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    SW1911PD FS

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    Johnson Sea Horse 6 hp

    Decided to keep. Not for sale.
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    223 Remington Build

    I actually went today to go shoot it, but the weather got us. Sunny at home pouring where we went. Will get out again here shortly and update!
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    Smokin deal!
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    Johnson Sea Horse 6 hp

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    SW1911PD FS

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    Johnson Sea Horse 6 hp

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    Spring cleaning

    "Jumbroski," that's a sad and awesome picture for your avatar.
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    TTT Make offer
  11. I thought I'd share another project of mine. Mostly done in my garage/wanna be shop. I wanted this to be as cheap as possible so I could keep the boss happy! Remington 700 223 SPS Greyboe stock Tally Rings Leupold VX-R 4-12×50 Here is the beginning. As you can see here the action port was a little long and the butt pad needs to be fitted. Opened up the barrel channel free float the barrel. Bedded and built up the elongated ejection port. While that was curing gave the rifle a good needed cleaning as it was a used rifle. After curing, shaped butt pad, and sanded down action area to match the contour of the stock. Sent stock over to Applied Hydrographics(here locally) and had it dipped in black multi-cam. While waiting for the stock to be finished, I bedded and lapped Talley rings, sorry no photos for that. Mounted scope and put it all together after retrieving the stock. Here is the finnished product! I plan on shooting Hornady 53 grain V-max bullets in front of CFE 223, I have a ladder/velocity/pressure test loaded and will fallow up after the shooting is done, and will share my next step in the load development process. For you expert reloaders out there please chime in as reloading is a never ending learning curve. Thanks for looking and whatever input you can add.
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    HS Precision

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    Johnson Sea Horse 6 hp

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    Johnson Sea Horse 6 hp

    No fishing, just enjoying the boat on the water.