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  1. andrewmilich

    anyone been to greer lakes lately?

    water was really dirty...looks like serious runoff. very low on river reservoir. Caught a couple of rainbows trolling spinners. caught a bunch of too little to eat perch. still good to get out.
  2. andrewmilich

    anyone been to greer lakes lately?

    I am thinking about hitting river reservoir this weekend. anyone been up there lately? how is the new launch? better yet how is the fishing?
  3. andrewmilich

    Bull shot... what happened??

    Fourth same for me. Hit it with a montec G5 nice 5x5 45 yards. No recovery. Good shot 6b
  4. andrewmilich

    Rut Activity

    Funny 6B has nothing going
  5. andrewmilich

    Rut Activity

    Dead quiet in 6b. Not 1 bugle. All water is dry. Except for a couple tanks. One tanks had 3 blinds and stands on it. Silly.
  6. andrewmilich

    Whos hunting archery 6b bull or cow

    I am heading up to 6b next Wednesday. Can’t wait. Bull tag.
  7. andrewmilich

    Welfare check

    This is the most immature conversation thread I have ever read on this forum. I thought this site was hunting....not this type of BS. What a waste of time and energy. Stay classy.
  8. andrewmilich

    2 Round Trip Southwest Airlines Vouchers

    Pm sent
  9. spoken for pending trade .
  10. I have a used synthetic stock Youth Mossberg 20GA Pump. My son out grew it. It was used for doves or should I say used to miss doves. Good little shotgun. I am looking to trade (and I will add some cash if needed) for a Canyon or Yeti Style cooler. looking for 35qt or larger. located in North Phoenix.
  11. andrewmilich

    Elk scents

    shits getting deep now
  12. andrewmilich

    Elk scents

    So what your saying is you smell like elk urine all the time? Hahahaha just kidding
  13. andrewmilich

    Elk scents

    Agreed. I even start putting it on a week or two before. Just to get in the mood
  14. andrewmilich

    Elk scents

    So I would love to hear what you guys think are the best bull elk scents. I have used elk fire, Roosevelt elk urine and pine wafers. What do you guys use to attract or cover up?
  15. andrewmilich

    need arrow suggestions

    Ok so I want to get some new arrows for an elk hunt I have coming up. I will take time with what ever arrow I buy to sight in my bow and make needed adjustments. Not looking to break the bank. I am heading to Bass pro soon so .... Ok here is my set up: PSE Bow Madness #60 pounds 100gr montec broadheads (sharpened more by me) Current arrow Carbon Force HD Hunter by Pse Straightness: +-.006 GPI: 7.5 Spine: .424 2" Blazer Vanes 28" arrow length ok help me out. Give me some suggestions please. thinking about BlackOut X1 Pro Carbon Arrows - 2'' Blazer Vanes. thoughts?