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  1. bigj23


    I would use Mike Vaccaro with A Head of the Game taxidermy. I have known him for years and he has completed a javelina, coues, and elk for me, which all turned out great. I currently have a mule deer with him as well. All of the animals have been done in a reasonable time and again, turned out great.
  2. bigj23

    Thompson center compass 6.5 creedmoor

    This gun does not have a youth model but my 10 year old shoots it well. Put a Ruger muzzle break and there is barely any kick. He doesn’t complain at all.
  3. bigj23

    Looking for a new GPS

    I use Avenza and it works great with or without service. Flatline now has maps on there and they are very detailed. Best part is you can map on google and transfer the points.
  4. bigj23

    Thompson center compass 6.5 creedmoor

    This gun shoots great and is guaranteed under 1 MOA or they will send you a new gun. My son took a pig at 279 this year with it first shot. Great gun for the price.
  5. bigj23

    Where are the crappie pics?

    Headed to Alamo Saturday night and fishing Sunday morning. Have a tournament out there next week.
  6. bigj23

    Killer badlands deals

    Think it is 50%. I just got $75 off $150 for a XR bono case.
  7. bigj23

    FS: Gun Claw and shooting bags

  8. bigj23

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Should be a fun hunt. I put my son in for this hunt but he did not get drawn. Nice to be a little lower if the snow is heavy.
  9. bigj23


    5a or 4a early archery here!
  10. bigj23


    $270 charge!!!!!
  11. bigj23

    ADOT lazy

    They have all hands on deck and plows running all over the state. They are having to run plows in places where they normally do not. Always easy watching from the side line.
  12. bigj23

    Youth stink pig, good luck to all

    My son has amazed me twice. Once in his deer and yesterday on a pig. Saw them running at 100 yards so I asked him if he could shoot 275 and he just gave it the yep. One shot drop on a big ol boar. Also had my younger son along for the hunt along with some friends. Great day!
  13. bigj23

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    Saw seven cows by Sunset during the deer hunt. Saw them again later in the hunt as well.