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  1. Put this in the classifieds! Sweet rig!
  2. mfernaz

    Springfield XD

    Have up for sale, a Springfield Armory XD Service. This pistol has not been molested, has Crimson Trace, 5 magazines, King Tuck IWB holster, two hip holsters, a kidex trigger guard, and everything it comes with from factory, minus the lock(I'll look for that). Asking $600. Located in the heart of Glendale. Will consider trade for a 6.5 creedmoor similar value or add cash either way.
  3. mfernaz

    small camper for sale

    That's freaking cool!
  4. mfernaz

    Free elk and deer meat (queen creek)

    Hey I'm going to Queen Creek Wednesday morning, I'll pick it up then if you still have it. Thanks.
  5. mfernaz

    Exo and Kifaru

    Lol, no, because I know how that feels...
  6. mfernaz

    Exo and Kifaru

    All sold. Good talking with you Emckee!
  7. mfernaz

    Exo and Kifaru

    Frame SPF.
  8. mfernaz

    Exo and Kifaru

    Exo bag is sold, frame still available.
  9. mfernaz

    Exo and Kifaru

    I have three of these combos now and keeping the two I'll use the most. For sale Exo 2000 Coyote. Has been modified to fit on the kifaru frame, I have the original buckles, and velcro, to return it to use on the K2 frame.im pretty sure this bag will work on the k3 also. Asking $180. I also have a Kifaru 24" Tactical frame in Ranger Green, normal back profile, and small belt. The hip belt on right side has been professionally modified to hold a holster or like item, can be used with kifaru accessories with no hindrance. Asking $280. Will sell as combo for $450. I have a 26" kifaru hunter with an exo 3500 and a 26" kifaru bikini with an exo 2000 and for me the 26" frames work better, is the only reason for sale. I Will entertain trades.
  10. mfernaz

    Outdoorsmans Pan Head

    This pan head has sold. I have my other pan head I'm willing to sell also. The second one is in like new condition asking $320
  11. mfernaz

    Iso Ziess Victory SF

  12. mfernaz

    WTB 10x42

    There is a pair of Nikon HG 10x42 on Rokslide in the their optics classifieds.
  13. mfernaz

    Outdoorsmans Pan Head

  14. mfernaz

    Outdoorsmans Pan Head

    I have adapter plates to include also.