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  1. mfernaz

    Bino Harnesses for sale

    Good dude, great prices!!!
  2. mfernaz

    Swarovski HD 8x42 SLC

    It's very hard not to buy these at that price!
  3. mfernaz

    GoPro Digiscoping setup

    Both still available, I made a typo on my post of which optics I know they fit, it has been updated. My apologies trr15.
  4. mfernaz

    GoPro Digiscoping setup

    TTT The 57mm for first gen vortex razor, swaro ATM/STM, ATS/STS. Not sure about the second gen razor. The 42mm I know for sure fits binoculars: vortex razor, and newer ELs.
  5. mfernaz

    Swarovski STX

    Trade completed. No longer available. Thanks Dan!
  6. mfernaz

    Swarovski STX

    Pending trade.
  7. mfernaz

    Swarovski STX

    Well I had a trade deal fall through on rokslide so I'm now selling this to get a BTX. Asking $1950, will ship at additional cost, Located in Glendale. It is in pristine condition, no scratches on lenses, no scuffs, mars, or blemishes anywhere. Comes with original packaging, and phone skope adapter ring.
  8. mfernaz

    GoPro Digiscoping setup

    If anyone has a gopro, I have two digiscoping adapters that I configured with the outdoorsmans rings one is a 57mm and the other is a 42mm. $20 each or $30 for both, these don't fit any of my optics that I'm running now. They'll fit whatever gopros with the lense shown.
  9. mfernaz


    Looking to trade my shape charge in RG with a small belt, plus cash on my end for a 14r in RG. If someone has a bigger waist belt, we can just swap belts. Thanks, not looking to sell, just trade for now.
  10. mfernaz

    Ruger LCR 22 WMR

    I have for sale a Ruger LCR in 22 wmr. It has 100 or so rounds through it, no nics, scratches, finish wearing, and is in excellent shape. I initially bought this for my wife to carry, but she wants a semi auto. I used it on a few scouting trips as my snake/other animal repeller, and has taken a few rabbits. It's super lightweight and enjoyable to shoot. Only reason for sale is to get my wife the semi auto she wants. Thank for looking. Asking $450 for everything you see in pictures, must be of age to own, of sound mind, and be willing to sign a Bill of Sale.
  11. mfernaz

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

  12. mfernaz

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    I know, I just used my friends, and it was absolutely amazing. I used the 15s the other day, they sure are critter finders. Thanks again.
  13. mfernaz

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Taking the plunge for a BTX, so I'm selling my swaro hd 15's. I can't call them perfect because they are used, but they are in excellent shape. No scratches, body has no blemishes, I can ship PayPal F&F$1925, or face to face $1900. Comes with original box, all accessories, outdoorsmans stud. PM with any questions, located in Glendale.
  14. mfernaz

    First Lite

  15. mfernaz

    First Lite

    I have two pairs of First Lite Corrugate Guide pants that are a little to big for me now. Both are sized Large regular, one pair are Fusion, the other pair is Coyote brown/tan. I got these when they first came out, so they have seen some use, no holes, stains, smells, excellent condition, the price is reflective of use. Selling as a set for $100, or $60 each. Located in Glendale, pictures to fallow.