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  1. Hammerdown

    Recommended boat repair in east valley

    G&G MARINE 6720 e main st mesa az 85205 Mark is the owner he is a awesome and honest
  2. 36c saw 12 drug runners in 4 days all wearing matching camo with big backpacks saw no border patrol this year
  3. Hammerdown

    Handyman Sierra Vista

    Kevin helped me out thanks
  4. Hammerdown

    Handyman Sierra Vista

    I'll give you a call thanks
  5. Hammerdown

    Handyman Sierra Vista

    Looking for good handyman or subcontractors in Sierra Vista thanks
  6. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    For all you guys that didnt draw a tag this year we got some Mexico tags for sale again give me a call if you're interested thanks Chad 480-274-7194
  7. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    Here are some bucks that have been shot on this Ranch and a couple deadheads the biggest buck taken on this Ranch was 138
  8. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    Thanks for helping me with that Brian we're just looking for a couple guys that want to go down and hunt hard and have a fun time I've seen video and pictures of bucks that Brian and and his buddies have passed and missed I think most people would be happy with
  9. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    We have 6 rifles going down
  10. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    Jan 13-21 non guided $2500 that includes tag food and lodging and ride down the only extra money you would need would be tip for cooks and Cowboys
  11. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    I have a couple Mexico Deer tags for sale if you're interested give me a call 480-274-7194 my name is chad
  12. Hammerdown

    Mexico deer tags

    Have a couple Mexico Deer tags for sale had a few people back out if you're interested give me a call 480-274-7194 my name is chad
  13. Hammerdown

    Small Mouth Fishing on the Black River

    Was there last weekend fishing was great saw lots of bears.
  14. Hammerdown

    Youth Camo

    I have a pair of pants, a shirt and a beanie that you can have. I'm still looking to see if we have any more.