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  1. CatfishKev

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Great write up and story and thst is one heck of an awesome buck! Sounds like the young mans heart is in the right place.
  2. CatfishKev

    36A Youth Deer

    Love the pics! Congrats. Does that muley have a mutant beam going down the right side of his face?
  3. CatfishKev

    Coues in the Oaks

    Are you a real person?
  4. CatfishKev

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    The milkshakes drawn us in. Like flies to shiza.
  5. CatfishKev

    AGFD - Green Valley Lakes Get Extra Trout

    Where were ya? Unless it's a secret.
  6. CatfishKev

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    No one knows. It came up recently and got voted in cams favor. Now its here again a short time later. Honestly i see a change coming, either it being seasonal, taxed or eliminated all together.
  7. CatfishKev

    Skull dipping

  8. CatfishKev

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Im sorry to hear that Nick. Prayers sent.
  9. CatfishKev

    AGFD - Green Valley Lakes Get Extra Trout

    That would be pretty cool to catch one. I'm gonna have to look and see if any will make there way into our lakes down here.
  10. CatfishKev

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Lol, i didnt realize he was the one that had cried. After meeting him my son was like... "dad, that guys like the Ned Flanders of hunting". Had us all cracking up pretty good.
  11. CatfishKev

    Unit 27 Late Bull Hunt - Year 2

    Heck yeah man! A taxidermist can fix those antlers. You learned a lot last time around and reading between the lines you had more confidence this time around. Seems like it paid off. Congrats on a full freezer and great time spent with family.
  12. CatfishKev

    AZ Lifetime License questions

    Dang sure is. If i ever leave i wont be going without one.
  13. CatfishKev

    AZ Lifetime License questions

    If i remeber correctly the cost is kind of pro rated based on age. If you leave az you still have to pay out of state cost for the tag but the huge benefit is if you move out of AZ you are not limeted to the 10% cap that other out of staters have. So even though you pay full cost for the tag you have the much better odds of drawing tags then the out of state guys do.
  14. CatfishKev

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    Like it or not. We have a very finite resource in AZ. Everyone wants it but there aint enough to go around. Now you are the guy that needs to regulate it. How can you do it and make everyone happy? Answer.... you cant. Everyone's hero is another ones asshole.
  15. CatfishKev

    Macys parade sucked butt

    I already knew it was gonna suck. Never understood the interest since i was little. Give me a magnifying glass and a pile of leaves, and or an ant hill. Entertainment for hours.