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  1. Great guy. Buy with CONFIDENCE
  2. mfernaz

    Grayboe Outlander Rem 700 SA stock

    PM Sent.
  3. mfernaz

    Tally rem 700 rings

    I think its beneficial to lap all rings... but I'm sure one of the more experienced builders will chime in with their opinions. With buying a a set of rings that someone else lapped, just make the top half a weren't switched up.
  4. mfernaz

    $350 7mm Rem Mag Smith & Wesson 1500

    Nice sheep!
  5. mfernaz

    2016 Polaris General EPS

    Sweet looking rig
  6. mfernaz

    Results are on the Portal

    My pops and I got our first early archery bull tags, and the wife drew October general cow! Hopefully my freezer gets really full this year!!! Hope the best for everyone.
  7. mfernaz

    Jumping Jack Trailer/Tent 8'

    I pulled my 6x8 with a ranger no problem when my truck broke down.
  8. mfernaz

    Jumping Jack Trailer/Tent 8'

    These things are awesome!!!! And at a ridiculously low price! Shouldn't last long.
  9. mfernaz


    Cow, that's all I put her in for. Not sure what my pops and I got. We put in for a mixture of bull and cow. Although I really hope we got an early archery bull.
  10. mfernaz


    An elk tag.
  11. mfernaz


    My card got hit again! Everyone check!!!
  12. mfernaz

    Vortex Ranger

  13. mfernaz

    Vortex Ranger

    $210 TYD $200 FTF
  14. mfernaz

    Vortex Ranger

    I have a brand new sealed box, Vortex Ranger 1000. I sent mine in for repairs on the objective lense and they sent me a brand new one. It's been a great range finder over the years, only selling because I have my new Zeiss RF. $250 TYD, $240 FTF. Located in Glendale, AZ.