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  1. bigj23

    Camping Trip March 16-20, Need Suggestions

    We will be there or Alamo in March for a week of fishing. Would like to hit Apache if we go to Roosevelt. Good time with the kids.
  2. bigj23

    Camping Trip March 16-20, Need Suggestions

    Go to Alamo lake. They have full hook ups and fishing is always good there. They also have a store for small needs. It will still be too cold for the rim.
  3. bigj23

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    We got it done opening day. Hopefully get me an archery buck this weekend.
  4. bigj23

    WTB: Benchmade Infidel

    It is sold by a local vendor. Lifetime warranty on the mechanics and blades are replaceable. I have been happy with it so far but time will tell.
  5. I hope they don’t sell! Just need them to hold out for a few months.
  6. bigj23

    Wild Bunch. who are those guys?

    Bill Williams Mountain Men. My grandfather was one of them and used to ride from Williams to Phoenix every year by horse. My dad did it one year as well about 25 years ago. It was cool to see them all together but it faded over the years. My grandfather owned J & L sporting goods back in the day in Williams but sold it to move to Kentucky to end his part. The pic is in front to the Sultana on the main strip in Williams. Been in there many afternoons growing up while my grandpa and dad had a beer and still go there today when we go camp up there. Pretty cool pic.
  7. bigj23

    Opening Day Buck

    It is pretty cool. He is palmated at the split on the left side with a hole in it. Thanks for all the comments!!
  8. bigj23

    Opening Day Buck

    When I found out I drew a late rifle mule deer tag I knew it was an opportunity to shoot a good buck but I decided I would rather watch my son give it a whirl, so I donated the tag to him. We made a few scouting trips and were real familiar with the area from multiple pig hunts over the years. Last week we saw multiple does but no rutting action or bucks in the area, but we knew they would come as they always do with time. Seems like the hunt was here in no time and we were loading up for a quick day hunt with a plan to spend most of our time hunting after Christmas. We headed out opening morning and the full moon had the deer bedded early. We found a couple does and three herds of pigs. The rest of the day was slow until the sun started to set. As the sun was setting we found two sets of does but no buck. We made one more move to a place bucks had been in the past and we quickly found a rutting buck with two does. His neck was swoll up and he was tearing up the trees. Once I saw the front view and how wide he was I knew it was game time. My son took one look at the buck and said “let’s shoot him.” We closed the distance to 340 yards and he put him down. There was no shrinkage when we walked up to him and he was bigger than I thought he was going to be from the quick view I had. I couldn’t be happier or prouder of my son for staying calm when it counts and willing to work hard to get it done. My younger son was there as well without a complaint and he can’t wait for his turn. Big thanks as always to my buddy Brian for all he does for me and my boys. We have had a lot of success together and can’t wait until the next one. Next year he said he wants a coues after shooting two nice mule deer. See how the next chapter goes.
  9. bigj23

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    Headed out to 20B for the late rifle with my son. Handed the tag over to him. See how it shakes out.
  10. bigj23

    WTB: Benchmade Infidel

    They are sweet but expensive. I just bought an OTF knife this week from a local shop. $50 OTD and it is pretty nice. The action on the Infidel is definitely smoother, but not $250 smoother. 😁
  11. bigj23


    In 2017 we caught some big smallies out of Apache 3-5lb range. They were in there and tended to be in certain spots. Also episodes of Johnny Johnson catching smallies there within the last few years.
  12. bigj23


    I have an iPhone 7 Plus I could sell. Believe it is the 128gb. Has a black case and new protective glass on it. It is Verizon. Will sell it for $250. Let me know if you are interested. I am in the West Valley.
  13. bigj23

    Antler mounts

    A Head of the Game, Mike Vicarro. +1 (623) 572-5067 I have known him for over 30 years and he has done three animals for me and multiple others for my friends. He will not let you down.
  14. bigj23

    Unit 21 Help!!!

    With the rain that is coming Dugas will be out of play for you next week. I would stick to Cherry Creek and head to Squaw Peak or come off Bloody Basin to the bottom side of Pine Mountain. Either will be a decent drive and messy with the mud, but it can be done. Saw some bulls last week in 21 and they were huntable if it did not rain.