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  1. bigj23

    ADOT lazy

    They have all hands on deck and plows running all over the state. They are having to run plows in places where they normally do not. Always easy watching from the side line.
  2. bigj23

    Youth stink pig, good luck to all

    My son has amazed me twice. Once in his deer and yesterday on a pig. Saw them running at 100 yards so I asked him if he could shoot 275 and he just gave it the yep. One shot drop on a big ol boar. Also had my younger son along for the hunt along with some friends. Great day!
  3. bigj23

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    Saw seven cows by Sunset during the deer hunt. Saw them again later in the hunt as well.
  4. bigj23

    20B help? AND 20A?

    In five days of glassing 21 we found three herds. That was five full days solid behind tripod and glass. It takes time. I have been very fortunate to have a great friend that taught me everything I know about hunting, and glassing was one of the first things he got me hooked on. Lots of time and slow patience. Good glass has made a difference for me. We will be in 20b for my son’s hunt in a few weeks. Hopefully one of our normal herds is around.
  5. bigj23

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    I made the jump last year and it is worth it. Light gathering at dusk/dawn and cloudy days is worth it. The clarity and colors are far superior as well. It was worth every penny and it only hurts once. If you glass a lot I would go with the 15’s.
  6. bigj23

    2019 OTC Deer permits

    $45 at Cabela’s.
  7. Going to Camp Verde next week to pick up my son’s deer from Carl’s. Have a gentlemen meeting me there for my other set I have on here. I could meet you at the same time.
  8. West Phoenix / Litchfield Park