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  1. andrewmilich

    Missing Bonus Points

    I am missing bonus points also. antelope has anybody called them and what was the response?
  2. andrewmilich

    Black River Small Mouth

    thanks this is huge appreciate it
  3. andrewmilich

    Black River Small Mouth

    not even sure how to get there any help? tick flats? or where?
  4. andrewmilich

    Black River Small Mouth

    I have heard fishing the lower black river for smallies is great. I have never been there. Can anyone give me some honest suggestions as to where to go that would be decent. I have a 4x4 vehicle as I know some places say that's needed. Also what do you guys typically use? I guess another question is...is it even open to fish right now? thanks for all the help. I fished smallies a lot in the midwest but never in Arizona.
  5. andrewmilich

    Game and fish finally does something right. Good job

    AZGFD offers final opportunity to update credit card or debit card information Customers who applied for 2021 elk, pronghorn hunts have until 5 p.m. Friday, March 12 PHOENIX — As the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) prepares to complete the random draw for 2021 elk and pronghorn hunt permit-tags, there’s good news for customers who may have recently experienced difficulty updating their credit card or debit card information. AZGFD has set a deadline of 5 p.m. Friday, March 12 to update credit card or debit card information.
  6. Good jobJust received this
  7. andrewmilich

    Pissed off

    me either
  8. andrewmilich

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    I think the problem I have is the idea of accountability. If it is your responsibility to produce something in a given time and you do not do that who is held accountable for this? And it really is never a big deal to them because it’s not their money that they’re using to develop this technology it’s our money. That’s why there needs to be better accountability. In any other job besides government if you failed to produce that what you said you’re going to produce there’s a consequence.
  9. andrewmilich

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

  10. andrewmilich

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Heres what I want to know. How can I order something from Amazon and get it the same day. But G&F can’t get something processed in two weeks. I called the draw office a couple weeks ago and found out there is only 2 ladies who deal with the whole draw data. Wow
  11. andrewmilich

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Just got the following notice for G&F. Seems like it’s time to hire or find another system. PHOENIX — The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is asking hunters for a bit more patience as staff continues to process a record number of draw applications for 2021 elk and pronghorn hunt permit-tags, as well as validate bonus points. In recent years, AZGFD would have been expected to make draw results available by this time. This year, hunters submitted more than 170,000 draw applications, shattering last year’s record of more than 153,000. Another record: More than 214,000 applicants either applied for hunts or bonus points, compared to 194,000-plus in 2020. As a result of the increased workload, hunters should know that AZGFD remains committed to ensuring the accuracy of draw results and providing quality customer service. The department will announce on its website and social media channels when draw results become available. All hunt permit-tags will be mailed by April 2. In the meantime, some customers may not be able to view personal data (such as bonus points, submitted applications, bonus points, license purchases) in their AZGFD portal account at this time. AZGFD expects to resolve this inconvenience once the draw process has been completed and hunt permit-tags are issued. As a reminder, a customer’s receipt is verification that their application was received by the department. AZGFD is aware that hunters are anxious to find out if an elk or pronghorn hunt permit-tag will have their name on it. To that point, there is no need to contact the department about draw results. Once again, AZGFD appreciates the patience and support of its valued customers.
  12. andrewmilich

    Unit 33 javelina I’ve lost them gone

    unit 33 by campo benito
  13. andrewmilich

    Unit 10 property ( BOTH Sold)

    Having trouble finding the mls listing. Probably my issue. Can you send gps location Sorry
  14. andrewmilich

    WTB Vortex Viper BDC or Crossfire II BDC

    thanks for posting. Let me talk with him about the viper I think he really wants the 6.5 x 20.
  15. I posted an ad looking to buy a vortex scope and these two different people responded asking me to email people about it. Both profiles are new and very little content. I have posted the profile name and the email they asked me to email... so frustrating....scammers. Don't they know we hunters do our research. dextron dougkeeney96@gmail.com Willy07 benwilliams2590@gmail.com