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  1. tanclan4


    Hoghntr, It’s actually nice! I like it but I have two 9mm and a 40 that are a bit lighter. theres a guy that responded yesterday almost immediately so I’d have to post SPF thanks though stud
  2. tanclan4

    Wounding bulls

    I’d say if the anti hunters were reading this thread, which I’m sure they will, it adds more fuel to their plan of banishing hunting. Not saying it’s ethical to leave wounded animals but as the other thread asks, how long do we wait and search for the wounded animal? I’ve killed animals with bullets and a broad head in them and they didn’t look hurt at all.
  3. tanclan4

    Manfrotto 290x carbon

    dang! Lol
  4. tanclan4

    Titan tr400 radios

    5 miles outdoors in perfect condition, I’ve been out to about 2.5 miles (according to gps) and they worked fine
  5. tanclan4

    Titan tr400 radios

    Nice radios! This is an awesome deal! I use these and they work great for me with great distance! Good luck on the sale!
  6. tanclan4

    Misc Items

    How much fir the air compressor? Does it still work
  7. tanclan4

    Scott Archery Quick Shot Release Brand New Unopened

    I’ll take it
  8. tanclan4


    Pm sent
  9. Here’s a good deal on offer up
  10. tanclan4

    Military surplus cases

    If you don’t have FB like me that guy is on Offerup, just search military cases
  11. tanclan4

    Youth rifle for girl

    Explorer is selling a savage youth 7mm-08 for $200 on page 4
  12. tanclan4

    Bolt handle

  13. tanclan4

    Bolt handle

    PM sent to rumhunter84 I sent this back to them And it came back to me as return to sender i emailed them about it and they asked me to send them a pic, I did and they responded telling me it’s for a Ruger and to send it back then never heard from them again.
  14. tanclan4

    Bolt handle

    LH Tactical bolt handle for a Ruger american, I know it’s a long shot but Glades armory sent me the wrong one and now they seem to be out of business! Ugh if anyone can use it I’ll give it to them real cheap