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  1. galiuro mountain man

    Duwane Adams ?

    I had a good one about trolling vs motorboating, but had to keep it pgish.
  2. galiuro mountain man

    Duwane Adams ?

    Oh crap, your ex too?!
  3. galiuro mountain man

    Duwane Adams ?

    Just saw the picture.
  4. galiuro mountain man

    Getting into welding question

    Hey, To the op, sorry l let my keyboard get ahead of me. If he really wants to weld, support it. We need more like that in the world, especially now. Having been brought up, the safety side of the argument comes to mind. There are very effective ways to keep chronic illnesses from effecting people in the trades now days, look into some of the filtered helmets for welding. This last part is about how to get there. There are college classes and tech schools that will give the basics, there is also getting on at certain places that have apprenticeships. There is a lot of companies in AZ that will teach you while you make a check if you are willing to learn.
  5. galiuro mountain man

    Getting into welding question

    Smh, erased what I was going to say, but I am a kinder gentler person now. But, I wonder where this younger generation gets the idea that hands on work sucks. Or something is too hard. Or, unbearable.
  6. galiuro mountain man

    Getting into welding question

    So when I first started, there really wasn't anything more than "just try not to inhale the fumes." Then it was wear a standard respirator if you like, or use a vacuum, and "try not to inhale the fumes." A few years ago it became a fully enforced respirator when welding facility. That is when I looked into different types. Like I said above just about all of the quality manufacturers of welding safety equipment makes a positive pressure system. I use a spedglas 9100fx with papr. It is pricey, but so worth it for everything. I can cut, grind, weld, or whatever you want being fed filtered air. The bonus is moving air in the hood. It is worth the money. The hood has # 5-8 for cutting and #9-13 for welding. The automatic dark shield will also lift and just be a grind shield with no shade. You are always protected if you choose to be. So I don't weld at work anymore, but I still use a 3m papr system when required to have a respirator. It has a much bigger filter than what wou want to wear on your face, and is positive pressure, so nothing slips through a poor fitting mask. Other manufacturers make very similar equipment, so you can buy whatever brand you like. If welding is what the op's son wants to do, he needs to know there is some equipment that will do everything.
  7. galiuro mountain man

    Getting into welding question

    There is very effective equipment to help with this issue. Most companies that make welding hoods also offer a specially fitted pressurized filter system. I use one all the time at work. One of the best parts about them is there is air moving in the hood all the time.
  8. galiuro mountain man

    Light vehicle MSHA requirements

    Where I work, a buggy whip has to be lighted. Where I work the only time a strobe is required for light vehicles is if they are helping pull hdpe pipe, carrying explosives, or a personnel transport (van, bus). Inspection sheets, which is basically checking the vehicle for safety items, your office type people you know should be able to send an example of theirs. The rest of the list looks good. You may want to see if you have to have any ID on the vehicle. I would call whoever is your contact for the job to clarify.
  9. galiuro mountain man

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    It has nothing to do with lions or bears. It's all about stopping any hunting.
  10. galiuro mountain man

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    I had a brain fart last December on a chip shot. I was in an awkward position and forgot to put a rest under the butt of my rifle. Six inches over the back because of muzzle lift. I shot another shot at a rock (with bag) and verified sights, then retested when I got home. Shot a nice little group on a plate from about 50yards further. Just the little things.
  11. galiuro mountain man

    Debate: what species is this animal??

    Looks like a deer
  12. galiuro mountain man

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    Did you dial moa instead of clicks in the excitement? For example instead of 24 clicks, dialed 24 moa, about 95 clicks. That would have been around 12' high for 400 yds. It would be hard to tell exactly how high you shot without a steep backdrop behind the target.
  13. galiuro mountain man

    Question about staying warm

    Get quality boots and gloves, then preheat them. If you are in a camp trailer, put them open end on a vent. If you are tent camping, get a boot dryer and use it for a while before you put boots on, works for gloves too.
  14. galiuro mountain man


    And gone, about 12 seconds this time. Getting better.
  15. galiuro mountain man

    Vegan billboard near you!

    But they sure like th... Stupid 90s song popped into my mind.