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  1. bigj23

    Supressor aproved

    I went to East Valley Tactical and the process was very easy. I am expecting eight months but he said they have had some come back sooner. Went all in and bought three, should be a nice change for the hunting rifle and shotgun.
  2. bigj23

    Game processor

    They were okay the first year I used them but the last was terrible. They did all the sausage wrong and their butcher work was fair at best. I would recommend Millers.
  3. bigj23

    Game processor

    The trailer will be in Forest Lakes. They do a great job from my experience. You can pick it up in the east valley or they will meet you in the west valley for a fee.
  4. bigj23

    Youth giveaway totals!!

    Thank you for your work on this, outstanding investment into our future hunters.
  5. bigj23

    Incorrect Dates for OTC Deer...

    Your old tags have dates and years on them. The OTC deer tag only says the year. Not really a comparison of logic, just saying someone will be out there with their bow. I will be out there on the 25th watching the birds and squirrels water!
  6. bigj23

    Incorrect Dates for OTC Deer...

    The AZGFD website non-resident section has the wrong dates posted. Definitely have to check the regs but someone will use it as a loophole.
  7. bigj23

    H4831, RCBS Press, WLRM Primers

    Sent you a PM.
  8. bigj23

    H4831, RCBS Press, WLRM Primers

    Okay, I am on the other side of town in Goodyear. Was going to take all the 6.5 ELDX but not sure when I will get out that way.
  9. bigj23

    H4831, RCBS Press, WLRM Primers

    Where are you located?
  10. bigj23

    23-24 regs up online

    Most of the youth hunts are not on Fall Break this year, they fall a week after since it was a rotation year for the hunts.
  11. bigj23

    Early vs Late Season

    Slow day today, not one bird. The wind is picking up so we are headed home so my son can umpire.
  12. bigj23

    Early vs Late Season

    We were in 23 this morning and had three gobblers talking. Once came in to 70 yards, the other two just keep talking as they walked by but out of sight. Headed back up Monday for the morning.
  13. bigj23

    Young Road conditions

    We will be up there for the youth hunt. Not much time so we will roll into our normal spot and hope they are talking!
  14. bigj23

    RV Scissor Jacks

    This is a brand new set of scissor jacks from my fifth wheel. I had an auto level out on, so these were never used. Just need to get them out of the garage. Located in Litchfield Park. Send me a message or text me if you are interested. $50 PM or text (623) 696-5806
  15. Get a front RZR 29”, they are all over Offer Up and Craigslist. Worked great.
  16. I got a Polaris Ranger Headache Rack that folds down into a cargo rack. It is the Polaris brand and has worked great, just going to a full rack. Below is a pick from the website. Let me know if you are interested. $225 OBO Jason (623) 696-5806
  17. I was hoping to get the sight but he said one was ahead of me. Haven’t heard back since.
  18. I will take the bow sight. I will text you tomorrow to figure out a way to meet.
  19. bigj23

    Taxidermy Suggestions for Elk Shoulder Mount

    I would recommend Mike at A Head of the Game. He is in the west valley and does a great job. He has done seven animals for me and multiple for my friends. He does a great job, is timely, and his price is fair.
  20. bigj23

    4A update

    Been up close there and it has been quiet. This time last year the bulls were talking. Hopefully we will hear a little talking this weekend.
  21. bigj23

    2020 Polaris General XP 4

    It is time to sell the General to move to a Northstar Ranger. It will be difficult to give up the ride of this machine but not having to bundle the boys up so much hunting will make it worth it. This is a 2020 Polaris General XP 4 with Ride Command. This machine has served us well with many fun family rides and successful hunts. It has never been to the dunes. It has 3250 miles and 170 hours. $34,000 OBO Below are a list of additions. - Full windshield with flip out vents - Full rear windshield - Razorback rack - Bump seat to fit 5 (still have rear center console) - Center console storage - Front bumper lights - Two drawer box for the bed (not currently installed) PM or text (623) 696-5806
  22. bigj23

    FREE (to a youth hunter) Danner Pronghorn boots

    Yes sir, thank you! He has already put about 4 miles on them!!!!