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  1. andrewmilich

    25M Javelina

    I have hunted the Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve a couple of times for Javelina. Has anybody have any other areas close or good in 25M. too many people out there. (I also know many people see them in their backyards in north scottsdale...if only we could) any help would be good thanks
  2. andrewmilich

    WTB: Smith and Wesson M&P 45

    I have full-size M&P .40 and it comes with one mag. I am looking to trade for a compact. any interest in that?
  3. andrewmilich

    15x50 vortex viper hd $350

    if sale falls through let me know
  4. Vasque St Elias GTX boots any pics and what shape are they in.
  5. andrewmilich

    Savage Axis XP

    what length barrel? I have a youth version of this but in a .243 my son has out grown. Only 15 rounds down it. So I am looking for the regular length 22" barrel and stock.
  6. andrewmilich

    Savage 111 XP .30-06

    what are the scope specs
  7. can't find a contact for one. thoughts?
  8. thank you for your insights. I really appreciate it. that's not to far from where I am. Have you ever hunted north of lake pleasant
  9. Love all the help thank you...~Sarcastic Response..
  10. So the place I have gone in the past is now filled with houses. I am heartbroken. I am looking for something not to far from North Phoenix North Scottsdale. Anybody want to throw this heart broken hunter a bone on where to go with my son. thanks and I know nobody will suggest their prime spot....:)
  11. north phoenix north Scottsdale Model: AXIS Caliber: 243 Action: Bolt Action Capacity: 4+1 Finish: Matte Black Stock: Synthetic/ Mossy Oak Break-Up Camo Sights: No Sights Barrel: 20 Free Floating Length: 40 Features: Swivel Studs/ Detachable Box Magazine/ 12.5 LOP
  12. I am selling my sons Savage Axis .243 Rifle with a 3-9 Bushnell (scope came with it, he used it one coues season and then we replaced it with a better scope which we are keeping) The boy grew to quick and grew out of it in 2 seasons. It has only had about 10 -12 rounds down it at the range. It is in perfect condition. Looking to trade for a adult size .30-06 or 7mm scope not needed. or asking 275 obo.
  13. andrewmilich

    Pig hunting in 25M

    anyone ever hunt by asher hill off of 167th and rio verde
  14. andrewmilich

    Pig hunting in 25M

    where do you go. I am curious if I am going in the wrong direction these days. I will be hunting south of rio verde by the boy scout camp. yes I just gave away my spot, but I think we are here to help each other and since my spot has sucked this year...I am seeking any info I can get