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  1. CatfishKev

    Guinea bird dog

    Good dog!
  2. CatfishKev

    So is it still global warming?

    But we still should be good stewards of what has been given to us.
  3. CatfishKev

    So is it still global warming?

    Glaciers aren't disappearing because it's getting colder. I think it's hard to argue it's actual existence at this point. I think the question should be is it caused by man or part of earths natural cycle. Personally, I believe its a combination of both.
  4. CatfishKev

    Snow day!

    I know who you want more pics of. And it ain't momma.
  5. CatfishKev

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    It's pretty much all gone already at my house. Lord giveth, Lord taketh away.
  6. CatfishKev

    Snow day!

    I'm finding his story very suspect.
  7. CatfishKev

    Snow day!

    Post up your snow day pics! Couldn't help it, had to take momma and some of the kids out for some donuts and snowballs. Pretty good time.
  8. CatfishKev

    The passing of a long time Az Hunter.

    Sorry to hear about your buddy.
  9. CatfishKev

    1 more week

    I think I'll work a long week then stay home next Friday. It's like Christmas laying in bed with momma waiting for those text alerts.
  10. CatfishKev

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Highway 90 was slicker then chit. Almost got sideswiped by a jeep that lost control when I pulled over to switch to 4x4. Another car in the ditch and someone butt ended someone at the Benson exit. I told the guys screw it let go home early!
  11. CatfishKev

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Pretty much still just rain here, maybe a little sleet mixed in.
  12. CatfishKev

    Big Browns

    Happy birthday there fella. Let's hunt together real soon.
  13. CatfishKev

    Cool Rocks Found

    See if a magnet sticks to it.
  14. CatfishKev

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    Nothing but wind and clouds in Sierra Vista. They cancelled school for tomorrow down here. I don't remember that happening before.
  15. CatfishKev

    Docter 30x80 Binoculars - Price Reduced

    I still get holidays and weekends!