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  1. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Retumbo for RL23

    I bought an 8lber of r23 yesterday at Brunos. They had another 8lber there. Might be worth giving them a call.
  2. Eastcoast'n AZ

    WTB Tikka Prefit

  3. Eastcoast'n AZ

    WTB Tikka Prefit

    Looking for a 6.5 proof tikka prefit. Anyone have one?
  4. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Leupold VX6-HD 3-18x50 drop $1300

    Really wish this was a TMOA reticle. GLWS
  5. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Purchased (Please Delete) WTB Tikka Magnum Bolt

    There was one on long range hunting earlier but looks like it sold.
  6. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Fed 210 LRP’s 2K $60ea

    Great deal for somebody.
  7. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Cabelas Alaknak 12x12 with stove

    Sorry this sold last year.
  8. Eastcoast'n AZ

    WTB Large Rifle Magnum Primers

    I’ve got a brick of 210M that I’d trade for a brick of 215’s
  9. Eastcoast'n AZ

    McMillan Stocks rem 700 winchester LA

    Can he find a Tikka McMillian hiding in the back somewhere? Lol
  10. Eastcoast'n AZ

    156 bergers in stock

    Great heads up. Just bought some 6.5 140 HVLD’s
  11. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Reloading ltems Sold

    I’ll take the retumbo.
  12. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Lab or Golden puppies

    Thanks. I grew up with labs so know they are wild for the first year(or 5) but turn into amazing dogs. I reached out to Dkart4 a couple days ago and sounds like they’ve been rehomed.
  13. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Lab or Golden puppies

    Hey all, we recently lost our 12yr old Aussie. She was amazing, but the house is too quiet without her and are looking for a new puppy. Anyone know of any upcoming litters for either lab or golden puppies? Everything I’ve found is a 6-12 month wait.
  14. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Trade Hodgdon 4831SC

    Where are you located? I’ve got some r26
  15. Eastcoast'n AZ

    Flycraft inflatable drift boat