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  1. eagle#eyes

    Tough archery hunt

    Those are some cool pictures.
  2. eagle#eyes

    Garage sale SOLD

    I wish you would have posted that jet stream a month ago... would have saved me a ton. Good prices here
  3. eagle#eyes

    Utah high country buck

    Pretty awesome
  4. eagle#eyes

    Who does Euro Mount?

    He does an awesome job. He’s done my elk, deer, javelina and antelope.
  5. eagle#eyes

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I have a green mountain grill and love it. I got more features than my neighbors same sized Traeger for cheaper. I probably smoke a brisket, ribs, or pork butt almost every weekend. It produces enough smoke to not need a pellet tube... but I still add one.
  6. eagle#eyes


    You've got some tempting stuff for sale right now.
  7. eagle#eyes

    Where's the Beef? Here! FS

    Let me know if anyone else drops. No elk and no deer tags.
  8. eagle#eyes

    yard sale

    Pm sent
  9. eagle#eyes

    yard sale

    Are you in the east valley anytime soon?
  10. eagle#eyes

    Savage Axis xp 243 for sale - PRICE DROP

    Where are you located?
  11. eagle#eyes

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    PM sent
  12. Awesome, congrats.
  13. eagle#eyes

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Stud buck, congrats.
  14. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Bow is sold.
  15. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Binos are sold