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  1. CatfishKev

    WTB - Looking for 15x56 binos

    Coming from a seasoned dude, if I was starting out with a $300 budget. These for $200 and a $100 pair of Bushnell elk horns or used pair of 10x diamond backs is best case scenario. Fred, if he don't take you up on this I will.
  2. CatfishKev

    Termite Questions

    I don't know any companies up there really but heard bulwark is good
  3. CatfishKev

    Beginner workout program

    I figured if I googled it I'd get more ads then anything. Looking for a super basic starting out program. Wife has a membership at 24 hour so based on what they would have available. Looking for a balanced whole body light work out. I got like an 80 year olds arthritis in my big toe joints from working on stilts for years so I'd wanna trade stairs for something like a bike... Is there a free online source to make one or suggestions?
  4. CatfishKev

    Termite Questions

    A jug of termidor he is about $250 and will go long way. I can walk you through it if you wanna take it on yourself. Not sure what it would cost up there I understand the market is pretty competitive. When I did treatments at my old company they ranged from $2-4 k depending how much drilling there was and house size.
  5. CatfishKev

    Termite Questions

    Post some pics. Where the activity is would determine how you approach it.
  6. CatfishKev

    Hey Kodi and VPN nerds

    Where else would I have posted it? It's a classifieds site bro
  7. CatfishKev

    Need flatlanders # (Andrew)

    I did get a hold of him thanks
  8. CatfishKev

    Need flatlanders # (Andrew)

    I wasn't under the impression he left probably just busy
  9. Best video ever. It's like an acid trip gone all wrong. Les claypool is a big time fisherman, there's a documentary on YouTube.
  10. I'm pretty sure. The big brown beaver was more bitey.
  11. CatfishKev

    Propane tank Tucson

    I think you can partially. Smaller tank needs to be empty and you would have to have the bigger tank on its side or upside down. (I think). We used to do it with paintball gear.
  12. I had one jump on my leg in college. It came to my dorm room and everything. It was pretty cool until it started biting me and my friends.
  13. CatfishKev

    Got my archery bull

    Wow that is a big bull! That's a shooter all day every day!
  14. CatfishKev

    Sweet dreams tonight

    Did you send it to see Jesus?
  15. CatfishKev

    Need flatlanders # (Andrew)

    Don't have my old phone # anymore and lost most of my contacts. Pm me or shoot me a text at my new #520-three,76-wave Thanks