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  1. coueshunter80

    Goodluck all!

    Got tomorrow off heading out tomorrow.
  2. coueshunter80

    Hits Started

    Is the draw over or is there still a chance
  3. coueshunter80

    Who is hunting where?

    Looks like otc for me and help out some buddys this year.
  4. coueshunter80

    Paper Apps for leftovers

    Same here looks like I’ll be pig hunting
  5. coueshunter80

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    How long will they be hitting cards till .
  6. coueshunter80

    Deer Tags In Mail?

    Tags are in the mail
  7. coueshunter80

    Help With Score Guess

    Don’t hesitate take him
  8. coueshunter80

    Fun in the woods

    Nice finds