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  1. andrewmilich

    Card Hits!

    Archery Elk hits for my son and I. FINALLY. so thankful. still holding hope for antelope. But hey I am blessed today. Sorry to the hunters who didn't get drawn. I know the feeling and it pretty much ruined my week when I found out I didn't get drawn...many years in a row.
  2. I was watching a hunting channel yesterday and saw this special on breeding monster deer. They were at cold creek ranch.https://coldcreekranch.com/affirmed-buck-straws-for-sale/ I was watching this with my son and we were so frustrated by this. It seems so unethical and that they were messing with natural design by genetic modification. Curious about your thoughts on places like this.
  3. andrewmilich

    Fireworks for tonight

    Does Kicking wing have snakes and sparklers?
  4. andrewmilich


    well ya...the rare desert whitetail....I mean really whitetail...
  5. andrewmilich

    Smith & Wesson S&W 686 No Dash Pre-Lock

    I got hacked dont respond
  6. andrewmilich

    6 creedmoor factory match ammo

    I changed password. I was hacked. dont respond
  7. andrewmilich

    Getting Strange Emails from Coueswhitetail

    YES I WAS HACKED . I am trying to get a message to the forum admin to remove my profile and I will be back with a different username. Thankful for the people on this site and the great info. Stupid hackers. do not respond to any ads
  8. andrewmilich

    Profile was hacked

    My profile was hacked Andrewmilich and items posted. How do I shut this profile off or have it blocked. I will have to sign up again under a new username
  9. andrewmilich


    there are a bunch of posts today from my account. they are not me. I have been hacked. Please dont respond to any of the ads.
  10. andrewmilich

    Getting Strange Emails from Coueswhitetail

    I did not post anything or engage in direct conversation with anyone about any of this
  11. I just got strange emails from members as if I asked questions or posted something. see example below. I got three like this...any thoughts?
  12. andrewmilich

    6 creedmoor factory match ammo

    200 rounds Federal Gold Medal Match 105 hybrid. All same lot. 225 shipped. 220 rounds Norma Match 150 shipped. PayPal F&F or Venmo F&F only. ( without notes)
  13. Take a look at this beautiful Pre-Lock, Pre-MIM production S&W Model 686 DA/SA revolver in 357 Magnum from 1983 that has received some special attention from Gemini Customs of Lexington, Kentucky. Improvements include complete action tuning, dehorning, chamfer cylinder throats, crown barrel, installing custom front sight and Bowen rear sight and glass bead blasting of the entire revolver. For a complete list of the work done please see pictures of work sheets. After the work was completed, the revolver was test fired only. The end result is a handsome, very reliable, smooth shooting weapon that will give you a lifetime of comfort and security. Serial # ABW3822. Several payment options. Not looking for any trades at this time. Price reduced to $1000.00 shipped A great price for this revolver. Payment Zelle or Venmo F&F (without notes)
  14. andrewmilich

    The Illusive Desert Whitetail

    Guys who think like this are probably hiding some deep desires. Just saying.