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  1. bigj23

    Cleaning out my garage

    I am picking it up Monday. Just waiting for a meet time. He was unavailable today.
  2. bigj23

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    I have. Saw three guys getting booked in at 4th Ave jail for shooting a deer in Gila Bend. Deer was in the back of the game warden’s truck. Nice buck.
  3. bigj23

    Cleaning out my garage

    Sent a message to get your address. Can have it picked up tomorrow.
  4. bigj23

    Cleaning out my garage

    I will take the bow. Where are you located?
  5. bigj23

    Lots of items ADDED items

    What style Vortex are they? I might be interested.
  6. bigj23

    Tons of glass for sale

    Will you be in Phoenix anytime soon?
  7. Dropped our blind yesterday and will be heading up early on Friday for the weekend.
  8. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    No worries. Doubt two people will pass it up.
  9. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    Sent him a message for seconds on the claw right after he SPF and didn’t hear anything, so I assume it sold.
  10. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    How many arrows?
  11. Selling my Vortex Viper HD 20x60-80 spotting scope. Scope is on perfect shape and sent back to Vortex last year for a once over. Works great, just don’t use it as much as I thought. Located in the west valley / Litchfield Park. $450 with neoprene cover and phone scope adapter Text me at 623-696-5806 or send me a PM.