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  1. tanclan4

    Rtic 45 cooler grey new never used

    That is the best sticker I’ve ever seen on an Rtic!!
  2. tanclan4

    Free Turkey in Tucson

    What happened to all the feathers?
  3. tanclan4

    Found one thanks

    Found one thanks!
  4. tanclan4

    Found one thanks

    Found one thank you
  5. tanclan4

    Poker run and guided lion hunt drawing

    So is this still going on? I’m waiting to draw a card! The wings are cold by the way! Where’s my waitress!
  6. tanclan4


    It’s about 100’ on a person give or take a little more. I tried it in a substation and it picked up a little further. I used it mostly in the house to locate joists and hot spots and to ID energized cables in a splice box
  7. tanclan4


    I had to take my case off to seat it
  8. tanclan4


  9. tanclan4


  10. tanclan4

    Misc Items

    Well I’ve heard back on the tannerite but I haven’t heard back yet on the GPS or the Jeep steps, let me know guys thanks
  11. tanclan4

    Misc Items

    PM’d all three of you so all three are SPF or inspection to Varget, Northj and bitterlizard thanks for the interest
  12. tanclan4

    Misc Items

    Varget- yes it is I’ll message you back in a bit something is acting up on my IM’s
  13. tanclan4

    Misc Items

    2. Garmin Etrex 20 used a few times don’t use so it just sits there all sad and waiting for a new more friendly user! Lol $50
  14. tanclan4

    Brand new Mathew VXR left hand

    Dang it! My bowtech blew a string on my elk hunt! Wish I had seen this before the hunt ended and I had $1200! Lol
  15. tanclan4

    Bowtech RPM 360-SOLD

    dang wish it was LH! My Destroyer 340 blew up on my elk hunt!! Good luck on the sale