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  1. HBU

    XD mags and 300 WM ammo

    South Scottsdale
  2. $4200 or trade or cash and trade? Reply or text 480-Two tWo five- 91 five three
  3. Three Springfield XD9 10 rd. magazines. $15 ea or trade for some ammo or mags I could use. 2 boxes of 300 WM 180 gr core lokt ammo. $25 per box or trade for some ammo I could use?
  4. PM sent to you HunterShrek
  5. HBU

    Swarovski ATC

  6. Free for anyone who needs them. 2016 but I think they are good for multiple years.
  7. HBU

    BTX with 95mm.

    Swarovski BTX with 95mm and cases. Pics to follow. $4800.00 OBO
  8. HBU

    Swarovski ATC

    Ttt please
  9. HBU

    Swarovski ATC

    Swaro ATC with Magview and Marsupial soft case. Box and paperwork $2200.00
  10. HBU

    Wtb swaro 8x30 CL

    Looking, anyone have a set?
  11. This is in 38-55 and is unfired in original box. I'm looking for a value for this. It's a friend's rifle. Thanks for any help.
  12. HBU

    Wtb BTX

    Is anyone looking to sell a btx?