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  1. eagle#eyes

    WTB 40 Gallon Tank

    I'm looking to buy a 40 Gallon tank for a ball python if anyone has one they are looking to unload. Thanks,
  2. eagle#eyes

    School me on getting suppressors

    When I got my supressor I did everything at the kiosk at Mr Silencer, fingerprints included.
  3. eagle#eyes


    I’ll take the federa 215m if still available
  4. eagle#eyes


    Where are you located?
  5. eagle#eyes


    Not to derail this, but with upgrades did you throw on? I love my G20, but am always open to new ideas with it
  6. eagle#eyes

    sold... zeiss 15x56

    I'm surprised these are still around.
  7. eagle#eyes

    Big Ram Down!!! New unit record

    That's awesome. Congrats.
  8. eagle#eyes

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    Did you ever feel like the smaller back seat or lack of bed was a pain when it came to hunting?
  9. eagle#eyes

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    Yea, most of them have a pretty decent wait to order one is the only downside right now. That's how pretty much everything is though. I'm pretty torn between getting a Pioneer or the polaris general.
  10. eagle#eyes

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    I’ve been watching there also. I would rather keep it under 20,000, but if it were the right deal, I could probably go 25,000.
  11. eagle#eyes

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    I might have to pass on this… I haven’t figured out yet which of my kids I like the least to make them jog along side us. Feel free to shoot me a message with what it is if you want though.
  12. eagle#eyes

    Anyone selling a side by side?

    Anyone selling a side by side? Let me know, I’m in the market… and the current market is moving fast lol. i need at least a 4 seater. thanks
  13. eagle#eyes

    36B didn't disappoint!

    Best guess is it scores "awesome"
  14. eagle#eyes

    Honda ATV's 2005 Rancher 2014 Recon SOLD

    Where are you located?
  15. eagle#eyes

    Wts wtt 300 win eldx 200gr

    Where are you at?