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  1. bigj23

    alamo lake reports

    It’s good but not as good as a few weeks ago. Still some good size being caught but not as many. Took 31 pounds to win a two day and 27 to make the top 10.
  2. bigj23

    Sad anniversary

    Heading up fishing with my dad this weekend, has always been my hero, although I normally can get a few more fish in the box! I cherish every minute with my dad! Thank you for the reminder post to take advantage of every minute.
  3. bigj23

    2 tags back in 21 and I got #2

    This should be a fun tag. I have seen some good bucks in there the last few years and last year there was at least one that will go 80. Archery deer hunters will push them around but they have stayed in the same spots the last three years. Let me know if you need any help.
  4. bigj23

    Toy haulers with a Polaris Ranger

    I had a 32 ft Attitude the we had for years, the Ranger barely fit. Last year we moved to a 16ft garage model and it is a game changer. So nice to get somewhere and not have to unload the Ranger if the weather is not right. It is long but it brings some great benefits.
  5. bigj23

    Let's see those side by sides!

    I have a double rifle case that hangs from the rack by the back window.
  6. bigj23

    Let's see those side by sides!

    I have had a few over the years but finally went for the Cadillac. I was sick of having to dress for the cold ride with some 15 mile rides to our spots. 2021 Ranger Northstar. Probably wouldn’t have chose camp but we got a smoking deal.
  7. bigj23

    Azfg Site down??

    Just pulled up the deer tracker, it is working for me.
  8. bigj23

    Youth Sitka Jacket & Pant

    How much?
  9. bigj23

    Rut report.

    21 up north had no action yesterday but the south end had bucks with does today, including some decent fighting. Slowly starting to turn on.
  10. Hello everyone. I have been around the forum for a long time and try to help people where we can. My son's baseball team is fundraising to go to play in a tournament in Cooperstown, New York. It is the biggest tournament there is for 12 year old baseball players, other than the Little League World Series. The Arizona Defenders are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and can provide a tax receipt for any donations. There are no paid coaches and the organization has been providing a baseball opportunity for young players for the last three years. The boys have grown a lot together and have won multiple tournaments. To fundraise, the team is raffling a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Luke Combs tickets with dinner for four at Old Pueblo. Below are links to each of the raffles. If you have a business and want to donate, we can provide a tax receipt and advertise for your company on social media and at our tournaments. Thank you for the support!! Harley Davidson - https://www.zeffy.com/en-US/ticketing/8d3e9ee2-1756-44e4-b8dc-1daef77e3bd6 Luke Combs - https://www.zeffy.com/en-US/ticketing/0d8750c4-dca0-434d-88c4-12bfda87cf6d
  11. bigj23

    Non Res left over advice - question

    It will be the tag fee plus $13 for the app fee. Residents send in $38 for a leftover javelina.
  12. bigj23

    Supressor aproved

    East Valley Tactical was great. I picked out three, completed the trust, and got everything done in about 45 min. Their staff was knowledgeable and easy to work with. Highly recommended.
  13. bigj23

    Good luck youth deer hunters! And their mentors!

    A few open this Friday and then some next. Hopefully see some bucks posted up pretty quick!
  14. bigj23

    Good luck youth deer hunters! And their mentors!

    We are headed out to 21 on Thursday. See if there are some bucks hanging around!