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  1. These are in to good of shape to throw out, so I'm asking $40 to meet withing reason for someone to get some use out of these. Used for a couple of seasons, still have lots of life left. Located near Cabelas.
  2. mfernaz

    Kifaru Outdoor Research

    Copy, should be meeting on Sunday. But you'll be next up if something happens. Thanks.
  3. mfernaz

    Kifaru Outdoor Research

    Kifaru Gun Bearer RH $30 TYD or $27 FTF SPF Outdoor Research 35L $30 TYD or $27 FTF SPF *Sold*
  4. mfernaz


    Zeiss Victory RF 10x54, bought new this past February. Have used these a few time in the field, but I assure you they are in like new condition. Comes with everything from original, un registered, Outdoorsmans stud, outdoorsmans tall adapter, and AGC binocular harness. Asking $3200. Will trade straight across for Swaro STX/ATX with 65mm Objective. Also trade for 10/12x50 ELs/10x42 SLC HD plus cash on your end. Thank you.
  5. Posting for a friend. $50 located Glendale/Peoria. Goodyear wrangler hp P265/70R17 "Was my original spare prior to upsizing my tires to 33's" Asking $50.
  6. mfernaz

    Vortex Razor 12x50

    Like "cash today" makes up for the low ball offer.
  7. mfernaz

    Swarovski 12x50 el

    Agreed, I sold my 2015 for 2350.
  8. mfernaz

    Wtt Cabela's covenant rifle scop

    Great guy here.
  9. mfernaz

    Vortex Vultures

  10. mfernaz

    Vortex Vultures

    Posting for a friend. He's asking $375, located in Glendale/Peoria, will meet within reason can also ship. No scratches, no blemishes, comes with what you see in pictures. PM with any questions please.
  11. mfernaz

    Vortex Razor 22-48x65mm Ultra HD Spotter

    He said that because you have no $ tag.
  12. mfernaz

    hydro dipper guy in PHX

    Applied Hydrographics all day.
  13. mfernaz

    223 Remington Build

    Yessir I did. Shot in order from lowest to highest, with about 3 minutes in between shots.