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  1. mfernaz

    Sig Sauer

    P365 is SPF. Sig P320 modules still available
  2. mfernaz

    Sig Sauer

    I have for sale, a Sig Sauer P365 with the XL grip module, XL flat trigger, and a Griffin Armament threaded match barrel with Micro comp. Round count is under 100, comes with 2-12 round magazines, and the factory grip module, and all paper work, lock that comes with it. Asking $600. Also for sale are a couple of Sig P320 grip Modules. First is a factory stippled with the sig magwell size M, $120 https://www.sigsauer.com/store/grip-module-assembly-320-x-series-hand-stipple-9-40-357-carry-medium-blk.html Second is factory FDE, with killer innovations magwell size S, asking $80 https://www.sigsauer.com/store/xseries-carry-small-module-magwell-weight-compatible-coyote-3-9-4-7.html https://killer-innovations.com/shop/velocity-sig-p320-magwell/
  3. mfernaz

    McGowan Precision Barrel

  4. I have a tall adapter I no longer need brand new.
  5. mfernaz

    WTB outdoorsman palisade

    I went there yesterday for a stool, they were going to put one together for me. But I was on a time restraint so I couldn't wait for the pack.
  6. mfernaz


  7. mfernaz

    Berger 6.5mm

    I sold my 260 rem I was going to work up a load with. Only reason for sale. I already have a load for my other 6.5.
  8. mfernaz


    Storage and extra fuel!!! I can't wait to get a diesel...
  9. mfernaz

    McGowan Precision Barrel

    I'll take any reasonable offer. It's just taking up space.
  10. mfernaz

    Berger 6.5mm

  11. mfernaz


  12. mfernaz

    Couple of Leupold Scopes

  13. mfernaz


    Great guy to deal with! Smoking good price!
  14. mfernaz

    McGowan Precision Barrel

    Have a used McGowan Precision barrel for grabs. Contour, #6 1-8" twist rate Vias SS brake Cerakote Graphite Black Chambered in 6.5 creedmoor Is threaded for a Stiller Tac-30 or for .010 over on a Remington trued action or similar. Round count is exactly 233 rounds, plenty of life left. Shot 143 eldx handloads .33"@100 yards, shot factory ELD-X at a half inch @100 yards. Asking $325 tyd, or $300 FtoF.
  15. mfernaz

    Powder Trade

    If noone has asked already, ill buy a pound!