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  1. Dropped our blind yesterday and will be heading up early on Friday for the weekend.
  2. Selling my Vortex Viper HD 20x60-80 spotting scope. Scope is on perfect shape and sent back to Vortex last year for a once over. Works great, just don’t use it as much as I thought. Located in the west valley / Litchfield Park. $450 with neoprene cover and phone scope adapter Text me at 623-696-5806 or send me a PM. 
  3. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    No worries. Doubt two people will pass it up.
  4. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    Sent him a message for seconds on the claw right after he SPF and didn’t hear anything, so I assume it sold.
  5. bigj23

    Hunting items FS

    How many arrows?
  6. bigj23

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    All I use as a GPS and it always works. Works great for me and I have found some of my best spots while marking up the map.
  7. bigj23

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Buy the one on Avenza, then you can use it as your GPS.
  8. bigj23

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    $100 less is not that low ball. $750 is about the discounted price some people get and then he gets a free adapter. It would be a good deal but not ridiculous.
  9. bigj23

    20B Youth Deer and Javelina Combo Hunt

    Five points. Really didn’t expect to draw it. Got tag number 9.
  10. bigj23

    20B Youth Deer and Javelina Combo Hunt

    Got the 20b pig tag and 20b December rifle tag. Hopefully find a nice desert muley.
  11. bigj23

    Results are up.

    20b December for me. Should be a fun hunt with the kids.
  12. bigj23

    20B Youth Deer and Javelina Combo Hunt

    Hopefully we will be on there as well for pig and December deer. Hopefully find out this week!
  13. bigj23

    4A Archery Bull - show me your pics

    Helped with that hunt last year. We got on a lot of bulls and had a great hunt. Logging in the area moved the bulls off a bit towards the end but it gave an opportunity to get into a new part of the area we hunt.
  14. bigj23

    Group app ?...

    You have to add them to your application. You will need their information including their SSN.
  15. bigj23

    Youth Hunt - 12 AW

    Game warden was pretty knowledgeable. He said they normally see quite a few twins when the fawns drop but last year there were very few twins. Bottom line is last year the birth and survival rate was not what they wanted so they dropped the tags. Glad they are managing the deer for our future.
  16. bigj23

    Youth Hunt - 12 AW

    That is correct. I spoke with the GF Officer on the turkey hunt and the buck to doe ratio was down. They removed one hunt. Said it is normally one to one but is was 57 to 100 this year. He said it should only take a few years to recover.
  17. bigj23

    Blood from a turnip lol

    The retirement has changed and it has really hurt hiring. You have to work 25 years but be at least 55 to draw. Receiving $33,000 a year is not even close to enough to retire on with the medical costs. Pretty much every officer works a second job when they retire. Very few get to actually retire. Just as a note taxpayers and officers pay for retired officers. Officers pay money out of each check to fund the retirement account and they pay normal taxes like everyone else. They fund it for years to get the retirement.
  18. bigj23

    Blood from a turnip lol

    There are but not even close to enough. The feds help fund a lot of the interstate work, but they still have to prioritize due to the lack of funding.
  19. bigj23

    Unit 21 herd....Edit...Pics and story

    We saw a couple big herds in December. Couple good bucks too.
  20. bigj23

    Blood from a turnip lol

    Topped out troopers now make $65,830. Not much of a raise in 6 years, in fact 11 years. Troopers made $62,000 in 2008. Insurance went up this year with no raise but the sworn listed above come to work every day with a vest on proudly.
  21. bigj23

    Blood from a turnip lol

    I know. So rediculous to expect the people that serve the community and come whenever the public calls to drive a reliable cars. Oh ya, average fleet is over 70k, so most of the cars are old. One more note, DPS sworn make 5.5% more then they did in 2008. I mean, just absurd they have received a 5.5% raise in 11 years. A whole $3,000, which does not cover the insurance increases and cost of living that has went up over that time. Everyone of the troopers would appreciate a raise but come to work to serve without it.