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  1. tanclan4


    He’ll take the 30-39 ammo, he’s in the east valley let me know where to meet up thanks
  2. tanclan4


    My buddy is looking for some 30-30 ammo where are you located?
  3. tanclan4

    Any interest in weimador r puppies????

    Well I’m glad the neighbors chihuahua didn’t figure out how to use a ladder!! 😂🤣
  4. I’m boarding my flight as we speak, nice guy, hard to understand at first but I should be in Turkey in 3 hours! I paid extra for the concord flight!
  5. tanclan4

    LH McMillan Stocks and 1 RH

    #2- is it a BDL and how much does it weigh? Is it wood? Can you send pics? I can’t open these Thanks
  6. tanclan4


    Sent you a text
  7. tanclan4

    Lighted Nocks

    I never adjusted anything either, I shot my last elk with a lighted knock and I left it on to see how long it would last, It stayed on for two months!!! Crazy! Nice nite lite for my den though! Lol
  8. tanclan4

    Prayer request

    Prayers to your mom and family, may God place hands over his child as she goes through this illness. We watched my mom go from dementia, it’s hard I know just trust in God to hold her. 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  9. tanclan4

    Horse Rentals

    Or pack rats! 😂🤣😂. 😳 wait, that might not be a bad idea!!
  10. tanclan4


    Mr Good, after you pick them up come by my house and try them out! Lol
  11. tanclan4

    Archery Games- Looking for ideas

    Shoot at each other in the field with a rubber blunt, usually across a canyon but at least 100 yards away! Lol
  12. tanclan4

    Question on ABU Ambassaduer reel and Garcia Rod

    Reel came back and is in beautiful condition! I see what PRDATR means about adjusting the drag, I’ll have to practice casting after I set it now. Thanks all!
  13. tanclan4

    WTB Golf Cart

    Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/8t6PCp68Ksb
  14. tanclan4

    Question on ABU Ambassaduer reel and Garcia Rod

    The knob with the numbers or the spindle wheel under the knob?
  15. tanclan4

    Question on ABU Ambassaduer reel and Garcia Rod

    So I sent it to Dave’s reel service and he said it was barely used and in great condition, serviced for $40 plus shipping. I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail and start learning how to bird nest my line up! Lol thanks for all the advice Tony