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  1. Thanks everyone Dog has been rehomed. God is good.
  2. sorry messages is clean so I dont understand why you couldnt please try again
  3. weird messages is clean
  4. would be a great dog for that still young
  5. North Phoenix / scottsdale
  6. He is house trained. He can walk on a leash tolerably well. Knows sit and stay. He's had all his shots. Healthy. Beautiful coat of fur. Lots of energy in the morning and late afternoon. Needs to be exercised. Loves the dog park and chasing balls. Very food driven. He’s a 1-yr old black lab. Lively, affectionate, and friendly with people and other dogs. Free. My buddy died in a motorcycle accident and his wife cant handle the responsibility of a young dog. Located in Scottsdale / North Phoenix
  7. andrewmilich

    mentoring young men without dads

    Awesome organization. Great vision to help raise men. I can't imagine not having a father or grandfather who taught me what it was like to have the responsibility of a man. I know Luke, personally and can vouch for him. He is the real deal. Great opportunity to make a difference.
  8. andrewmilich

    lost Vortex Ranger 1800 unit 33

    My son lost his range finder hunting coues. Vortex ranger 1800 near campo bonito. if anyone found it or finds it let me know please. bummed. thanks guys. at least we got bucks.
  9. andrewmilich

    Found Optical Device

    We lost a range finder in 33 vortex ranger 1800 near campo bonito
  10. andrewmilich

    Elk Bugle going crazy in 22

    I was a retreat this weekend in 22 and the Bulls were going off. Started about 10:00 pm and went all night heard the last one about 8:15am. I have a cow tag for 7w so just thought I would relay the message. good luck to all
  11. andrewmilich

    Draw Odds Question

    It's funny, all you have to do is say something nobody understands and eventually they will stop caring and questioning the truth...... I have a different question...when do you think they will start hitting cards? .bahahhahhahahha....just messing with you all
  12. andrewmilich

    Draw deadline.

    funny guy
  13. andrewmilich

    Draw deadline.

    does anyone know when they are going to be opening the draw app?