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  1. CatfishKev

    Odd Behavior?

    I see 4
  2. CatfishKev

    Kaibab 12a West Early Rifle

    Yeah Duwane, didn't want to sound like a fan boy but I totally am. Not saying others up there are not capable but nobody has the knowledge he does on the bab.
  3. CatfishKev

    Covid 19 SUCKS.

    Prayers sent. Dont know you Bill, but keep fighting man.
  4. CatfishKev

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    Acerifles forum member had a pretty solid deal.
  5. CatfishKev

    Dual spotter/ Big eyes case

    Yeah I wondered as well. Let's talk price vs group price
  6. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    Lol, took me a minute to even process that. I'm gonna go plug the ear buds in and listen to some death metal. Lamb of God just came out with a new album
  7. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    You only made me feel worse. My magical lucky charms are just full of catshit now
  8. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    Kamren drew 12a west with one point. Get the rope.
  9. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    Is there any other way? I rally round the family too.
  10. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    Its all about the machine. I'm gonna start a new band. I'm thinking something like "Rage against the AZGAF machine"
  11. CatfishKev

    Left Over List

    I'm sitting on like 7. Too many to waste and not enough for what I want. I think I've decided against 12a late rifle and I'm just gonna go for strip archery. Im an archery guy anyway and I'm just not impressed with what i see on the kaibab archery hunts.
  12. CatfishKev

    Covid 19 SUCKS.

    Dam dude.
  13. CatfishKev

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    I'd be worried the magnification on each might be hard to get exactly the same and mess with your eyes.
  14. CatfishKev

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    There's been some questions regarding 30x wide angle vs using the zoom eyepieces. Zoom eyepieces would suck, like looking through a straw. You want the 30x wide angle that's what makes all the difference. Below is a couple pics, one of the exit pupils on my meopta 15s and also a picture of one of the scopes with the 30x wide angle piece next to it. As you can see the 30x piece is a big chunk of glass, probably more then an inch wide. That's what makes this set up not suck.