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  1. AZ Auto Air located in Tempe. Great shop. They will diagnose it and give you up front pricing before doing anything and even let you know what parts you need if you want to do the work yourself. Best experience I have had with a local shop. Their number is 480-464-1100.
  2. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    I will make a quick video when I do mine either tonight or tomorrow. The spring compressor that the auto stores rent are ok for working on springs for cars and such, but are really sketchy when working on the heavier springs on trucks. The heavy compressors I got from amazon work great and feel really safe during the process.
  3. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    Not at all. Wedge a shovel handle or something through the top of the upper control arm so you can push it down to take a little pressure of the bottom strut bolt to get it out. Then just remove the nuts holding the top of the strut mount and the whole assembly comes right out. Reverse the order putting the new strut assembly back in. The hardest part was getting the bottom strut bolt back in until I figured out the trick of pushing the upper control arm down, which moves the lower arm down enough to line up the bolt. Replacing the strut in the coils is super easy with the heavy duty spring compressors.
  4. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    No problem. Type in heavy duty spring compressors on Amazon. You can get a set around $30. The heavy duty ones work awesome.
  5. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    What part of town are you in? I'm going to be replacing mine on my tundra this week and can knock those out at the same time. Being a fellow outdoorsman, I won't charge you if you bring them over. I have some good heavy duty spring compressors and it only takes a few minutes. I've done mine a few times now and it's fairly simple.
  6. kfallsrob

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    Check out the Koola Buck portable meat locker units. I have the junior model and can fit a couple of deer or a quartered elk. It's small enough to put in the back of my truck and setup at camp. I have used it during early archery season and it worked great. It's not cheap, but it is sure nice getting everything cooled in the field for multiple day hunts. Solves both the in field cooling and the hanging at home locker for aging and processing.
  7. kfallsrob

    My sons first elk/big game harvest.

    Awesome job and great picture. The smiles say everything.
  8. kfallsrob

    Shooting bench

    Brand new Herter’s shooting bench still in box. This sells for $179.99 at cabelas. First $140 takes it. I’m located in Tempe.
  9. kfallsrob

    Saguaro Lake

    They are opening up the salt river for tubing on May 16th, but haven't heard a thing about boat ramps. My guess is they will continue to keep them closed, due to lack of common sense of the people in charge.
  10. kfallsrob

    Son's first javelina

    My son decided last year he wanted to go javelina hunting. I figured because he has already killed a couple deer with a rifle, I would put him in for the general archery javelina hunt in January. I told him that he needed to start practicing with his bow and be confident out to 40 yards, which he did. About noon on the first morning, I finally glassed up a herd of about 15 pigs. As we started to hike to an area to get up wind, we bumped 4 deer, which proceeded to run right into the middle of them and scare them up the hill. We ended up having to hike up some pretty rough terrain, but eventually got to a point where I figured we would be above them. Not long after working our way down, we ended up hearing them not to far away. After passing on a small one at 10 yards, he finally got a decent sized pig at 20 yards, standing broadside, eating on a cactus. He let the arrow fly and hit it a little back, but was able to get on it again real soon and put a finishing shot in it. Unlike his dad, he didn't lose any arrows or miss any shots. Lol. Rest of the weekend was spent chasing quail with him. Love spending time in the hills with my kids.
  11. kfallsrob

    6a Muzzy bull

    Good luck. I will be up there with my son for his hunt as well. Last weekend there were bulls bugling, but they were all very young. Hoping we can find something decent this weekend.
  12. kfallsrob

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    I have a 10x14 coleman insta tent and a heater buddy JR. The temps this last weekend were just below freezing and the tent stayed very comfortable. I would say around 60 degrees. If you get the larger heater and get the hose to connect it to a 20 lb propane tank, it should be plenty to keep you warm. Like stated above, just crack a couple of windows for ventilation. It does have a safety shutoff if it senses carbon monoxide or tips over.
  13. I hear you. I'm going up to help out some friends with a deer hunt this weekend and then my son has a muzzy bull elk hunt after that. I will bring my shotgun this weekend though. Super distracting when there is quail all around while I'm glassing deer. LOL
  14. I have not hunted with a dog in a very long time. I do my best to take good in range shots and spend a lot of time looking for a downed bird before moving on. I lost a few birds due to hitting the ground and running before I get second shot off, but for the most part I recovered almost everything. A dog would be nice to have though:)
  15. Interesting year for birds. Hunted the last 3 days and limited each day, but found that the populations were very spotty. I would find an area that had several big coveys, and then less than 10 miles away where I use to find lots of birds, it seemed that there were no young birds and very small coveys.