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  1. kfallsrob

    My sons first elk/big game harvest.

    Awesome job and great picture. The smiles say everything.
  2. kfallsrob

    Shooting bench

    Brand new Herter’s shooting bench still in box. This sells for $179.99 at cabelas. First $140 takes it. I’m located in Tempe.
  3. kfallsrob

    Saguaro Lake

    They are opening up the salt river for tubing on May 16th, but haven't heard a thing about boat ramps. My guess is they will continue to keep them closed, due to lack of common sense of the people in charge.
  4. kfallsrob

    Son's first javelina

    My son decided last year he wanted to go javelina hunting. I figured because he has already killed a couple deer with a rifle, I would put him in for the general archery javelina hunt in January. I told him that he needed to start practicing with his bow and be confident out to 40 yards, which he did. About noon on the first morning, I finally glassed up a herd of about 15 pigs. As we started to hike to an area to get up wind, we bumped 4 deer, which proceeded to run right into the middle of them and scare them up the hill. We ended up having to hike up some pretty rough terrain, but eventually got to a point where I figured we would be above them. Not long after working our way down, we ended up hearing them not to far away. After passing on a small one at 10 yards, he finally got a decent sized pig at 20 yards, standing broadside, eating on a cactus. He let the arrow fly and hit it a little back, but was able to get on it again real soon and put a finishing shot in it. Unlike his dad, he didn't lose any arrows or miss any shots. Lol. Rest of the weekend was spent chasing quail with him. Love spending time in the hills with my kids.
  5. kfallsrob

    Sons 2019 muley

    My son got it done on the second day. Due to the national forest service extending the fire closure in 17B to the 24th of October, we had to totally ditch our original plans and hunt some new country we have never been into. The first day was pretty rough, we only saw about 30 deer and the only 2 bucks were a spike and small forked horn my son was not interested in harvesting. Gotta give him credit for patience. Day 2, we tried some different country and had not even seen a deer until around 8AM when I picked up the buck about 2 miles out across a couple of canyons. We came up with a game plan, drove the truck down the hill, and hiked into our 1 landmark on the ridge, which was a lone mesquite bush. As we came over the ridge, we spotted our buck still up feeding and got into position for a shot. As my son was getting settled in, he saw another small fork bedded down in the bush right next the the larger buck, but the one standing was a lot larger. He dropped him in his tracks with a 320 yard shot across a small canyon. The other small buck never even got up out of his bed until we started making our way into the canyon. At that point the small buck and 2 other bucks, including a very nice 3x4 jumped up out of there beds and eventually made there way over the ridge. Wish we would have seen the 3x4 earlier, but my son had no regrets with the nice buck he harvested. It was a tough pack out, but my 14 year old hauled the back half out, over a mile through some rough country. I explained to him, they really taste good when you have to put that kind of work in.
  6. kfallsrob

    6a Muzzy bull

    Good luck. I will be up there with my son for his hunt as well. Last weekend there were bulls bugling, but they were all very young. Hoping we can find something decent this weekend.
  7. kfallsrob

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    I have a 10x14 coleman insta tent and a heater buddy JR. The temps this last weekend were just below freezing and the tent stayed very comfortable. I would say around 60 degrees. If you get the larger heater and get the hose to connect it to a 20 lb propane tank, it should be plenty to keep you warm. Like stated above, just crack a couple of windows for ventilation. It does have a safety shutoff if it senses carbon monoxide or tips over.
  8. I hear you. I'm going up to help out some friends with a deer hunt this weekend and then my son has a muzzy bull elk hunt after that. I will bring my shotgun this weekend though. Super distracting when there is quail all around while I'm glassing deer. LOL
  9. I have not hunted with a dog in a very long time. I do my best to take good in range shots and spend a lot of time looking for a downed bird before moving on. I lost a few birds due to hitting the ground and running before I get second shot off, but for the most part I recovered almost everything. A dog would be nice to have though:)
  10. Interesting year for birds. Hunted the last 3 days and limited each day, but found that the populations were very spotty. I would find an area that had several big coveys, and then less than 10 miles away where I use to find lots of birds, it seemed that there were no young birds and very small coveys.
  11. Headed out tonight and throwing a cot out in the desert. Hope I get woken up with a bunch of coveys calling:)
  12. kfallsrob

    Second day success

    Great job, Awesome seeing the kids get it done. Makes some great memories. Congrats.
  13. kfallsrob

    WTB: New, Unused Game Bags For Elk - CLOSED - GOT SOME

    I always go to goodwill and buy some king size sheets. They are cheap there and will cover a whole elk. Wash them when finished and re-use for next hunt. If you know someone with a sewing machine, they can be stitched up to make a large bag, or cut and stitched to make several smaller bags.
  14. kfallsrob

    Wife gets it done

    That's awesome and great story. The trophy is in the eye of the beholder. She looks thrilled and I'm sure you're extremely proud. Great job keeping at it.
  15. kfallsrob


    Check out the reviews on the Yamaha Wolverine X4. It has 2 back seats that you can either move one or both forward, depending on how many passengers or how much cargo space you need. Very comparable to the honda pioneer but the price is quite a bit lower.
  16. kfallsrob

    Desert tourtuse found. Pictures added

    I know someone in that area that has a couple like that. I just shot her a text to see if she's missing one.
  17. kfallsrob

    Taxidermy advice

    I dropped a mule deer buck off to a taxidermist in Mesa that my son shot in November of 2016 and still have not gotten it back. I'm a patient person, but have started to get extremely irritated of the run around I am getting. About every 6 months I check in and ask how much longer and I get a different excuse every time. The hides back shouldn't be much longer, I wrote down your number on the list so we can get to it soon, we just measured everything and it should be done in a month or so, on and on. I just want a straight answer on return time, but It's obvious he is incapable of giving one. I'm thinking about getting the horns and cape back and having someone else finish it, but I don't want to end up at the back of the line again. Any suggestions on someone who does quality work and could turn it around in a few months and what the approximate cost would be with the hide already tanned? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  18. kfallsrob

    Unit 17a, 17b and 18b archery hunters- Heads Up!

    Have a camp up there also, but have found very limited info on whether or not the camp wood rd is open. Heading up around 2 today and hopefully will be able to get some more info.
  19. kfallsrob

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    Close and controlled is the key words. What unit did he draw? If its the 6A hunt and can give you some ideas where they will walk pretty must past you everyday.
  20. kfallsrob

    2018 youth deer success

    Had a great youth hunt this year. We deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving day at our deer camp and enjoyed the afternoon around the campfire, filling our bellies. It was a pretty tough hunt this year considering the area was really hit hard during the general season and the rut had not started. Opening morning we glassed up a lot of deer, but could only come up with a small forked horn which both boys passed on. Lots of glassing and hiking with little to get excited about. Friday evening we found another group of hunters in the area we planned on hunting, so we went to plan B to see if we could locate anything before dark. We found a small 4x3 with minutes to spare of shooting light and my 13 year old put the hammer on him for his very first deer. The following morning, I sent my oldest son into an area I hunted as a kid, that has always been a productive area. He located 2 nice bucks, which included a 4x4 and 3x2. After several hours of crawling on his hands and knees through the rocks and cactus, he got close enough to make a shot in the wide open country on the bigger of the 2 bucks and got it done again. He has shot mature bucks the last 3 years in a row. Super proud of both these young men.
  21. kfallsrob

    Unit 10 muzzleloader suggestions

    Drew a unit 10 Muzzleloader bull for early November and looking for some help of where to start. I have never hunted 10 and plan to spend a good amount of time scouting areas for the hunt, I'm just trying to save some time and fuel instead of starting from scratch. I will be paying the fee to access the big bo ranch, considering it covers a lot of the unit. I'm not into road hunting and willing to put the miles in for a quality hunt. Willing to trade info on good areas for Deer and Javelina up around the Bagdad area where I grew up. Not asking for anyone's honey holes, just some areas to start looking. Thanks in advance for any advice and good luck with all your hunts this year.
  22. kfallsrob

    2017 youth buck

    My lucky son drew the same late season youth tag he had last year and got it done again. We setup camp Thanksgiving afternoon and spent the evening glassing the country. We spotted probably close to a hundred deer, but only saw one young 2x3. The following opening morning, we glasses another area and could find nothing but does. The weather was extremely warm and everything bedded down early, so we spent about 3 hours hiking and hunting the edge of a canyon, only to kick up a small spike. That evening we could not turn up any bucks before dark either. The following morning we decided to hunt another area that seems to always hold bucks, but is hard to get within shooting range most of the time. After 10 minutes behind the optics, I spotted 2 deer about 2 miles out that looked like they might be bucks. After getting a spotting scope on them, we had to wait for the sun to come up before we could make out antlers. We watched them for 2 hours until they finally bedded down in the middle of open nothing of course, no bushes, trees, or anything for a landmark, just lots of cactus and rocks. We hiked in to where we thought they were and started stopping ang glassing every 20 yards or so, until finally I picked up some antlers stickup up above a cactus. The slight breeze was perfect, so we slowly crawled for a couple of hours until we saw antlers again 70 yards in front of us. We setup and got ready for the long wait for the bucks to stand up. The dilemma was whether to take the small 3x3 or the heavy 2x2. After getting a good look, we decided the 2x2 was a much more mature buck. After about 40 minutes, we got lucky and the bigger buck stood up to move to a new bed. He was quartering away and my son made a perfect shot that dropped him in his tracks. Not as big of a rack as his buck from last year, but still mature and a heavier body. Well worth the sore knees and cactus in us from all the crawling. The picture of the open country was while we were waiting, they are bedded down 70 yards away. I need to get the picture on a larger screen to see if I can pick out the antlers.
  23. kfallsrob

    Sons 2016 muley

    My 15 year son got this buck during his youth hunt in November, It's his second deer. He shot a small forked horn last year, but said he wanted to shoot a nice 4 point this last year. Explained to him that he would have to hunt hard, pass on small bucks, and could possibly not get a deer, and he accepted the challenge. He passed up 7 bucks before we decided to pursue this one and he got it done. Super proud of him controlling his urges to pull the trigger on the smaller bucks and making a great shot on this one. Love the opportunities this state has to offer with youth hunts to get these kids involved in the sport.