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  1. tanclan4

    Manfrotto tripods

    No one wants a great pair of legs? Would make a great lamp! Lol 58” tall when up all the way
  2. tanclan4

    Manfrotto tripods

    2- Manfrotto tripods 190XB legs One has never been used the other used once but not in the field so like new condition $75 each I’m in Gilbert Thanks (Sorry about the sideways pics, good excuse to stretch your neck! lol)
  3. Rubber blunts! we start shooting each other at 125 yards and work our way closer until… well I sure miss my little buddy! Lmao
  4. tanclan4

    Roosevelt report?

    Saw some nice bass near shore under the bridge Saturday, they were in the flooded trees. We were watching a few guys fishing in that area catching a few but getting snagged mostly.
  5. tanclan4

    Springfield XD 45acp Mossberg 20 gauge

    Sent you a Pm
  6. tanclan4

    Don’t know what I am doing

    1st item-Hunter safety course 2nd item- read and understand the AZ regs 3rd- decide what you want to hunt 4th- apply at the appropriate time for the tag you seek or purchase over the counter tags available to you 5th- scout the area you plan to hunt 6th- if you spot big Coues deer send me a PM and I guess I’ll make time to go check it out for you, lol
  7. tanclan4

    Self serve Car wash

    Self wash Car washes Chandler blvd and Pennington Main st west of Greenfield Main east of Recker 8th st and Alma school Saguaro and Malta in Ft Hills Gilbert rd S/O Guadalupe Southern west of Mill (yucca tap room bar parking lot) Southern east of Horne (Across from Bear Mountain) Broadway rd west of Horne Broadway east of Lindsay Mesa dr south of mckellips rd University and power rd Here’s some I’ve been making a list as I go by them
  8. tanclan4

    Howa mini action 6.5 Grendel

    Eli, my daughter shoots that exact rifle and has killed muley at 300 yards and Coues at 400 and 200 lights out!
  9. tanclan4

    Seen on offer up

    This is what they have
  10. tanclan4

    Seen on offer up

    Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/RHn48SeXnEb
  11. tanclan4

    ISO. Kowa 66 big eyes

  12. tanclan4

    Free stuff

    I Guess he found the be safe nice he hasn’t answered on the fridge thanks
  13. tanclan4

    Youth Bow-Free

    I work for SRP so I can travel throughout the valley
  14. tanclan4

    Youth Bow-Free

    Ok I’m going to church also, but out east. Charlie Kirk is going to be there! Any earlier? I’m coming from Gilbert if not Thursday would work
  15. tanclan4

    Youth Bow-Free

    What’s a good time tomorrow to head your way?