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  1. kfallsrob

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    For me the cons of the etag out way the benefits. The regular tag I just put in my wallet and use it when I harvest an animal. The etag, I had to still carry a piece of paper to attach to the animal, along with something to write on the paper, along with some kind of tape or something with enough strength to attach the paper to the animal without worrying about it coming lose or getting ripped off during a pack out, and a phone that has a charge. Pray your sharpie or pen works, especially if everything is wet. Hope your phone doesn't get bounced against something and get destroyed, or you forget a phone charger and you can't power it on. The only convenience I see with an etag, is you never worry about losing your tag. I tried it once and then went back to the physical tag.
  2. kfallsrob

    2024 elk regs?

    Yes. Did a lot of glassing and a lot of hiking. Only turned up 3 bulls and about 20 cows in 3 days of hunting. First bull was too far off in the spotting scope to see if he was broken up, second bull had his entire left beam broken off, and this one I harvested was broken off on both backs.
  3. kfallsrob

    2024 elk regs?

    It's terrible what they are doing to some of these units. Unit 10 has 1,825 antlerless rifle tags this year. I hunted bull elk in that unit this last year in November and can tell you the population is not that great. Finding a bull that it not broken up is nearly impossible from all the fighting for the limited number of cows in the unit. I'm sure the boquillas is doing well though at $165 per hunter/ $120 per helper for bulls and $75 for hunter/helper for antlerless. I would really like to see where all that money is going.
  4. kfallsrob

    CZ over under 12 gauge

    CZ upland ultra light. 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, 3 inch chamber. Very nice shotgun for bird hunting. It's really light and easy to carry around. Purchased it for my son, but he cannot seem to hit birds with it and likes his browning pump better. Includes 5 chokes. $650
  5. kfallsrob

    Ruger security 9

    Ruger security 9 handgun. This has less than 100 rounds through it. It's my wife's and she does not like shooting it. Comes with 2 magazines and a holster. $350
  6. kfallsrob

    Load Haul Availability North PHX to Oregon

    What time frame are you headed back from Oregon?
  7. kfallsrob

    Isla’s First Elk

    Awesome to see these youth hunters getting it done. Congrats
  8. kfallsrob

    Youth compound bow

    Really nice browning micro adrenaline compound bow. 25-50 lbs adjustable weight. 4 pin trophy ridge sight, 4 arrow quiver, whisker biscuit rest, and Plano bow case. This is a really fast shooting little bow. $120
  9. kfallsrob

    Replacing a home electric panel

    I saw a 200a panel just now for sale in the classifieds. Might save you some money on parts.
  10. AZ Auto Air located in Tempe. Great shop. They will diagnose it and give you up front pricing before doing anything and even let you know what parts you need if you want to do the work yourself. Best experience I have had with a local shop. Their number is 480-464-1100.
  11. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    I will make a quick video when I do mine either tonight or tomorrow. The spring compressor that the auto stores rent are ok for working on springs for cars and such, but are really sketchy when working on the heavier springs on trucks. The heavy compressors I got from amazon work great and feel really safe during the process.
  12. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    Not at all. Wedge a shovel handle or something through the top of the upper control arm so you can push it down to take a little pressure of the bottom strut bolt to get it out. Then just remove the nuts holding the top of the strut mount and the whole assembly comes right out. Reverse the order putting the new strut assembly back in. The hardest part was getting the bottom strut bolt back in until I figured out the trick of pushing the upper control arm down, which moves the lower arm down enough to line up the bolt. Replacing the strut in the coils is super easy with the heavy duty spring compressors.
  13. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    No problem. Type in heavy duty spring compressors on Amazon. You can get a set around $30. The heavy duty ones work awesome.
  14. kfallsrob

    Coil overs

    What part of town are you in? I'm going to be replacing mine on my tundra this week and can knock those out at the same time. Being a fellow outdoorsman, I won't charge you if you bring them over. I have some good heavy duty spring compressors and it only takes a few minutes. I've done mine a few times now and it's fairly simple.
  15. kfallsrob

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    Check out the Koola Buck portable meat locker units. I have the junior model and can fit a couple of deer or a quartered elk. It's small enough to put in the back of my truck and setup at camp. I have used it during early archery season and it worked great. It's not cheap, but it is sure nice getting everything cooled in the field for multiple day hunts. Solves both the in field cooling and the hanging at home locker for aging and processing.