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    Looking to buy a Propane Fire Pit

    Bought one from Lowe’s 100bucks. Works great. Needed it for a turkey hunt. We also bought a cooking grate to go over it with tin foil to cook our meals. Great purchase. Good for cooking and fire pit
  2. andrewmilich

    Who’s played- TheHunter: Call of the Wild?

    son and I played it all the time. it is like a shooting gallery. fun but not very realistic
  3. andrewmilich

    kaibab turkey

    Heading up to the kaibab this week for turkey. anyone see anything up there? how are the road conditions and snow levels?
  4. andrewmilich

    Lab puppies???

    Lance My buddy in tucson just had a litter of labs. white and brown. I can hook you up with his number Update: they are all sold but he has a new litter coming in the summer. Mark and Sarah at golder ranch labradors on facebook. great people and mark is an incredible hunter and honest christian man.
  5. ok so...I am embarrassed to even ask. I am heading up to the kaibab next weekend for a turkey hunt. I just found out there are fire restrictions. which I understand although I am not happy about. I hate sitting around in the dark at night with a lantern. does anyone have a gas firepit that's portable that I can borrow or rent for the next weekend (leaving thursday - return monday) I know put on my big boy panties. just trying to enjoy the woods the way I enjoy it.
  6. andrewmilich

    fire pit. embarrassed to even ask this

    thank you I think I am just going to buy one. appreciate you
  7. andrewmilich

    fire pit. embarrassed to even ask this

    does it actually have a decent flame? any heat? not opposed to buying one if it is legit
  8. andrewmilich

    fire pit. embarrassed to even ask this

    the new world....argh
  9. andrewmilich

    fire pit. embarrassed to even ask this

    Persons using pressurized liquid or gas fueled devices (stoves, grills, or lanterns). from order\ exceptions
  10. andrewmilich

    National call making contest 2020

    I purchased one of Ammon's calls. copper and mesquite. Quality and great sound. I would encourage you all to support him. Couldn't brag enough about the craftsmanship and care. So glad I found him. Now the finding and hunting is up to me. He set me up for success.
  11. I am looking for a new fixed pin sight. I saw this and read some reviews...I am a little skeptical about the auto sight adjustment. question it's accuracy. thoughts? Also what other sights would you recommend. (not too expensive)
  12. andrewmilich

    has anyone tried . Trophy Ridge React Pro ?

    mounted and sighted in the black gold...love it..good choice even though I dropped coin
  13. andrewmilich

    Forest Closed? No Turkey Hunting?

    I hear ya I am heading up there also for the May 1st hunt. would have been ticked if it was closed off. need to get away from the crazy
  14. andrewmilich

    has anyone tried . Trophy Ridge React Pro ?

    I bought a black gold 5 pin today. hopefully wont be to hard to sight it in
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    oscararias102909 You can have it. As I see we posted about the same time. I could use it but not a necessity as I have a holster already. enjoy
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    I would love it. I have a .380 bodyguard where are you located. so grateful
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    has anyone tried . Trophy Ridge React Pro ?

    both black gold and spot hog are pricey any other suggestions?
  19. andrewmilich

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Just returned to phoenix from a missions trip to tijuana Mexico....no panic in Mexico at all. No freaking out. And they have plenty of toilet paper.
  20. andrewmilich

    Kaibab Turkey hunt

    We were able to get a kaibab turkey hunt starting May 1st. I have never hunted the kaibab (always wanted to for deer). Can anybody give me some advice as to where to go up there? Thanks all
  21. andrewmilich

    Post up your success in tags

  22. andrewmilich

    OFFICIAL!! I got a HIT Thread.. Post when you see it

    I got hit. but for a wierd amount. $405 put in three different apps for family and non of the apps add up to that amount....wierd.but hey I am hunting this fall
  23. andrewmilich

    Kaibab Turkey hunt

    spoke with Ammon and what a great help. thanks. Also I am buying a call from him. great connection thanks
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    Sent pm. I will take it Where are you located
  25. I was out hunting in 38M right off of AJO in the tucson mountains ( i can provide exact location if needed) yesterday and my arrow went right through a nice buck. 4 x 4 blood everywhere. He bedded down and I couldn't find him. If anyone stumbles across it, I know the meat might be bad, but I would love the rack. some samples of the blood trail