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  1. HBU

    Jim Wite tripod head.

    Flagstaff, I Sent you a pm.
  2. HBU

    Jim Wite tripod head.

    SPF to flagstaff.
  3. HBU

    Slik Pro 330DX sold

    Slik pro with manfrotto b-free fluid head. Sold
  4. HBU

    Jim Wite tripod head.

    Used JW head with 2 plates on compact Slik sprint pro tripod.$225.00
  5. Anyone headed to Tucson that can help out firstcoueswas80?
  6. HBU

    Thinning out the gun safe

    2nds on the 365.
  7. Factory synthetic stock from original ML not Ultimate. Free if you can use it.
  8. HBU

    Ammo various calibers

    All 243 has been sold. PRC eldm has also been sold. Please make an offer on anything that is left.
  9. This pack is about 5 yrs old. I thought it was called the optics pack.