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  1. mfernaz

    Grizzly G4000 lathe with tooling

    No sir. I have messaged all 5 people. I am going to say first public "I'll take it," it's there's.
  2. mfernaz

    Proof 28 nosler

    This has sold
  3. mfernaz

    7 PRC Ammo. Hornady 175 ELDX

    Solid dude here.
  4. mfernaz

    Grizzly G4000 lathe with tooling

    TTT, I PM'd #2 inline ill give him a day to respond then work my way down.
  5. Grizzly G4000 bench lathe. I bought this off a retiring gunsmith. And I figured I'd use it for smaller projects until I got the funds to buy the gunsmith lathe I wanted. Well I haven't used it. I replaced belts, cleaned it up bought the rear shield turned it on and off here and there. It will come with the tooling it came with plus all original parts. Also upgraded with quick change tool head. Some photos show tooling for my mill drill that ill be keeping, But most of it will go with. Asking $1000 located near 83rd and Pinnacle Peak. I'll help load it.
  6. mfernaz

    Proof 28 nosler

    Posting for friend. He has a brand new 28 nosler 24" prefit for Defiance actions. Asking $700. He's located in Prescott but makes trips to the valley often.
  7. mfernaz

    Remington 1100 Magnum 12 ga 2 3/4"

    It shoots everything without hiccup.
  8. mfernaz

    Remington 1100 Magnum 12 ga 2 3/4"

    Price is now $800
  9. mfernaz

    Mcmillan mc3 od green

    What the barrel channel?