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  1. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    If the majority of the meat is going to native tribes and they push that angle... it will be amazing press. Better to go to natives than the bloodthirsty rednecks.
  2. Desertguide

    No Mano y No Mano

    Awesome post title.... 😂😂😂
  3. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    Oh don't forget... its Federal Land. You gotta wear a mask. Sorry... couldn't help myself. 😁😁😁
  4. Desertguide

    Unit 23n early hunt outfitter

    Early elk in 23 is an amazing tag to have in your pocket. You'll likely never draw that tag again. I would DEFINITELY hire an outfitter and get a fully outfitted hunt. You'd be amazed how much more you can put into your hunt own if someone else is taking care of all other details. Not only have they done all the scouting, everything else is taken care of too. No stress setting up camp. No early mornings making your own coffee and breakfast. No cooking dinner when you've been busting your ars all day. That stuff takes a lot of time and energy. It's pretty nice when you can get plenty of rest and your sole focus can be making a good shot.
  5. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    That would make too much sense.
  6. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    It's horsesh!t. No... I mean that literally. They don't want horses or mules on the NP because of what they might be brining in their guts... meaning invasive weed seeds and such.
  7. Desertguide


    The "fair chase" angle wasn't working so they changed tactics. Same thing politicians do. I can guarantee there are 100's more cases of conflict over people sitting water and first come first served issues over the same time frame.
  8. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    Learn something new everyday!!!
  9. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    I'm with you
  10. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    I was actually considering applying but... they plainly said this isn't a "hunt". They might as well have said "don't plan on enjoying yourself." The way they describe it doesn't sound fun at all. Plus all of the possible negative attention from the media and anti's? Sounds really yucky to me. "Lethal removal is conducted under controlled circumstances under the direction and supervision of the National Park Service". ^^^let your brain imagine what that'll be like... lol
  11. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    What I can't get over is that the National Park Service.. that knows ZERO about wildlife management... is the one running this deal. I picture a bunch of park rangers with smokey the bear hats, shorts and knee high green socks running around telling a bunch of hunters which animals to shoot. I bet a bunch of them cry
  12. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    Is it only 12 animals? I know it will only be 12 shooters but I didn't see that it would only be 12 animals. *edit* I went back and looked and it only says that shooters will be given up to one animal in exchange for volunteering. Unless I missed it, it doesn't say how many animals will be shot.
  13. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    😂😂😂.. you just described my ex wife
  14. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    Well... it all depends on what the local news tells them to think. You're probably right though
  15. Desertguide

    Bison reduction project

    They didn't.. I was being sarcastic. The point I was trying to make is if people were gaga emotional about Bison like they are feral horses... they wouldn't be killing bison in the park