggestions! I might have to buy one of each and try them all out 😅
  2. baloo27

    Knife Sharpening

    What’s everyone using to sharpen your Hunting/EDC knives? I love a razor sharp knife (not a replaceable blade knife). I had a guy in the Valley I’d pay to sharpen my knives after every hunting season but he’s moved on and lost contact with him. Curious to what other people are using and doing. Any suggestions would be great!
  3. baloo27

    Gerber 06 Auto knife

    This is my everyday carry and I LOVE IT! Bump for a sweet knife and a good deal.
  4. baloo27

    WTB 7wsm brass

    Shout out to buckshotaz! Good guy and totally helped me out with some brass, greatly appreciate him!
  5. baloo27

    WTB 7wsm brass

    Sent you a dm!
  6. baloo27

    WTB 7wsm brass

    Anyone have any 7wsm brass or know of anywhere for sale? Luckily I picked some up from Kooter. But I’m desperate, can’t find it anywhere online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. baloo27

    Hornady 7mm WSM brass

    Thanks Kooter! Super good dude to deal with!
  8. baloo27

    Hornady 7mm WSM brass

    I’ll take it pm sent
  9. baloo27

    Northern CA land 1 NEED TO SELL

    I’ve fought a few wildland fires on the Ol’ Modoc and been through Alturas a few times (lived in Lakeview Oregon for a 8 month detail with the forest service). Beautiful country! And lots of Wildlife! Good luck with sale.
  10. baloo27

    WTS/WTT Lightly used Sitka Lot

    Good dude. Deal with confidence!
  11. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    Make an offer.
  12. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    Thanks guys! Ttt
  13. baloo27

    243 howa 1500 rifle

    Let’s try this again.
  14. baloo27

    Savage 11 .223

    I can’t believe this hasn’t sold. I’ve got 2 of them and they both shoot lights out. Coyote smasher! Great price too! Someone needs this, you won’t regret it. Might have to justify 3 of them soon 😅
  15. baloo27


    This thing is bad to the bone! Wish I had the extra cash laying around, I’d be all over it! GLWS.